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  1. ^^^that was exactly it, I figured it out after I posted sorry I didnt immediately post my solution, but I was too busy enjoying this AWESOME game!
  2. Purchased from Direct2Drive.com, and I cant patch the game to v1.02. I get a message that the language is unreconizable. Fix Please. [Merged with one of the existing threads about this]
  3. I think the hitbox/damage sytem and weapon recoil is GREAT, best shooting in a tactical game yet...I definately have certain weapons where I go for the easy headshot (RifleKit2 with the GK36), and kits where I go for the heavy center mass shots (rifle kit 7 M14 and Support Kit 2 HK21..er mg216 whatever name they gave it), and kits where I go for rate of fire and manuverability (my true love since [GR] the mp5!!!) Using the right equipment for their movement and tactics a good player can find a host of weapons in this game to drop a guy before he can return fire...remember in a tactical game your goal is to shoot em in the back ambush style...fair fights are for CS noobs . TBH, I dont get mad at M99 guys since at range thats their job and in a close up ambush any decent player woulda dropped me with any gun. But I am annoyed when I am putting semi-accurate fire on an approaching m99 guy or just good shooter (who I cant hit maybe cuz of the side side strafe run), and despite hitting him he is able to rip off a quick headshot or devastating m99 .50 round. It is nice to have a chance to survive a hit to the chest or a few hits to the extrmedies, as you do in AA. I wouldn't mind weapon "breathing/fatigue" drift like like in AA....would help with the run,stop,snipe moves Also I am not the biggest fan of the strafe sprint back from GRAW1..where you can strafe in a sprint to the side just as fast as you can run foward....allows you to do the circle or side run and scan for enemies between cover and be a hard target...kinda the GRAW version of the bunny hop. all in all these two things do add a slitghtly faster pace to the game, without much tactical sacrifice so I dont entirely hate them, so whatev the devs decide is cool by me...I freely use the abilities without complaint so i cant protest when they are used on me. I do think hit effects which were added in GRAW1 would help with those who run into a fight while getting shot and are able to rip off a headshot. TDM is fun, but a slightly outmoded form of gameplay. i enjoy it to play with the weapons and enjoy some kills but I need an objective, and that objective ev time I spwan is to get to a chokepoint outside the enemy spawn. This is no different in the limited death games...tbh DM lacks an objective to focus the shooting, other than the spawns so you cant really blame players...in unlimited death games I enjoy trying to break a spawn camp as a tactical challenge, or trying to inflict one...its the only objective I can picture...otherwise its random shooting and ambushes with no focus...which can be lame, ESP in a 1 death game where everyone sometimes refuses to move... AA's claim to fame imo is its excellent objective based system, and RvA seems to be going in the right direction....and as advacie to other players, 16 players seems to be the optimal number on this map for RvA...20 is cool too but 32 is too crowded. I think that getting the right number of people in a RvA game is paramount to achievign good gameplay...and on another note..Recon turns need to be played with AGRESSION...killing the assault team is worthless without progressing on taking an objective...the score is all about the objectives...you want pure lone ranger KDR ratio...then TDM is your game. I am very excited to see the new maps, and RvA scenarios. I hope the community grows and is not divided as the small graw community was by mods and such.
  4. LOVE THIS DEMO BIG IMPROVEMENT OVER GRAW 1 The rocoil on the weapons is great...single fire and aiming has a real purpose now!!!! Fixed Kits is a big plus too! LOVE IT!
  5. i LOVE the recoil...for the first time in my 13 years of FPS gaming, single fire is not just a viable combat option, but a strong option!!!!
  6. m14 is not a world war 2 weapon...infact it is still a popular weapon for special forces teams today http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M14_rifle it wasnt even produced until 1954... i can easily one shot with the G36...why not open up the iron sight a litte ???
  7. ^^^the cooperation effect is indeed noted and TOTALLY appreciated...my clan members and I have been mixing our kits and running together...it has a BIG effect and makes games much much more fun and interesting than in GRAW1, where you could be a lone running gun man, able to pick off targets after a sprint with full auto from the hip and lob 3 nades into the distant spwan for extra kills. whereas in the demo of GRAW2 my buddy and I have our demo kits and are thinking...damn if only we had a smoke gernade, and then comes our buddy with assault to help us rush those pesky m99 snipers.
  8. I noted this in the feedback thread but... anyway you can set throw and roll gernade to a toggle instead of angle....americas army does this and it makes throwing a gernade and rolling one much easier and actually faster....set it to the fireselect button or something?
  9. i never noticed that....in fact we played a round or two where we collectively shot all the lights out...and I noticed the lights to be shot out when my buddy did the deed....very interesting! either way, what to the feature regardless?
  10. GRAW had one night map...with lights that could be shot out, dark shadows, and moonlit streets....it was a tactical haven...you could hide in the darker shadows even if such position had no cover, you could shoot out likes to crate other hiding places, and you had to hold your breath crossing the street. It was a TOTALLY new game and paly style... the only problem was everyone in the server had to agree to turn off their night vision goggles...a feat only able to be accomplished in my private clan battles. I know this is the near future and our troops are well equiped, but why have dusk, or night maps with this ABSOLUTELY awesome lighting graphics engine, and it just be wasted in sahdes of green, where instead of a tactically rich and different environment of play from day maps you all run around light like you drank a radioactive shake...it seems such a waste.... Can their be an option in GRAW 2 to restrict night vision, or it be removed from certain maps?
  11. I LOVE rifleman kit #3 (silenced m14 no scope) It ROCKS in short-med range open combat. I think a red dot scope (reflex aimpoint) would be over powered...with its supreme accuracy and power.... I wouldnt mind seeing the iron sight tweaked a little though....its virtually impossible to track a target at any range or even in close cover....needs to be a little wider imo...i dont think that would be over powered since other weapons like the g36K and ScarH have open iron sights and are powerful....just a littttle wider maybe?
  12. VERY happy to see limited gernades!!!! and Fixed Classes....no more GRAW where everyone is a super soldier with a scoped silenced heavy rifle and 4 nades and 4 203s.... people actually have to work together now! an extra smoke could be handy though .
  13. Quick thoughts after a weekend of HOT demo action...for this post I will note some things I am missing, then what I love, and lastly where I am comming from... 1. Things I miss/not a fan of: -Ability to program same key to backslide AND crouch...I liked how the two features were double bound in GRAW...If I wanted to siomply crouch out of a run, I would just let off the run key for a split second...for me the less movement keys to shift my hand the better. -the M99...I love the weapon, but hate its "shotgun" like effect...this weapon needs some sort of balance, for players to come out of a full run and instantly and accurately fire a .50 cal round while standing is just silly...could the "drift" of the weapon simulating the dificulty of holding it steady while standing be increased or something?...some games are just M99 fests. -Strafe Sprint...its a love hate thing...i think being able to sidestep while sprinting speads up the gameplay, but it also alows people to run back and forth between objects to spot the enemy since they can run to the side and face foward...when assualting I love it, but when holding a position I hate it...I think with gernades and 203s and smoke there are pleanty of things to speed up the game...imo sprinting should be allowed with the move foward key only....I hated this in GRAW as well, since people were virtually impossible to hit while doing this...due to hit box lag or something... -Sneak quiet walk...I like the new walk speed, but how come no "shuffle" option...its a drag to hear an enemy and know you cant "sneak" up on him since the quietest you can move is walk...which is loud enough to be discovered....if side sprint was removed and sneak added that would help alot whith game pace...many times I have to stop and wait, when i would prefer to be aggressive. -0 distance arming 203s (rifle nades)...a shotgun 203 is silly...a minimum arming distance would be nice...something to discourage it as a primary arm weapon. -the rifleman 3 kit M14 iron sights...ok probably done for OP reasons, but damn this ironsight is tight...as close range I can rock with this 2 shot beast but any enemy in cover or moving or at the slightest range is SO hard to track...hard..nah its impossible...since other guns like the ScarH and G36K can two shot and have open iron sights...why not the M14....I do believe though that a red dot reflex scope M14 would be a little insane in the power department. -gernade toss...the underhand overhand toss system is wierd and still after a year of GRAW hard to do quickly and accurately....in Americas Army game a player can toggle gernade toss style with their "alternate fire" button..perhaps this can be done with the "select fire" button in GRAW 2??? 2. Things I LOVE: -The guns...a buffet of ownage and each has a different flavor...not a single one I dont like from the rifleman no scope m14 to the g18 to the .45 pistol, to the mp5A4 to the new Rx4...love em, great job...adds A LOT of fun to the game. Unlike GRAW the weapon you choose effects the way you move and play....really brings me back to GR orig. -Limited 203s and gernades...SO nice not to have an artillary war like in GRAW where players had so many gernades....sure we all want a second third and fourth gernade...BUT we sure as heck dont want our enemy to have them...seriosuly 1-2 gernades/203s is ENOUGH! Too many explovies gets very annoying, especially on limited death servers. -Kit selection...now I dont know if full kit customization is allowed in the full retail, but I like the demo limitations...I never liked the GRAW scenerio of people carrying full scoped out heavy rifles with 4 gernades AND 4 203s AND having a silenced scoped auto cannon....making a player tactically chose what to carry should be halmark in a tactical shooter, enncouraging team work and weapon coordination across players....If more customization is allowed, can it be limited somehow...like no gernades for a person carrying a 203, and no scope for assault class or demolitions class??? 3. Where I am comming from: Been in the series since the original Rainbow 6...played all Rainbow 6 expansions, GR expansions, and GRAW 1. My Rouge Spear experience is why i love the M14 .....anyway GR was missing some things for the future...GRAW was an excellent platform, but was dull and boring in the long run...though I liked domination mode ALOT...GRAW2 seems to really take advantage of the GRAW platfrom and bring it out...this demo sold me on the full retail...which I wasnt going to buy...I am excited for the potential I see after playing the demo this weekend.
  14. you can turn that off, check oyur game options, its something like comm messages or somthing along those lines as far as the new content....GRIN and UBI deliver on their promises, this game just gets better and better
  15. sounds like I'll be checking out BDA after work...what other maps are you guys running in your rotation? PS: anyone tired of the chaos on the DM maps that came with the 1.16 patch should try playing them with no more than 6-8 people...the gameplay is much better.
  16. M9 pistol baby!!! or better yet my favorite kit is the MP5SD with scope, and extra clips for DM. Not that accurate on full auto, but its got the highest rate of fire of any gun, great balance for quick aiming, fast reload time, and no muzzle flash or sound to give you away. I only wish it had no tracers, those almost defeat the purpose of its stealthy capabilities. Like the MRC you need to aim for the head for it to be effective.
  17. Ok the GRAW community seems to be on the small side. SO I was wondering if anyone had any detailed reviews of the new maps comming out (modded maps I am talkign about), and if they work well for online play. IF so, then please post here and spread the word so more people will download the map and fill up some servers with some sweet battles.
  18. I registered here to toss out a positive thread to the devs of GRAW. I want to compliment GRIN on their initial development of GRAW and subsequent support. The gameplay is terriffic. I would like to highlight the reasons why, then explain where I am comming from on this. 1. Domination mode really forced me to learn to use "base" weapons. I learned to use ironsights on a stripped M8, and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of weapon mods. The mode itself really gets the battle moving and is condusive to team play and fast-paced front line battles. 2. Skeptical of the pistol for Deathmatch, I have learned to love it. The tweaks to the "headshot" capability in the game, make the pistol deadly against any weapon if in the hands of a skilled shooter who moves wisely and takes careful aim. When I use a regular rifle now I am even more of a threat. Awesome gameplay choice GRIN you really improved my skills by forcign me to start with the pistol. PLUS, I now have turned the seemingly useless MP5 into a deadly weapon as well...I knew that for 260pts it had to rock if used right. 3. The weapon balance in this game is incredible. Every weapon is deadly in its own way. Nothing is nerfed and tactics really matter. Each weapon allows for slightly different gameplay as well thanks to its particular characteristics or mods. For example the MP5 allows for fast undetected and closeup hit and run headshots, while the SCARs allow for steady tactical movement with devistating firepower. The SAW allows one to get close, pick a spot and just light up a street. And the sniper rifle...well GRIN you guys have made that a game onto itself; with dynamic shadows on you can judge an opfor's position behind a wall and just blow him away when he thinks he has cover....JUST ###### AWESOME. 4. The new hitboxes are great. I was wary about increased "headshot" capability, but it is not donkey kong style bobble heads, it it very well done. The new patch allows players to now pull out lower caliber weapons and be just as deadly as the rifle users. These weapons are quiet with high rates of fire and easier to aim. Combined with the reticule nudge they can now be just as deadly on the battlefield, opening up the game play to swift and silent attacks by skilled players. 5. Great new maps, and existing maps. Complex, beautiful, diverse and quite tactical. (clans...I suggest privitising your server and tryig suburbs without night vision...its is quite amazing and fun) 6. Some bugs, but unhindered gameplay. Yes the release has been a bit peacemeal, but everything has been solid, and I would always prefer a solid game in installments than a buggy game all at once. Keep it commin GRIN each installment is great. Where I am commin from: I have been into tactical shooters since the original Rainbow Six hit the shelves. I played GR1 with desert seige and island thunder....excellent game, and I truly belive this game, with the patches is going to become as legendary as the original (mind you I played GR1 up until Dec 2003). I have also played coutnerstrike, which I hated for its wannabe tactical but actual arcade style. I spent several years playing America's Army, which I loved for its realism and tactics...and I must say, this game surpasses it by leaps and bounds in terms of realism (hopefully we can keep the hackers out too..and I right AA fans . I have also spent alot of time playing BF2, and can truly state that it is better to realsease a solid game in peices than a super buggy game all at once. ALSO I hope GRIN continues to stick to the ethics of the game and ignore gamplay compalints by noobs who get owned and spend more time whinning in the forums than playing the game (not a rip on anyone here, more of a rip on dice for listenting to the endless complaints on BF2 forums to which end the game has been consistantly watered down by idiodic devs to the point where there are few tactical choices left in the game, it winning is only about who can puch a sequence of buttons that take advantage of a glitch the fastest). There are endless aracde shooters out there, but only one GRAW. Excellent realism, but with gameplay fun like respawns to keep you fully entertained. At the age of 25 I have been shooting real rifles and handguns for 13 years now, and I gotta say this game has the best realism/gameplay weapons balance to date (cept maybe for brothers in arms, but bunny hopping is too annoying there). Keep it up guys, hardcore fans like me who need a nice break after work thank you for your efforts.
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