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  1. What Troll? I see no wit, humour or even references to hondas. Rubbish. If I bought a 360 and then hated all the games I would one unhappy chicken. To then post here must indicate a lack of friends too. Is there a similar post in each of the forums for the games he mentions? Just a hint of advice, don't watch TV, there is so much rubbish on you could spend the rest of your life writing to TV companies. I like GRAW and PGR3. THe 360 has turned out better than I thought and I had my doubts.
  2. As long as it doesn't boot one of your friends out of the back seat when it gets busy I don't care how many points it comes with. Also, will I have to buy an extra 2 seats at a later date for a premium price?
  3. Now that is a classic. We're all here for you Dave, just don't apply to be a priest. I actually think 1200 points was quite steep but I love the co-op so much I had to have it. The game will last and last, my friends and I STILL play ther co-op on summit strike fairly frequently because we love the missions. GRAW will probably go the same way.
  4. Oh that's nice, all of the suden the Civicists come out and start dissing the Honda's. When oh when will people learn that Civic drivers have feeings to. Its time for the oppressed to come out of their garagess and say YES, I AM CIVIC DRIVER AND I AM NOT ASHAMED. Only then will these frankly outmoded prejudices be challenged.
  5. Thanks very much. I retract part of my previous statement, your eye was not taken off the ball, mr techno-incompetent strikes again. Oh and I'm not a Halo Junkie nor am I dissing GR, I love the co-op play and the game in general even though I'm not really that good at it. But, even given all those circumstances the user friendliness of the Halo system cannot be doubted. However I will accept that in GRAW I have not played loads of online other than co-op so for now I will hold fire on a final opinion and give it a proper chance to impress for a couple of weeks. Thanks again for the info.....
  6. Honestly, I was never much for the halo2 lobby. In fact, I never cared much for the game itself. Ive always liked the GR lobbies over any other lobby out there. You can keep your "Halo 2 party system" I agree, the Halo system would be better. To be able to join friends and stick with them works. I too would like to be able to watch games in progress. I dont know how difficult it would be but certainly it would be nice if it was considered at least. The Halo Lobby system is the most user friendly I have ever seen, surely the 360 can do better? On a side note, is it right that I now cannot join friends who have not bought the update? Someone wasnt watching the ball very well there if it is true.
  7. Aaaaah, thanks very much. I kind of thought this gasme would be less infected than Halo ( which I also like) with the rank obsessed. OK then, I guess I need to give it more time and add people to the Friends list who play for the laugh like me. The games I did get were fun, Its a shame more people dont just see the opportunities for fun.
  8. So, I've had the last 3 GR games and usually play amid friends on co-op matches but the other night thought I would try a few ranked matches. I'm a casual gamer, work and family prevent me ever being brilliant but I'm not awful either. The first group I jumped in with were ranked 5-8 and ditched me the second I popped in. The second did the same. The last were 3-7 and I got a couple of games but then after I came 3rd then 2nd I was ditched yet again. Now either I have suddenly developed the most irritating accent in the world or the fact I am only a 1 causes folk much concern. Can people explain why? Is it that if they lose to me they lose a larger amount of points or is there a L33t snobbery developing within the live community for this game. I would be surprised if it was the second since the people I met on Summit Strike were pretty much cool all of the time. Any ideas? Should I just put this down to an unlucky and bad evening? Cheers.
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