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  1. Hi, if you speak german pls visit: http://www.ghostr3con.net/ We have some exclusive Weapon-Lists of GRAW 2 and other stuff. So, take a look.
  2. I must correct myself. It's not a bug. U must only let the tanks kill the two gunners in the middle of the road. That's the only way you can get past. PS. Sorry about triple-post.
  3. Oh, It was only a bug. I have tried again and then has worked.
  4. Hi First: My english is not so good, i'm from germany. However, i'm in mission 9: "Clear the Way" and does not get further. (The level on the roofs.) I have 3 tanks which I must direct. The Target is called: Clean the convoy route: Neutralize the first antitank position Neutralize the last antitank position (There is the problem!!!) --> I see the yellow-marked target below on the street. I have destroyed all enemies. But, i am on the roofs and do not come under it to the target. On the roofs I also do not get further. 2 of my 3 tanks stand below on the street by the target and also do not get further. 1 of the tanks stands still at the beginning of the level and cannot be moved anyhow. What must I do to get further?
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