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  1. It sounds like its possible you need better cooling inside your case, not just on your card.
  2. In GRAW yes, for those who only play GRAW and dont force AA for other games. Then that part of it wont make a difference. However if you do play other games, where you force AA in profiles. It will not work on drivers newer then 169.17 But.... You can force AA globally, though thats not the best since you may want different settings for different games. Also Im not sure that if you force globally, you can disable it in profiles for games like GRAW, where forced AA is a problem.
  3. The x7900 is dual core. Extreme is just something they tack onto their top of the line processors, dual or quad. If its a quad it will have a Q for quad in its model. Like QX9650 ... Which is a quad which is also an extreme. (X for extreme) But theres also the Q6600 which is a quad but does not have the extreme label....
  4. Latest are 169.28 http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=247872 But for all drivers past 169.17 , forcing AA in game profiles is broken.
  5. Negative threads usually get closed and/or deleted. But I dont see the positive people being warned about their positivity in those negative ones that make it threw the cracks............ Your right, I dont own GRAW2, Im not going to purchase a game I cant play. If It takes 10 attempts to even join a server to get in, or once I do get in I can only play for 1 or 2 rounds, theres no way Im going to pony up my money for that......May have bought it if it didnt have these problems. and you and most here, fail to realize also, that those who are negative or complaining. ARE fans of the game as well, equal to those who are positive and love the game. They wouldnt be here waisting their time or their money if they werent.
  6. You cant expect to make threads of how great the game is and expect everyone who posts in it to have to agree with it. What ever happened to people being allowed to express their own opinions? Threatening to lock it, post moderate you, and delete your posts if you dont. Well thats what we call fascism.
  7. Yes I hate PBs services they arent even needed, also like you said, having to run them when you dont have a game up really sucks. I use a .cmd file though to start and stop them before and after.
  8. I immediately canceled the installation and scanned the patch for viruses when I heard that music. I was saying to myself "###### kind of stupid crap is that?" lmfao, I dont even have the game but I had to download the patch just to see for myself. Exactly like one of those crack/keygen programs.
  9. Even if none of those are duplicates its still really not that many. But theres not many playing the game as a whole, so not many hackers with enough skill to hack the game are going to be playing it. Then, I dont see anyone releasing hacks to public (atleast not on the well known hack sites, Ive viewed), which means even less. Since I dont see a bunch or any trainers for the game, that tells me its not real simple to hack the game. Not impossible, but not simple like [GR] was. So Ubi, isnt going to pay anyone like PB to make an anti-cheat. GRiN might add on a little to there current one, but it wont be awhole lot. It would be nice if they could add replays, but I doubt it will happen.
  10. are you talking about VAC2 ? lol It did not get rid of 95% of the hacking, but its a damn shy better then no AC I would say. But I no longer think GRAW or GRAW2 need a AC, since the games are never going to be popular enough to get that many hackers.
  11. I wouldnt want bans implemented by gamespy or Ubi, they dont know dick. Whats needed, is SS verification, replays, logging of detected hacks, streaming logs. So that AC communities can verify the claims of hacking made by server admins before they get on a banlist.
  12. Try both the SP and MP demos and make up your own mind.
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