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  1. ok, after abit of poking around ive found afew things. this static object appears on the maps.... <unit name="gh_road_2_lane_elevated_10m" unit_id="2192" name_id="######"> <light force_light="false" light_on="false"/> <position pos_x="-6250" pos_y="-3250" pos_z="-250"/> <rotation yaw="0" pitch="0" roll="90.000862"/> <lightmap scale="1"/> <spawn_points> </spawn_points> i used ((name_id="######")) to identify the static object threw the XML file. this is a road that goes uphill for one 10M section. i have also found another way to get the road to go uphill if you tag the road you wish to incline by using name_id in the bottom left of the editor. then exit the editor use the (find) function to do a search for your keyword and adjust the rotation YAW it will tilt the road upward. BE WARNED i did an incline of 45degrees and my mechine completely locked up i need to hard reboot. EXAMPLE <unit name="road_2_lane_40m" unit_id="217" name_id="tilt"> <light force_light="false" light_on="false"/> <position pos_x="-250" pos_y="750" pos_z="0"/> <rotation yaw="10.000000" pitch="0" roll="0"/> <lightmap scale="1"/> <spawn_points> </spawn_points> this tilts the road 10degrees upward. this is a massive MASSIVE pain in the *ss and i sincerly hope there is a "proper" way to do this threw the editor.
  2. ok, i had a look at the ingame maps that include lots of inclines, avenues is the best for it...and found it appears to be a completely seperate static object, one that does not appear in the list of usable objects. i can click on it and move it around like a normal piece of road but cannot adjust the hight of the incline. im very curious as it does appear to be a basic road with a 15-25degree incline on it. still appears as a cube object, unlike the props which actually rotate in freeform. can someone shed abit of light on the matter.
  3. exactly the same problem im having, GR:AW has roads in it that are inclined and various areas of terrain that are also inclined. i could import an existing map and have a look at it but i was hoping someone knew a faster way.
  4. i figgered a much easier way to do it afew days ago. 1) simply create a blank map and save it. 2) open the world.XML file of the map you wish to copy. you must unbundle the files in the bundle folder. 3) in the XML info of the world.xml file copy all the data from <cover name="first"> right to the bottom. 4)open the world_0.xml file of your blank map, and from <cover name="first"> delete all the info after that and copy all the info from your disired map into this file. when you boot up the editor you will be able to load my_level and instead of it being blank it will have the map you copied.
  5. yes mate, i figgered it out afew days ago, but i did it a different way. i simply used the DEbundler to access the existing files. then i just used the "world.xml" data and copied the .XML info into a blank map i already created then saved the output file whatever name. much simpler way of doing it.
  6. anyone gona try there hand at embassy seige from GR1. was my favourite map.
  7. i was just wondering if anyone else had problems editing existing maps? i have tried everything i know to do it and so far ive had little success. i can import them to the editor ok but when i alter them....then export the map it crashes.
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