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  1. i get this error message when i try to load the map up...... Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypesiege.dsf(-1): cant find member: _id in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypesiege.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypesiege.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\gametype\gametypesiege.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\script_network\networkmanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\custom_levels\resistance_seige\resistance_seige.dsf(38) note. I ONLY GET THIS ERROR WHEN I EXPORT IN SEIGE MODE. note. the error appears NOT in the editor but in the game, just after the loading screen BUT before the squad selection screen. i have tried exporting it as a domination and as a teamdeath match and both work fine.... anyone got any ideas?
  2. you can create a seige type by setting 3 zones (team 1) (seige zone) (team 2) you link team two with the seige zone and leave team one unlinked that way only the attacking team can capture it.
  3. being in the same clan as ya i tend to agree but this is definatly required, an auto download that allows clients to trigger the map download of the server or from a URL similar to call of duty 2
  4. you cannot render that perticular static because the editor doesnt associate it with its textures information. the devs seem unwilling to help with this problem and ive got no idea why, the same problem happens with alot of the unique models from the SP missions.
  5. if you could give an example of when you would ever need to alter something outside the editor that doesnt directly effect the rendering of lightmaps. 99% of alterations to the files directly effect the lightmaps, so basically you would need to re-render anyways..... and as its rendering lightmaps that take up the processing and such its kinda pointless to do this. so like i said if you give a valid reason as to why GRIN should make time to do what your asking im sure they will consider it.
  6. when i do a render in fullscreen mode, the minimap is taken from what i see on the screen in freedom view. when i take a render in windowed mode i get the correct area on my minimap but its really dark except for afew trees and cars. anyhelp would be good. cheers.
  7. ive found that blue/yellow cubes are due to unrendered objects, do a render on draft with 3passes. black and white ones ive found meen you cannot use that object in that perticular set. thus far thats the way ive found it.
  8. a much more accurate way to determine the size of your minimap. simple and clever.
  9. i have been having problems finding the files that contain the domination loading screen instructions so i can alter them. can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. did you have to use a perticular type of lighting to make the map a tad brighter, i find that any map i make thats night is a little to dark. even an increase of 10% light would be perfect. did you have the same problems?
  11. its a clever idea mate and without insulting you im sure people have thought of it already....and possibly the reason none have been released is its more difficult that it 1st appears. would be very interesting to see how GR handles more indoor action as appose to the outside, the obvous drawback is it turns GR into more of a ravenshield game. the basic idea of ghost is barely hanging on even with the stock release of the game, advanced warfighter uses a massively smaller area than any other game in the GR series. with the limitations on graphical draw distances on high, medium and low textures it serously limits the sizes of maps. even perticular objects such as tunnels and sewer entrances have an even lower draw distance and dissappear leaving holes. saying that the sheer quality of the graphics engine and how the guys put the thing together has to be commended, im sure that even if the engine can handle creating large maps as seen in the GR series the engine cannot possibly render that amount of detail at a high quality so we are defunked to the draw distance which is the solution and the cause of the problem. i hope to see the guys at GRIN sort this out but i fear its a problem that is unsolvable even by the best of the best.
  12. i gess we are all stumped on the cause, until GRIN post a response with a solution i gess were buggered.
  13. ok, ive had afew hundered goes at it now and i cant get my mini map image to desplay my map properly. i can get the minimap to recongise the spawn locations in relation to the minimap area but the background tga file will not capture the area thats onscreen when i render. it take a snippet of the top right corner of what im looking at. can someone give me help in on prefecting this.
  14. i fly up into the air and render the lightmaps, that way it takes a shot of the map layout and i dont need to mess about with it. i figgered this was just normal practise. is there another way to show the map layout for the minimap?
  15. i need a quick hand conserning this area, i know from what has been said that the radar can be increased/decreased to whatever size you want. how do you get a good arial view of the image itself. ive been having problems getting the camera to take a pic of my whole map.
  16. when i create my map rendered one pass on draft to test scale and such. the 1st time it loads there is no problem i can run around as usual.....but when the round ends and the map reloads the game preforms an illegal operation and has to close. no error report is generated in ghost its a windows crash. any ideas what could be causing this?
  17. i would think grin will add an option to the graphics settings to increase draw distance in the next patch. providing enough people requested it. EDIT do a poll requesting it and im sure the fellas will add it.
  18. as it says how do i remove graffiti? ive tried afew things and i cant even find it in the xml file. anyone know? ive found it out, if you want to delete this post its ok, but for all those who need it.... click the use pressure when deleting and use the rightclick to remove.
  19. looking very well, hope to see it soon.
  20. delete all the files outta your lightmap folder and re-render the map using 5passes on medium. for some reason when i tried it on high on 5passes i got an error that it ran outta memory. a 3.2gig duel processor with 2gig of ddr2 ram. i shud look into that more.
  21. i know its came up afew times but its hard to sift threw the posts finding the answer. simple question........ as you are all aware there are perticular "sets" of textures that cannot be interchanged as it doesnt render properly the black/white boxes. my request is to make this possible, ive heard you can combine the textures your using in the texture_scope.xml file. is there any truth to this. there are afew problems im having that require a specific set of textures the (his_wall_high) and the (gh_road_). can you even inform me of the set ive to use to inable these two sets. the (gh) series in perticular. the (gh) series in perticular is important for my design. any help would be really appriciated. i wana get my map sorted.
  22. i spent like 3days trying to recreate the embessy map from the 1st GR, i felt i was making good progress slow and painful process. but i am going to abandon my efforts to re-create my embassy map and just hope that one of you guys release a GRAW version based on it. with the mind blowing deversity you fellas can bring to the maps i can wait for a 100% well done version. FANTASIC WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS i know ive mentioned it already but do you guys think you could do a GRAW version of embessy seige.
  23. ive been having problems with my map. when i export it and run it my map is really dark. can barely see even with night vision on. any pointers on sheading light on the matter.
  24. what you ask can be done yes. providing you are certain you seen it in norad on the line. you would simply import the norad map into the editor find the bush you are describing and "tag" the object using the name_id when you have done that save and exit then open the world.xml file search the .xml for your tag and see what the objects properties are. this is all i can advise you as im only getting to grips with ther editor myself.
  25. IM BACK!!!! another revalation came to me after my 3rd crash. like i said before you can alter the incline of ANY static object using the XML file and altering the YAW of it. this is true, BUT never do it! reason is when you select the object for any reason in the editor after you apply it you get a system crash. you may think but how do you do it!!!! well as im aware of the objects that are native to the origional maps i can simply add the names inplace of the the static objects i have already layed. so the way to do it is.......open your world.xml file and where you see <unit name="road_2_lane_40m" unit_id="217" name_id="tilt"> this is the instruction to create a 40m road. what you do is alter the name road_2_lane_40m to any of the below objects so instead of <unit name="road_2_lane_40m" unit_id="217" name_id="tilt"> a 40M road showing on the map <unit name="gh_road_2_lane_elevated_10m" unit_id="217" name_id="tilt"> a 20M road with an incline of 25degrees will appear instead. gh_road_2_lane_elevated_10m gh_road_1_lane_elevated_10m gh_road_1_lane_elevated_20m gh_road_2_lane_elevated_20m gh_road_sidewalk_elevated_10m gh_road_sidewalk_elevated_20m gh_road_sidewalk_elevated_10m_stairs his_elevated_block_05_var01 his_elevated_block_04_var01 his_elevated_block_01 his_elevated_block_02 his_elevated_block_06 his_elevated_block_01_var01 his_elevated_block_02_var01 his_elevated_block_03_var01 his_elevated_block_04_var01 his_elevated_block_03_var01 his_elevated_block_06 his_elevated_block_01_var01 this list is all the elevated objects i could find. i havnt tested the "block" ones so i dont know what they are. i would also assume for the time being that all these come in 10/20meter versions. im am shocked that these objects where not included in the static list and basically limit all mappers using the editor to use flat maps.
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