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  1. Answer: It's simple when developers are designing a game or any application on a PC they have to make it work on wide variety of configurations. Some people have $1000 video cards and a crap load of RAM, but a lot people don't.... so they end up developing somewhere middle of the line. But, when it comes to console gaming the specs are set and it can be easier to develope GREAT GAMES.

  2. The folks trying to get in the first night had DLC. They were able to get in the second night without a problem.

    Gotcha.. probably had something to do with that Live down time on Tuesday morning. Same thing happened to one of my friends. Finally could me again last nite.

  3. I had one instance when the entire room drooped. But that was it last night.

    The night before (my first night hosting a DLC room) I had a lot of issues with players that could normally join me being unable to do so and a higher than normal rate of drops.

    Do your friends that couldn't join have DLC? If they don't, they will no longer be able to play with you. The DLC segregates the players with and the players without.

    As for more drops. I think it's because the maps are so much big they require more bandwith. I found that I usually have to hold 2 less on maps like Shipping Port.

  4. Congratulations for having a developer that got more than 18 months to develop a complete game.


    Anyways, on the original question, at this moment, no, it is not available on a disk, although that is not ruling anything out.

    :thumbsup: K. I heard the A.I. has been upgraded does it allow you to be stealthier? The A.I. was o.k. from the start except for some moments when they will just sit in front of you or run past you without doing anything.

    I hope it does come on a disc in the future and I know many other gamers do as well

    Do you have DSL or High speed internet ??. Because if you do, you can get "(the free)XBL Silver" and download "Chapter 2" :yes:. That's what i did because i dont have XBL Gold.

    Or take your 360 to a friends house and download it (If they have DSL or High speed).

    My aunt has high speed how long would it take to set up a live acount ? And do I need a credit card or somethin to buy microsoft points?

    You don't need a credit card... just go to any store the sells 360 games and you will be alble to buy MS Points there.

  5. Aaaaah, thanks very much. I kind of thought this gasme would be less infected than Halo ( which I also like) with the rank obsessed.

    OK then, I guess I need to give it more time and add people to the Friends list who play for the laugh like me.

    The games I did get were fun, Its a shame more people dont just see the opportunities for fun.

    well, i personally wish they kept your rank number unseen by people and just your game stats available for people to see. i think the devs. think it inspires competition, but infact it just seperates the arrogant people who are proud of a number from the people wanting to just enjoy the game both winning and losing. i hope devs start rethinking this policy.

    I would have to say the developers did already look at this. Player matches are for people who don't care about their rank.... so if your in it for just fun go to the Player Match. Rank matches are for people to strive to increase their rank, so that's why it's avaialbe for all to see. Just like any game out there... it's a scoring system. Can you imagine playing a racing game without a clock or a football game without season stats? Just wouldn't give you any reason to continue to play... would it.

  6. Hey Opsix....were you playing alone? Online? System Link? I've played it several times on instant action and can't see what you're talking about...hope it's something that can be fixed

    This is definitely a glitch... only happens in Campaign Mode. The part of the map this happens in isn't part of the other mulitplayer modes. You spawns is this small little section South East then walk to the glitch. It happens right where that small little extra part of the Campaign map enters the standard mutliplayer map.

  7. kk in english....


    i cant get out of the stats page at the end..thts all

    and Reaper- I think i know wat u mean now..thanks lotz every1

    Ranked rooms always end at the end of every match. It's part of the TRUE SKILLS part of 360 games. It just happens that there is a glitch in GRAW that will allow people back into the lobby after a match.

    Host needs to set the AutoStart time to 5 minutes... and at the end of the match the host needs to hit START, START.

  8. Does anyone know what was patched in the update, if anything?

    It was definitely a GRAW patch... wasn't a fix for anything though. It was because of the DLC... it just limits the searches for those who don't have the new content.

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