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  1. My apologies for being a PITA, Rocky, but I'm still not seeing any place to post a screenshot on the FB page. Is anyone else lacking a COMMENT at the top of the page? I see only comment entries for the posts themselves. TIA MOM
  2. Make sure port 2346 is open. My connection is DSL, I had to open the DMZ on my DSL modem to get it to work. Those with routers may be able to enter the setup and assign ports. Most routers use as their setup address.
  3. Thanks Rocky! Thought I was just old and stupid
  4. Hey Rocky We're getting excited about the competition and it's great to see more teams signing up! I've got a small issue with the screenshot submission tho. I have pulled up the facebook wall and 'liked' the site, but there appears to be no place to submit a file. I can't seem to find a 'join' button. There is no menu line at the top like there is on my profile page. Can you suggest anything here to help out? Thanks! MeanOldMan BTW, glad to see you here Lighty I want to thank you for inspiring Fodder and myself to start playing Arma 2 and actually get into some modding. It has q
  5. This is great news! We played before in Lightspeed's Co-op tourney and had a fantastic time. We are definitely IN! Grumpy Old Men MeanOldMan Fodder
  6. Thank you very, very much Lightspeed! I have just recently started playing ArmA 2 and am slowly learning how to stay alive in its environments. Your mission remakes are wonderfully done and have inspired me to learn all I can about the nuances of the game. It took me awhile today to get everything installed correctly (I have the Steam versions and struggled to get the game properly configured so it didn't crash with Lingor) but it's all good now and we're Ghosting again Great job! MeanOldMan
  7. Words can't express the thanks I have for LightSpeed, Thales and all who made this incredible tourney possible. The self-less effort you folks poured into the concept, development and implementation of this masterpiece was just amazing. I've not been this emotionally involved in a game for quite awhile. And all of this didn't cost me anything. I've paid >$50 for game experiences that don't hold a candle to the pure ***FUN*** I had with this. THANK YOU!!! Congrats to all the teams that participated in this great event. The GR community seems to just get stronger. And many thanks to my
  8. OK, but I'm not too familiar with how to turn Invincibility on and off. Can someone tell us how to shut it down? Thank you! MOM
  9. I'm just curious. What are the ages of the players participating in the tourney? I wonder how many generations of gamers are enjoying this, at least in my opinion, best mod\tourney event Ghost Recon has seen. Who's the youngest? Who's the oldest? I am 58 years old, playing GR since the demo was released. Fodder is 50, I think. At least he acts that old (actually, he is grumpy enough to be 80) What other ages we got?
  10. FGFod\MOM have Training Mission downloaded and finished. Fod has requested Mission 1.
  11. Many thanks for the replies, gentlemen!!! I think Fod and I are ready to go now. At least in spirit Here's wishing everyone in the tourney the best of luck and remember, above all else, HAVE A GREAT TIME WITH A GREAT GAME, MADE EVEN BETTER BY SOME GREAT FOLKS!!!
  12. Thanks for getting this thread started , Rocky. I was wondering about a few things. LightSpeed, Thales or anyone else who knows for sure, please correct any of my assumptions that follow if they are incorrect: We play the practice mission first. There is NO time limit on that mission, so we can go at any pace we choose. But if one of us dies the mission ends and a score is determined on the de-briefing screen. That score and replay of that mission is sent to the tourney admins. THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE. Honor system in place not to replay mission. Once that is done, we are sent the firs
  13. I have downloaded the.RAR file and it seems to work great. Don't forget to select the Sniper Team kit restrictions when you setup the server. There should be only two soldiers to choose from, Sniper and Spotter. Each have their respective kits available.
  14. Perhaps I have misinterpreted the meaning, but the top of page 33 of the Editor .pdf states: The “texture†tags works just like explained in the tutorial “GRAWâ€: MP Game Modesâ€. When giving the “name†attribute the value “loadingâ€, you define which texture to use for the loading screen, and when giving it the value “minimap†you define which texture to use for the minimap. Minimap is not required for single player or campaign coop as it’s not used. The “uv_rect†attribute needs the coordinates for where the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the area to be
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