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  1. Papa6 Play with editor and you will see why GRAW is the way it is. There is actually more fundamentally wrong than you can imagine. I have been around long enough know that you personally have had your ups and downs with this game, hell I paid for a dedicated for the first few months of GRAW. If you like the game play it, but if you have a fundamental problem with the game, please preach with all you got, convince others and hopefully make the change. Draw distance is really becoming a big problem. With most games now-a -days you are better of if you turn your graphics down. Since the bush the enemy is hiding behind will disappear with lower graphics settings.
  2. No videogame is ever finished, only abandoned. hmmm Star Craft, UT, or should I go on. Those games were almost perfect out of the box. Those games should probally be abandoned. But guess what they are made by good companies, so they are not. I know I still play them just to get a feeling of what game making should be, I can name others if you like. ... I quit. Somebody else can explain. Ok quit. I will hit the other side of game making. Despite GR bugs and problems, it was a game that was ahead of its time. I punched my computer more than once saying "This game is so bugged I will not play it anymore". But I came back time and again. It is possible to make a game that will succeed your wildest expectations and still have flaws. I present GR. If the flaws had been fixed the physics and graphics updated, well I would not be typing now. I would be playing. I tried GRAW again after a 3-4 month break, my verdict stands. My question is explain what, that GRAW had less than 100 players when I reinstalled, the fact that I uninstalled in the first place. Sorry but I do expect more from game companies, expecially ones that hold the titles and controll of such a great franchise. Ok EDIT again. When will GRAW be finished. When they say, when the sequel comes out. I think it is about time to make a judgement on the game. You can take your time, until it is abandonware if you wish, but at some point the excuses have to stop. Yours and theirs. Sorry what were you saying. StarCraft is still for sale at my local walmart. Where is GRAW? When exactly was StarCraft released, I cant remember I have only bought 7 copies, was it 97 or 98 may have been later. I still own it and play it. I buy a copy to give to others that show interest in PC gaming. Kind of what you should expect from games. Unpatched or patched it is still a finished game, beyond any other game released patched or unpatched.
  3. No videogame is ever finished, only abandoned. hmmm Star Craft, UT, or should I go on. Those games were almost perfect out of the box. Those games should probally be abandoned. But guess what they are made by good companies, so they are not. I know I still play them just to get a feeling of what game making should be, I can name others if you like. You don't see the consoleness pushed on us. Buy a game and play it for a month and then buy another, rinse and repeat. This is what the console platforms live on: your ADD. Better yet, buy what is good and trash the rest (openly and publicly). BF2 burned me on thier hype for mods and etc, GRAW well I think I have stated where I stand. Vote with your dollars, this is the only way to reach the game companies. From now on UBI/Dice/EA/GRIN get none of my money. I would rather give it to valve, epic, blizzard, atari, and sierra. I buy some games just because they are well made and always supported. UT 2003 and 2004, for example, not my style but very good games (bought and paid for). Epic and Blizzard always get my money. Killer support editors and mods. The rest can die, and I will try to help them do so.
  4. The net code from UT The AI from BLIZZARD The graphics from HL2 The editor from Crytech and UT Blah I would have settled on the mod and map making from any of the above mentioned. No map download, editor in the stone age, 3DS max for new items. Please, given how much [GR] was modded. I think no one in the GRIN/UBI camp has a clue. I will take anything from the above mentioned, but I cannot take this crap being thrown out. GRIN/UBI your draw distance, editor, mod managment, all need much work. I will not even touch the problems with the game. If you cannot promote mods the game is dead. This is the 21st century of gaming, and if you cannot manage a simple thing as downloading maps, I have no respect for your game. If this was not meant to be a sequel or steal my and everyone else's money, why have GR in the name. You got my 50, but never again. Sorry DEAD
  5. AFZ has my vote. Best bunch of guys in the business. If you are tired of being called a hack or cheater, go there. They give you the benefit of the doubt. Good games without the trash, and you may learn some tricks (I did). I have seen to much of "BS", "nice hack", and "W#T#F" to last me a lifetime. That is stuff you won't see flying accross the hud on AFZ. Hats off to AFZ. WillieP
  6. Served until a parachute accident messed me up for life. Done many things, most now that I think about it, a little bit to dangerous. Edit-- The military sux. No respawns and the med packs don't work. The dev team really needs to look into this, and lets not mention the publisher Uncle Sam.
  7. cobrabase Just to let you know. I had a stick of memory go bad, the rig to run it otherwise. Take it from me, if you have 512 you cant aim. Someone correct me if I am wrong. With 512 the crosshairs were all over the place. I hope for you, this was just on my rig, but I don't see how anyone could play the game with 512. You will have a hard time hitting the building infront of you. Just don't take it as GRAW being F$ck. It is your lack of ram.
  8. Well at least we can agree an something Rabbi LOL. Honestly, if I stay with GRAW they will be 90% the reason.
  9. Roco First let me thank you and Peace for good games and good server. I wish you all luck in gaining new members. I frequent your site often. Congrats to the new members of AFZ, you all are stand up guys/girls (if any). I hope in the future to be shot by you as well (time will tell). To anyone else, these guys run a top notch server. Probably the only place you will not see words hack and cheat thrown around. Sorry for the off topic, but I do feel this is the beginning of my farwell (so you can atleast cut me a little slack).
  10. Thats an interesting thought, If I was a fan of this game PLAY .....like bf2 or whatever why in the hell would I mess around with GRAW. If someone wasnt dealing with big expectations or hopes for the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon why even put up with this mess? Nothing is here but big questions, disappointment, computer problems, server crashs, dieing clans, cheaters, low or no recruitment, sealed boxs, flame wars, pc and console debates,and somewhere theres a poor SOB that bought a $300.00 physics card buying some other game to justify the purchase, etc etc. We still have hope, despite the GR2 cancel and GRAW. We atleast have some pathetic shot at making a difference.
  11. Well Papa6, I stay or go on the editor. The other problems I feel there is atleast a chance they will fix. No game is perfect and 100% want I would want it to be,( it would be played by me and me alone). No news or changes = I go. I don't see many people post about it so I will let it go (after this): 1. The map editor in its current state is the equivalent of having to wright on article with someone giving the words you must use in advance. *Unless you are willing to buy and live in 3DS. 2. I think some of us have come full circle with the more urban thing. Square objects are easier to model, texture, light, and render. Esecially if you cannot go in them. Hint urban maps are easier on the game developers, game engines, and client pc's. To make a good urban map requires much more skill, thought, and forsight than any ourdoor map. 3. I think GRAW's largest problem is the treatment of mods and maps. Knowing how much [GR] community modified the game, I feel betrayed that a better method for map making, mods construction, and above all distibution was not the first thought in everyone's mind. I look at BF2 most players are in ranked, stock map servers one year after release. How many mods to you see successful, and how many player made maps are being played. Now for the positive (this may hurt some feelings): 1.The game is not optimized (I will give you that). But they did not cater to the bottom PCs. Thank you. 2. The player movements (minus lag) are awesome. Thank you. 3. Releasing something titled GR on the PC. Thank you. My biggest concern is the mod/map making. Everything else can be fixed. I, however, do not see much coming out of GRAW. Please oh God, let me be wrong. I am only looking for a commitment from UBI/Grin that normal humans can add to the game. As stated earlier I have and fiddle with 3ds, but most do not. Some simple terrain generations and control of the height of buildings would go a long way. Angel Again Angel how about some on topic stuff from you. I am not even going to debate your so called motives with you. Did you hijack this thread? Yes. Period. You say you are here to bring some balance. News flash, there is no balance. We all comment for a reason. You have an agenda, good, all of us do. Don't hide behind that agenda as balance. Play the high priestest or victim or what ever you are trying to do. I will not get into a ######ing contest with you, that is why I ignore you on chat and TS. I know you all to well. I would ignore you here put you seem to have close to 300 posts in less than 40 days. I need to dig up that ignore thread I saw one of the admins suggesting earlier. I suggest you do the same. I will post a link if I find it. No worries, you will be rid of me soon enough, or I you. If you want to carry this on further I would say PM me but as far as I am concerned this is over. On second thought don't bother as I have nothing further.
  12. Sorry I don't get the chicken and the egg reference. No need to explain, I will concede. Just trying to get us back on topic and end the TDM is DM thing.
  13. You are right how could I have missed it, the game is perfect!! DM is really TDM (I see it so clearly now). The two companies responsible for this game do have my best interests at heart, and I just need to open my eyes. Your hijacking is blatant and your motives transparent. You will defend GRAW to the end, to include trying to convince people DM is TDM, but we are too stupid to grasp it. Below is the same type of remark I have seen you post to others that ask questions here: If I have missed the mark on the above statement. Then let be clarify TDM starts with a "T", however, DM does not. Need more help go play [GR] (its just 10 bucks). If you think I am being to harsh Angel: I will leave you with your own words. Now how about some ontopic stuff, as there are many people on the fence awaiting the next patch.
  14. Breeze We have a GRAW server with Wolf Servers as well. I cannot get any response from them at all now, going on 3 weeks. $160 a month and can't get any service. From a recommendation from the Obsidian Edge crew, I recently contacted raynserv and could not be happier. They spent a great deal of time (hours) on the phone with me setting up our OE server. I now have pings in the low 30's again(don't expect those pings with GRAW though). I don't know for sure about the video card, but from the service I got I could not imagine them not being able to help. You will have to over look their site, as they are currently upgrading. Just hop on the live chat and you will see what I mean.
  15. The thing is, if Grin could not do the job in 14 months then they should not have taken the contract. People here treat Grin as if they are the victim in someway. If only UBI this and UBI that. They took the job, agreed to UBIs wishes (if any), and turned out GRAW. They are getting payed make no mistake about that. The victims in the corporate BS are the fans. If in a few months GRAW is the game, then I will personally apoligize, and harvest many players for the game (I always need more people to play with, I have been giving away farcry with the OE mod to friends and family this week, total cost $180). I just see so much UBI this GRIN that. Not one of us knows what the contract is/was/ or should have been. All I can judge is what I got. I am only judging the download feature and map editor here (and maybe the lag). Give a decent map editor and download feature, and maybe, just maybe I could see investing some time. Make no mistake, I have seen many good things in GRAW. Their attention to detail in some areas is amazing. PS I would have paid $150 for Ghost Recon with updated graffix and editor. UBI are you listening. And hit that enough Papa6, and everything is OK!
  16. I had hopes until I saw the map editor. I do have 3DS Max, and maybe if I saw future in the game I would take the time. But come on, compared to UED, cryengine sandbox, and some others, this editor is lacking for anyone but the experienced person. Anyone else is stuck in lego land. The sets are incomplete, and a great many appear to be exported with the wrong origin. No terrain generation, please this is Ghost Recon isn't it. The map editor has pretty much sealed the deal with me. Unless you are willing to do everything in 3D app you will not create anything original. Lincoln logs anyone? There are 2 things I look for in MP game: A good map editor Auto download of maps and mods. It is the 21st century, and any game that does not atleast incorporate these two attributes is lacking. If you don't have these features, then you are not mod or internet friendly for that matter. Valve, Epic, Blizzard, and Crytech will get my money from now on. These are companies that support their work, and they provide for us. They may not offer the game type/ game play, I am looking for, but I am tired of settling for anything less. Blizzard still supports StarCraft. Crysis is being made only with the PC in mind. Epic has probably the best editor and net code around. I buy every new Unreal product made for the PC, some I know I will only play for a week. Why? Because they are a company to behold. Don't like the game play, but they do support thier game. They also have a mod community that makes every other company jealous. Don't think anyone of them can come in and fill the void, just look at Blizzard. Strategy to RPG to MMORG. The blame game: UBI own the rights and GRIN has taken the contract. This whole if only GRIN could get out from under UBI crap has got to go. GRIN took the job, if it was not something they felt they could do (given UBI's condition) then they should have not taken the job. If someone ask you to do heart surgery would you? Hey the money is good and you are not well known. GRIN accepted this job, it is their baby. The build it yourself argument I have seen floating around: Give me good tools then maybe. As a final note, for those that say spend 50 coin and build it yourself: Build your car yourself, no from the ground up. I have a great computer and a connection to envy. Papa6 come over to the dark side it is not your connection, computer, or your khakis. I bet you don't have the lag in SP. I, like you, will give it one more patch, but honestly I don't think I can get past the editor.
  17. Honestly I have some of the highest pings with graw. If I don't have a ping of 32 or less with my server hosted in the same state as me , I have to ask questions (and for those of you wondering yes we had a GRAW server ping average 80-160 and with the same data center).
  18. I would not trade my dsl for anything. Had cable and dsl at the same time. Cable had (advertised more up and down ( with 120-200 ping)). I just have dsl now. I play in servers all over the world. I can play in Asia at 120-180 ping in BF2. It all depends on where you are and who you got. In my town dsl rules (verizon), in others it may very. Others I have played with hate verizon and dsl. I would buy water from them if they sold it. In some games, with good net code, I can hit 25% of the servers with pings in the low teens. Cable has nothing here, and I have played with others around the globe that swear on cable(and seeing their pings, I can't argue). I have seen the flip side as well. The cable vs dsl debate is not valid. There are popular servers running GRAW on verizon DSL. If he has good pings and no packets loss then it is something else.
  19. Wow I think somebody needs to go back and read some of thier own posts.
  20. Funny, that is why I bought GRAW. Maybe, there is hope then for good tactical MP in Crysis.
  21. Vegetation: bushes, trees, and maybe tall grasses. Not the plane/bitmap driven ones, but the interactive type (I have stumble on a few in the game). I don't know about anyone else, but I for one could use a little insight on this.
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