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  1. tyvm for the info Dannik I'm going to ask my clan if they will allow it on the server. We're very anti-cheat.. so I won't be suprised if they tell me no, even though it's a small graphics tweak.
  2. The server & client need to have the altered post effect.xml - if they do than there won't be a problem! Ah cool, so if the server has it anti-cheat can be enabled too?
  3. Hi guys, I was previously using the Post effects / Sepia xml that's in the downloads section, it worked great. The game looked a ton better, and FPS wise I was geting more frames. Any way to use the Post effect mods online in Multiplayer without geting booted with Anticheat on? I know it used to go in the Local English folder however; now I can't do that. GRiN should make a way for people to mess with post effects without it being labeled as altered files on anti cheat. If their's a way, please reply. Thanks in advance. - ReT
  4. Bump. As for open discussion, let people post. The more people that post there are cheaters, the more GRIN will realize this and take action...
  5. I found a hack for GRAW, duno how it works at all. I thought maybe it would be best I share it with an GRIN admin, that can possibly check the file and make an anti-cheat against it. It's a .dll file, and uses an injector whatever that's. But yeah, email me reticulex (at) reticulex (dot) com and I will send the file to you if you're a GRIN admin only.. I'm tierd of seeing people cheat, the game is difficult enough online, with the lag. Thanks, - ReT
  6. Sigh, the post effects thing doesn't work online though, makes me sad "Files donot match server"
  7. NVM found it. Now can this be used in multiplayer on any server the mod or a m I going to get that my files donot match the server crap? I don't see it being a cheat if I want post effects off with night vision on
  8. Quite literally, I did nothing but turn off the sepia tinting. All other post effects including HDR/bloom are still active and at exactly the same level they were before. It's actually the sepia tinting to everything that gives the game that 'intensive' look, making everything glow yellowish. If you use the file I provided and step into a dark area and watch the lighting, then step out into the light and watch closely, you'll see the HDR is still active it's just more subtle than people might expect since so many improperly blamed the HDR and deferred lighting for that orangish glow when neither in fact had anything to do with it. I may in the future fiddle with the numbers themselves and see if I can't find a happy medium, keeping some of the haze effect that the sepia overlay added without overly affecting the colours of everything else, but frankly that work is better left to a graphics artist than myself. I can read code, but I don't know from pretty. It's really just a matter of altering RGB numbers, but I'm used to RGB editing having simply three numbers to alter hue. This one has xyz coordinates for each colour, and I can't quite seem to get my head around how that works yet. I can only imagine at this point that those are in fact XYZ coordinates for the source of the sepia tinting for each of the three colours and that the tinting itself (sepia_r, sepia_g, sepia_b) is actually a procedure call to somewhere else - meaning simply changing the numbers in the post_effects.xml file may just alter the source location of the tinting rather than altering the LEVEL of the tinting. I'm such a graphics noob that I'm not even sure if I'm explaining that correctly, but -I- know what I mean, even if no one else does. Hey, can you make a new link to that xml? I'd love to turn off post effects, it kills my frames, yet I'd love to still have Night Vision.
  9. Is GRAW a direct-input based game for mouse/keyboard? If it doesn't use direct input I found a seperate fix that might help.
  10. Thanks Colin. V-Sync disabled would help a ton too. I don't think I've played a game in years with V-Sync on. Not only does it limit your frames, but it does cause mouse lag similar to what I'am experiancing. It's sad I see some people get head shots on me with a pistol, where I'am waving my gun back and forth like an idiot, or shooting there toes lol.
  11. Like I said bud, I tried 3,2,1,0 for flipque via Ati tool. Also like I said... THIS ISN'T A PROBLEM IN ANY OTHER GAME BUT GRAW =(. Sorry for the caps. I tried two mice, for one game, and only one game is screwed up ( Graw ) which leads me to conclude there is smooth mouse enabled or some crap that makes it seem very laggy. My frames are around 40+ in Multiplayer, I just got out of a domination server. It sucks when i know I can be so much better at the game if I had no mouse lag.
  12. Hey Colin, thanks for the quick reply. My FPS are above 30 at all times. The smooth mouse topic on the page, their is nothing written for it other then poor FPS and the priority of Normal setting. I've tried that too. Doesn't work =/.
  13. Hi guys. I'm going nuts currently with Mouse Lag. It feels as if I have smooth mouse enabled in GRAW. In every other game, i.e. BF2, Planetside, Counter Strike my mouse is fine. Just in GRAW my mouse is terribly inaccurate, even when zoomed. Left to right it feels like it moves too unprecise, up and down the mouse feels very sluggish, forget about moving angular, it's very difficult to. I have Mouse Acceleration permantly removed from my OS (WinXP) via Accelfix. I also have tried Multiple mice, Razer diamondback ( currently using ) and Copperhead. FlipQueueSize I have tried setting from 3,2,1,0 none of it really helps, except in other games. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If only i could disable Vsync too . Thanks, - ReTiCuLe ( Old school RS Mplayer player ) P.S. My system specs are. AMD 4000+ ATI X1900 XT 2 Gigs DDR 400 Ram I've tried settings from low-high, to no anistrophic filtering and multiple resolutions. Nothing has resolved it so far.
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