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  1. I'm having some problems with my sounds, some will play and some won't. This is the last thing I need to do so, until I get this fixed I have to postpone the mod (but I will be working on my Weapon Library (see my website for details) until I get the problem fixed so the time in between won't be a total waste).
  2. As most of you probably already know, I have pretty much finished the mod and all I need to do now is get the sounds and polish up a few of the models (texture work, for the most part). So, if you have sounds for any of the weapons (a list can be found here: http://riflegamedevelopment.web.officelive...oftheworld.aspx) and you're willing to let me use them, send me a pm and I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due.
  3. Ah, I see. *smacks self across the face* I think it would be best if we all pretended like this didnt happen
  4. I have finished my kit icons and made the first kit, but when I get into the game and to the loadout screen, instead of seeing the names of the weapons (in this case the AS50) I see the error: "!find key". What's causing this problem and how do I fix it?
  5. As those of you who read the news on my website already know, I couldn't get the hi res textures to show up in the game (while the other textures such as lenses and silencers showed up perfectly) so I have had to use the same textures but ones that aren't quite as detailed. So, because of this I decided to make the SCAR-L version with the supressor a seperate version than that of the original version without the silencer. Check out the render either on my website or on the Mod DB page for the Rifles of the World mod. Also I have completed most all of the .GUN scripting and I am starting to mak
  6. Aha, I had previously thought that I had installed patch 1.4 so I checked and found that no, I did not have patch 1.4 installed. So I tried to install it and whenever I tried to install it, it would go to the status bar and then stay on 0% and then after a minute would go from 0% straight to 100% without installing anything at all. So I downloaded patch 1.4 again and I got the same problem. This also happened when I tried to install Desert Siege and Island Thunder straight from the disc when installing those for the first time on this computer, which I could only fix by installing them on a di
  7. As for that, I've been trying different compatibility settings (including the "Run as administrator" option) but nothing seems to work. But like I said, it only crashes when you try to load a map or environment file, I can still edit .gun files and use pretty much everything in the tools menu and it works fine. In case anyone was wondering, the settings for the compatibility mode are: Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Server 2003 (SP1), Windows 2000, Winodws NT 4.0 (SP5), Winows 98/Me, and Windows 95 Run in 256 colors Run in 640x480 screen resoluti
  8. Finished the Bren configuration for the M-96, the render can be found on the website (see signature) or on the Mod DB page linked above. I might also add that the Bren configuration of the M-96 features the magazine on top of the weapon (versus on the bottom of the rifle as normal), this means that the bren configuration will feature higher accuracy when prone since the magazine doesn't dig into the ground. Also, I have completed the weapons modeling (with the exception of the FN F2000 & FN SCAR-L due to technical difficulties) so I will begin .gun scripting and will be posting screen
  9. I have just finished the Robinson Armaments M-96 in its normal configuration, check out the render at my website (see signature) or our Mod DB page: Mod DB Gallery for Rifles of the World Expect the Bren style configuration soon
  10. If you have Vista you won't be able to load maps without Igor crashing but you can do pretty much everything else (.gun, .atr editing, etc...). Or at least I can't but if it crashes during the opening screen then the problem always (for me) seems to be with my save files so I uninstall Ghost Recon and remove my save files and then reinstall, but thats a risky move if you don't wanna get rid of your save files.
  11. How about the Rainbow Six .rsb plug in? I tried that out and it didnt complain about the dimensions and I used it for the WA2000 so I know it'll show up in-game. Any drawbacks to this?
  12. Aha, much thanks, that error message was getting quite annoying.
  13. This time I have an update and a question. First of all, the update, I have completed the remapped Walther WA2000 which can be found at my mod's Mod DB page and my website. Now for the question, I have recently acquired Photoshop CS3 and I have installed the RSB .8bi file from the Ghost Recon Island Thunder disc and every time I export a texture (that worked fine with the RSBEditor utility that came on the same disc) I get an error message complaining about the height and/or width not being a power of 2. So, is there a plug-in for the RSB format that isn't so picky about the width and he
  14. After some thought I have decided to release the mod half done, i.e. I'll release the weapon portion of the mod. However, this does not mean that I'm canceling the campaign and airstrike portion of the mod, I'm still working on that but it will be released at a later date than the weapons portion. I'll have more details on the release date of the weapons soon.
  15. I finally finished the H&K MSG-90 (after a long texture hunt) and so the render for the MSG-90 at my Mod DB gallery (http://www.moddb.com/mods/10787/rifles-of-the-world/images) or at my website (see signature). And expect progress on the mod to surge because school just got until next August.
  16. Alright, I got the silenced versions of the FN F2000 and the SCAR-L so I'll be sending those to the guy who's doing my exporting so expect them in the game soon. Now I only have about 3 models left (WA2000, Howa, and the HK MSG-90) so expect the scripting and map making to be started pretty soon and with summer coming in about a week I'll have more time to work on the models.
  17. I'm working on the silenced versions of those models and am looking for good silencer textures but google and windows live search isn't giving me much luck, you guys know of any good sites for silencer textures?
  18. I just got the render for the FN SCAR-L up on my website. Also, this is a model that uses a hi res texture so I'll need to have that one exported for me as well (I did find someone who could export them as well). The FN SCAR-L also comes in a silenced flavor.
  19. Bad news guys, the computer I do my exporting on happens to have a piece of crap and can't even handle the hi res texture for the F2000. When I go to pick the .rsb for the material and I select the F2000 hi res .rsb file (I already have to uncheck the option to show a preview of the pic in the material bitmap select window) and then it freezes and crashes. However, I would really like to keep the hi res texture so if theres anyone who could export the model for me (I'll provide the .rsb and the .3ds model) I would greatly appreciate it. I'll also need the same thing done with the SCAR-L so I'l
  20. Good news everyone, my website is now ready and the URL is as follows: www.riflegamedevelopment.web.officelive.com . Also, with much thanks to natsanwa for the hi res textures, I am adding the FN F2000 in both unsilenced and silenced versions. A render is coming soon.
  21. Now for the Unique Alpine TPG-1 w/ wood camo:
  22. The Unique Alpine is coming soon, I'm about finished with the UVW mapping. And that is about how they look ingame (in the game the textures are a tad lighter but not by much and some of the textures arent quite as detailed), the model itself is easier to see in the render without having the character model in the way.
  23. I got another weapon into the game leaving even fewer models left to do. This time it's the Robinson Armaments XCR:
  24. Good news, I got another model to work in the game (as shown below). Now I only have a few more rifles to go and I'll start writing .gun files. Also I'm setting up a new, better website for my development team that will be updated a lot more often than the last now that I'm making more progress on my mod. More news on that coming soon. The FN SCAR-H CQC as modeled by me (the final will have a lens texture):
  25. Good news everyone, I have selected the new weapon selections. There are some new assault rifles and a new sniper rifle. The new sniper is the Austrian Unique Alpine TPG-1 (Uniqe Alpine TPG-1) the texture I'm using is the second one down with the camo and I'm considering doing another one without the silencer or camo (first picture). The first new assault rifle is the U.S. FN SCAR (FN SCAR), I'll make models of both types of the weapon including the grenade launcher. Last, but certainly not least, is the U.S. Robinson Armaments M-96 and XCR (M-96 & XCR), I'll also be doing multip
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