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  1. Only 1 expletive? I can think of loads.. most of them along the same lines.
  2. Yup, Hardcore mode is the way to go. However, it's still a bit arcadey when you compare it to [GR].
  3. I'd be more than happy to wait 6 months to have the [GR] maps for GRAW2. I'd even pay the usual 30-40 pound just for the map pack alone. Then, depending on the success of that map pack, I'd wait for the DS maps and IT maps to follow. Like most people here, I'm obviously dreaming I know from personal experience that you can re-create MOST [GR] maps within 1 day (just the mesh - not textured or scripted etc). Would this be such a tall order for UBI/GRIN to do? Within 2 -3 weeks you could have meshes for all [GR] maps (not DS or IT - they can come later ). Hell, I'd even reproduce a map for you free of charge (if you gave me your requirements) and see how long it would take you to complete 1 single map which would be MP ready.
  4. IIRC, the Vegas community waitied months for a new patch. Eventually it was released and it still didn't resurrect the game or the community. I really hope it's not the same with GRAW2 but then again I wouldn't be surprised if it is But my copy is still sat on the bookcase waiting to be reinstalled in case UBI break from tradition and actually produce a worth-while patch.
  5. If it was more of a tac-sim than the other 2 pieces of garbage, then I might. Otherwise DEFINATELY NOT.
  6. LMAO, you sound like my wife! (Sorry, but somebody just HAD to say it )
  7. What a great post Cell. Unfortunately past experience (all bitter ones) say that UBI will go down the same route they did with Vegas...ignore us. Maybe even tell us to "be patient" before they release a joke of a patch. (Vegas again). But not before banning users from their forums (remember SODSniper?) for airing our grievances. Personally I think it's another case of "we have our money, we've sold our games...screw them, we're working on another title to screw them over. muhahahaha". Please please please let me be wrong.
  8. Oops, you're right. "DEJA VU". Apologies for my appalling Francais @ Viiiper, yes it is a GRAW forum, but that shouldn't preclude anything else from the discussion, especially when it's something that's being compared to GRAW.
  9. KFORF have our own server and we have it set up for hardcore mode. Up until recently we played TDM, but that still turns out to be mayhem. S&D is alot more tactical so I guess that may be the way forward (for me anyways).
  10. OK, don't take this as a rant, or anti-UBI post. I would just like to air my thoughts about the once-pretty good game. I echo all the "[GR] was great etc etc" sentiments, as I played for quite a few years too. RSE did a damned fine job. GRAW came along... it was okay. Buggy but okay. GRAW 2 was next... Just okay but still a bit better than GRAW In between I've played VEGAS and Silent Hunter. Both UBI titles and both had the potential to be great games. BUT, UBI ignored it's customers when they cried for updates, patches, bugfixes etc. Over on the Vegas forums, things were incredibly hostile from both UBI reps and the forum residents. At the end of the day, UBI gave everyone the bird saying "thanks for buying our games, now **** off and stop whining". Pretty much the same with SH4 too. I think the same is going to happen to GRAW 2. UBI/GRIN will just let it die. The fanbase is too small and they're made their money out of us. Maybe us "old school [GR]" players are just too old and we aren't moving with the times? It just seems that every FPS these days follows the same formula: "run, shoot, die, respawn, run ,shoot, die, respawn..." not forgetting the bunnyhopping of course. Being ignorant of the programming aspect, it amazes me as to why UBI/GRIN haven't even made the SP maps into MP ? Surely this isn't THAT hard to do? But again, maybe that points back to the UBI response to the VEGAS issues? "we don't give a damn, we got your money. hahahaha" Shame because it will breathe new life into the game. GRAW 2 is dead in my opinion and UBI/GRIN will not attempt to resurrect it. C'est la vie. Now I've moved to COD4... I'm not really that impressed. Yes, as others have said, it's pretty to look at. But again as others have said it has it's flaws. I probably won't continue to play COD4 purely because of the nature of the game (non tactical) but it's ok to play just for short term. For those who stick it out and continue with GRAW 2, have fun
  11. There's supposed to be something on Gamespy today but I can't find anything. When I search for GRAW BETA, it returns with 'crackdown'.
  12. I've just updated to 1.24 and when I try to load the GRAW map editor, I get this error... Crash in application version: grpcrc1.24 data\lib\managers\profilemanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: game_mode in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\profilemanager.dsf(0) data\lib\setups\setup.dsf(0) data\levels\editor\editor.dsf(0) Any ideas as to how to fix it anyone ?
  13. A man after my own heart. I'm in the process of designing (on paper) a map similar to MBC. I just wish 3ds max support was up and running so I could use my own buildings etc. How I miss those shermanlevelheights etc
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