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  1. 45 minutes and counting... i have been trying to get into AN Y game for 45 minutes!!! ridiculous
  2. I don't know how the PC version works. I am talking about Xbox live
  3. Can someone please tell me why or how this interface/pre-game multiplayer setup is acceptable? I know there have probably been many posts on this topic, but I am hoping the devs realize that for a next-gen game, this is pretty ridiculous. For one, it takes about 30 mins to get into a game w/ all the kicks and finding a server/refreshing etc. Then when you do get into a Ranked match you have to leave after it is over. Now, this would be fine if you could atleast form parties for you and your friends. Why can't you model your online interface off of Halo 2's? I mean... seriously. Rank
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