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  1. You're joking right? How many rumble teams are around in GRAW? CDN and CGI maybe AOD (don't think they were AOD at the time) out of more than 50 teams. Searching for link to the rumble ladder (coming soon) AOD gose way back we were on the rumble back around 2003 and there was fragpin an squad games and yes AOD HAS been around along time
  2. you can get gr map grids here all 3 under download http://members.shaw.ca/cruiser99/
  3. thxs for your hard work . Grin new patch is great . one ? is there away of makeing map grids. like we did on the old gr
  4. i fixed the problem. my cd rom must been haveing trouble i whent bought a dvd /rw put it in now i can install the game who knew. ubi told me when i ask them. they said it would not run as a server. lol it runs fine.
  5. i got files of old hd now i get Crash in application version: grpcrc1.21 Non-identity pivot in object gfx_body
  6. i have cdrom set of graw wont install get crc error . what can i do i get to 3rd cd then i get cant install key is ok installing on xp pro i have new hd reformated . 2.8 ghz 800 fsb intell 2 gig ram msi mb neo2 platnum 865 pe chip set
  7. what would be great is map grids for matching .
  8. im geting an error now when trying to test the map im working on . it wont let me name the map i can get into the map an xport it with a new name just wont stay. when i test it i get this error Crash in application version: grpcrc1.20 Custom level bundle my_level contains an invalid file path dam the maps that were in there that moders have made i had to take them out now works . dose this mean grin has made it so all the tdm maps wont work ?
  9. email addy? im not going to say a bad thing . i like the tdm i dont play coop or dm. was wondering when the next patch will be out to fix the cdkey bug. and will you add lms an tdm would make ladder matching easy. after all thats why i bought 2 copys . an will you let us have server control game spy sucks. thxs
  10. Good job mate. I would like to see what you've created. after seeing some of the pics iv turffed the map im going to ck out the way they are map moding . http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=36750
  11. can u look tell me what i need to do there was a plane i could not del . Crash in application version: grpcrc1.16 data\lib\units\types\vehicles\c130.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_animation_lod in type <void> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\types\vehicles\c130.dsf(0)
  12. can use its not bad for the 1st one i made . its big . will be ready tomorow
  13. we really need more information to help you! be more specific about how you made the spawnpoints etc! i whent to multi player to add spawns points alpha an bravo its shows theres a an b but i read after to use dummy spawn point the only thing i found was player itadded a guy i have team speak running if that helps
  14. im makeing a map called Towers now im geting the hang of this . now the trouble im haveing is when i put the spawns like A. dose it show when you add the spawn on the map and B. when i go to ck the map im kicked to the desk top so i say imdoing something wrong with spawn points
  15. i loaded the outseid map on AOD TDM server well done can you fix the spawns B is out side the radar top hand right. should move it to the bottom middel . i can See A but like i said B is off the map thxs hope to see more tdm maps
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