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  1. I guess I misunderstood your original post. I took it as an implicit accusation against the player at the top of the list.
  2. We just searched the logs and have no record of an m9sd being at BDA recently. The last login attempt by m9whore was at 4:00 AM EST on the 18th of this month.
  3. Weird. I can't even traceroute this IP. I know, itried to tracert it also with a ping timeout. This address is a member of a specially reserved block. - (233/8) GLOP Block
  4. This could have been accomplished without accusing anyone of anything...
  5. This is indeed a problem. Basically when you put maps in the custom_levels folder, Windows decides whether or not old versions need to be replaced based on the file name. When GRAW launches, it looks inside the .bundle files to read the map names. If there are multiple maps with the same "internal" name that GRAW reads, it crashes. This happens when map builders change the filenames for their maps, but use the same "internal" GRAW names. In this case, the problematic map is Trainstation, which isn't even on the server. Delete Trainstation and everything runs fine. We apologize and be assured this problem will not happen in the future.
  6. Mental note... find a hack that i know will global ban on punkbuster. Make a little script that unzips it there. call it "click me for free to see me naked.scr". Create a hotmail account called PamelaAnderson@hotmail.com Send it to all my online enemies. No more online enemies in game. PB did it's job See an issue here with global banning? Ah, if only all of *my* enemies were as stupid as yours are... my life would be so easy.
  7. Right... My point was that if you look at a MBL and just decide everyone on it is a hack or a cheat then they would be proclaiming some innocent people as such. I personally spoke to SkyWolf on our TeamSpeak and he admitted to running the hack. PB admins like Milar can check to see what the person was caught running. But yes, it's possible there are innocent persons on the MBL. That being said, those individuals should appeal their ban to PB.
  8. Of course ZJJ he doesn't use the same nick here... Agreed, it may be the same person, but you all are missing the point. There is an assumption that the IP is static ("it has never changed") and, therefore, it's the same guy. I am saying I am not willing to make that same assumption based on an IP alone. From what I can tell, his IP is static on BellSouth.net DSL. Ever since we (BDA) banned m9whore we've had TONS of login attempts on a daily basis. This has gone on for weeks. He just keeps hitting the server trying to get back in. Some people have nothing else to do... X, I've never found you anything but skillful. Btw, if admins don't want to go on IP address alone, I think I have his MAC address somewhere. LOL
  9. I beg to differ. It's not just a "yes" or "no". There are many ways to config a scrim and we need to agree on terms. Since you're not willing to scrim with zero respawns, BDA will decline. But finding out that these are your terms required discussion, so I don't see that it was a waste. Your initial post was incomplete. OK, now it's a no. :)
  10. Not auto kick... Permanately Ban. I had the application and introduced it to BDA as it's what we kicked M9 with. Then Mike and Majestic used the tools and refined a step by step for finding the ip and helped me implement that also. Programs total will cost you about $22 but there support is awesome. Pass it on also to mike, viiper i am working with the creator as the scanner is using high cpu cycles. I had it start using high cpu cycles for a while, but I re-installed the app and it seems to be working fine now. The gist of it is that GRIN coded the GRAW multiplayer stuff in a relatively simple way so that if you pick out packets and convert the HEX to ASCII you can read things like usernames and map names right out of the UDP packets. A little test work with a packet filter and a few logins into the game and I figured out how to have the app ROCO suggested above catch only the login packets that contain the usernames. After you have that, you have the IP, and a permaban is a click away. Even for users with dynamic IPs, it's no big deal to keep banning them when they show up because it's so easy. This can be implemented on any packet monitor that will filter on the basis of packet contents, and with a generic firewall. If you want the details on this, stop by the BDA teamspeak and I'll be glad to explain the details for you. TeamSpeak IP: Until server tools come out this is far and away the easiest way to keep jerks and TKers off of your server. You can even use this to get MAC addresses and ban by that if your firewall supports it.
  11. There are servers that have unlimited deaths, others that have it set at 10. At BDA we keep it at 2 on TDM, and we're going to keep it that way or lower it to 1. People come in and moan about it all the time, but the bottom line is: (a) the server is full basically every night and therefore enough people favor this, and (b) if you don't like it there are other servers with different configs as mentioned earlier. Server admins and clans pay quite a bit of money each month to keep their servers online, and it's their perogative to configure the servers as they wish. You can lobby for something different, but unless you're an admin in a clan that owns one, I doubt anyone will listen.
  12. BDA is interested, but is only doing in-house stuff for the next several weeks. We can schedule something in September possibly. When we play in-house matches of scrims, it's always with zero respawns and at least 10 minute games. Zero respawns is a must... don't see why anyone would want to do anything different.
  13. BDA is running TDM right now with 1 respawn. I'm lobbying with other admins to get that number dropped to 0, but we'll see how it goes. ) Anyway, ATU guys are always a pleasure to have on the server, so stop by. (They may switch it up and run HH or Dom sometimes, but I'm lobbying against that too hehe. Just stop by.)
  14. Great patch so far! Love the new maps and game modes. Also................... can we have an option to run the game in "Straight Mode"? The loud male moaning sound I must endure every time I'm killed sounds like someone taking it up the booty.
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