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  1. It has to be alive before you can kill it. If this patch has no server tools it is dead already.
  2. Server can be set up with a spawn invincalility (cant spell) from 1-10 sec. So camping in sight of a spawn wont work.
  3. Is there any ladder out there that has any real matching going on yet? And if so, what formats seem to be working best without the server tool? It looks to me like BQL is the most active so far, but not enough clans participating yet. Lets get this thing moving!!!!!!!!! Even if we have to deal with the pain in the butt of NO server tools for a month, I NEED TO MATCH!!!! IVE GOT THE ITCH!!!!!!
  4. nice post Rabbi, I like the idea of just 1 spawn, no tactical points, Will have to give that a try, maybe for one night, see how it goes.
  5. I agree with you, I would like to see our server with a more Orig Graw setup. Max deaths turned on, 10 min games. Its just Convincing the other SCE members. lol. We try to keep the settings for the server were we will get the most traffic possible, thus we have the most fun. On weekends we will put some great custom maps in the rotation just to keep things fresh. To get them go to www.shadowcompanyelite.com and you will find the maps in our downloads section. they are a real quick download too, less then a minute for me. I would also like to thank everyone for posting both good and bad reviews on all our servers, It help us find out what the best settings are, so please continue to tell us what you would like in a server
  6. WOW, THANKS TO ALL THAT POSTED AND DIDNT JUMP ALL OVER ME ABOUT MY COMMENTS!! Its nice to see you can still have a problem with graw and post about it and not get lambased by all the "GRAW IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE" people. cheers!!
  7. SCE_KanucK Age 30 To do this right you have to take todays tecnology out of it. which game is the better game? GR1 by a long shot. People are still playing and matching in GR1. 3 years from now no one will be playing GRAW.
  8. I find it strange how few #s of people really play GRAW online. I think there is still more people playing and matching in the orig GR, and its what, 15 years old. That says a hole lot about the orig game. Not so sure what it says about this version. I think the best game would be to take todays graphic and game engines and give us the orig GR again. Im hoping when the modders really get there hands on this thing that someone does just that. Oh ya, and if GRiN is reading this, I would gladdly hand over $20 or $30 bucks for an official expansion based on the Orig GR!!!!!!!!
  9. Dont worry, GR4 will not be released on pc anyway, it will go right to GR5
  10. Im not 12 Im 30, but thanks anyway. I think that the gaming community would have complained if the game continued to be delayed yes. BUT we were use to the idea of Ghost Recon being delayed. Do u remember GR2. I think giving us a betta game for $50 is worse then a full game 3 months later. just my opionion.
  11. So what u are saying is us PC guys got stuck with a betta version of GRAW so it wouldnt ###### off the XBox guys?? WOW THAT IS RETARDED
  12. ya but by July or August I think many of us that have been waiting for this game for 3-4 years will be so disippointed with the hole thing that they will have moved on to new games that come out with the proper m/p issues worked out. In my oppinion, GRIN/UBI has made a troubling error in releasing the game before it was ready. and in the end will pay for it in lost customers.
  13. WOW, Downloaded the new patch and was so disapointed!!! NO TEAM DEATHMATCH???? Solo Deathmatch only (BS) NO server tools (so cant Ladder without a total pain in the ass) how easy would it have been to add team deathmatch if there is already solo DM. And the AA thing. all it does is BLUR THE SCREEN this game is not at all gamer freindly. and it doesent sould like it will be till some time in 2008, by then we will all be on to something better. too bad too, there is so much potential. So when does that new Quake game come out anyway, SOON I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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