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  1. Where do we download the latest version of this mod?
  2. Hey this is really a great mod but there are a few issues I've noticed. 1) Bug in desert eagle skin - It's white in color? Suggestion: Leave it as glock cos the gun still looks like a glock. 2) SWS rifle - I would think the sound shdnt be confused with that of the M99 0.50calibre's. Perhaps you could change it to the one u used for the HMG? Just a suggestion though. 3) Rag doll effects - I really like the idea that you have made the bodies throw back more forceful when being shot at, however, they seem to be flying in the wrong direction sometimes. 4) Team A.I - It's fantastic, really. Keep it up!
  3. I've a question. Where did u guys get the black scar mod from? The red dot scope's internal rim seems a little jagged and not smooth. I wonder if there is a way to make it a rounder and smoother?
  4. Don't see any reason at all why you shouldn't!
  5. I've tried RyuSuke's method of using white as sepia and achieved good results; it's really brighter and more realistic (sunlight is white) IMO...
  6. It's not a good sign. You may want to consider better sunglasses like oakley.
  7. Will you be making this mod available online once you are done?
  8. http://www.gunaccessories.com/Trijicon/NightSights.asp http://www.aimpoint.com/o.o.i.s/67 Some references if you are intending to mod the weapons as well.... Always thought it would be nice to add a lens cap to the scope. Note the external color of reflection from the lens as well..
  9. Hey another small suggestion. Why not add night sights to the iron sights of the rifles and pistols? will be useful in night missions when you are not using the red dot.
  10. And if enemies are around, use hand signals and AI team mates don't go running but sneak slowly.
  11. I remember once I was bringing the squad to sneak on some enemy soldiers and mr brown suddenly shouted out loud "move accomplished!"
  12. Replayed the first 3 missions and a few MP (Coop, deathmatch) with the mod and this is what I observed: 1) AI team mates will attack vehicles now; 2) AI team mates are still running across my line of fire, sometimes cutting right in front of me when I'm firing; 3) AI team mates are not facing the direction of enemy fire when under attack sometimes. 4) AI team mates are slow to react to team leader's movements. i.e. take a long time to follow when the team leader starts to move off. 5) AI team mates stick closer to each other, but still a distance away from mitchell. 6) texture on uniforms look great now! 7) Turning off sepia effects revealed why grin wanted to use sepia effects - to hide the ugly color rendering. But it is a refreshing sight to see white light once more. A little dark though, turn the brightness to max (1.50) and it will be fine. This is a great mod, can't wait to see how the weapon mod turns out!
  13. A small suggestion...the greenish tint of the goggles might appear to be a little flashy and "untactical". Also, the view through the greenish goggles wouldn't appear as normal color yea.
  14. I already reinstalled the game and repatched..
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