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  1. nice job.Now thats wallpaper
  2. Yes definatly do more bro
  3. To Silentnight and Kewl. The USA has alot more forces In Iraq. And we are much more involved and dedicated to the present mission. Not that Aus does not help, they certainly do. However The numbers spell tbe truth. Of course there will be civ, casualties. War is not pretty or fun. And with The USA being the tip of the spear head ,we will suffer more casulties and most likely have more accounts of friendly fire and civ Casualties. So please show a little respect and perhaps some understanding.
  4. Very nice site. I am going over and see if I join in some games.
  5. Disck you are a Tool. I mean that in a complementing way. Nice job bro ,and keep it up
  6. I already have real player , and It wasnt that comfortable for me to use. I also had a time configuring it. I just DL Winamp and have been messing with it. Conclusion? It was exactly what I was looking for . Thanks al for your help and suggestions.
  7. I am looking to download a media player. However there are so many to chose from. Anyone have one they prefer and is easy to use. I want it for movies and Mp3's. Thanks
  8. I just DL 7.62mm ,and ya they have an hk delayed nade launcher. Ver well done. I would like to se it on an m16 or better yet an OICW. nyway thanks for your help guys.
  9. Well this is a request from the Almighty tortfeaser. So maybe we should listen
  10. Is there any weapans mod that uses the OICW or the grenade launcher that uses delayed grenades. I want the grenades to be able to blow up after they land and not explode on contact.I think this would be great for clearing rooms and buildings. Thanks
  11. Thats some fun S--t . I want to send this to my Siter Inlaw ,She is a teacher and I think she will get a laugh.
  12. 15 to 25 years old for a focus group on GR2 ? Jeez I hope not. I didnt gain any focus until I was 28 .Hope its not a run and gunner
  13. this is suggestions for multiplayer,
  14. Being able to observe when waiting to get into game. I hate waiting and looking at nothing.
  15. Thanks Dannik. I just downloaded it, and it works great. YOU DA MAN
  16. Yaa she is very pretty.Were is she from ? Tv ,Movies Model?. I never heard os her.
  17. OMG thats to funny. You made my day Chavez
  18. Thanks ZIJ. I went to that thread forum. I saw the link for TOmmysboys mod for easy ret changing. However its not there anymore. Theres just a mod for Stats.Does anyone have this Mod or no were to get it ,or even tried it. Any info Please. And once again thanks Zij
  19. I was wondering ,and I am sure this have been asked before. Can you and how do you change the color of rets. I want eather a black ,green ,or blue. Is there any mod that does this? And If it can be done ,how hard is it to do? I dont wanna screw anything up .thanks
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