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  1. Apparently, it has been a while since you have been around, but if you haven't heard by now, it appears there will be a GR/GRAW/OFP/CoD killer on the horizon called Ground Branch. It will play unlike all of those games. I am aware of GROUND BRANCH .. wasnt aware it was gonna be like that tho .. lets hope it it DEFINATELY IS EH
  2. When is someone gonna release a game which has all the elements of OLD GR ... GRAW 2 .. FLASHPOINT .. COD4 included .. and as a bonus has all the maps included from the original GR 1 Now theres a game eh ...
  3. I have had the game COD 4 acouple of days now ... The dedi server configs can can be configured to set virtualy any setting in the game .. one setting i like is the ..... set scr_war_numlives 0 This setting relates to the number of lives .in other game types it is set to 1 or 2 etc In one server i played on there were no respawns . Most the servers of COD 4 are playing in default mode which i think is total s.hite! shoot die respawn shoot die respawn get the picture lol . This game is awsome in single player .. and with the server configs set correct it will be the same in multiplayer . rcon passwords can be set as well as game passwords etc etc By the way Forrester the settings im reffering to cant be done the way you are thinking by just setting up a game on another pc .. the server has to be run in dedi mode and you have to put in a config you have tailored to what you want .. and not through the game itself .. i
  4. Try running it in dedicated server mode as it wont need the Graphics card and should run ok . The game may be crashing because your running it in full game mode and its looking for hardware the server doesnt have .
  5. Thanks for the replys .. i kinda thought myself it may be a internet/speed setting/hardware issue . We can join and play on other servers no problem but our server throws up the out of sync messgae a bit to often, one of our players simply never gets to join because of it , yet i can play away no problem , i suspect he needs to set up his pc/intenet a bit better maybe . So all in all its proberly a bit of most things like you say server specs.. internet connection etc etc and finding the best setting for the game .. Thanks again ..
  6. The server we have is a 100mbit so plenty of bandwidth there . The problem is it only seems to happen on the TRR maps ?
  7. Hello ... after installing the new trr maps on our dedicated server some players are getting out of sync messages are are dropped out of the server when maps are loading or on a map change . Any ideas as to what is causing this and is there a fix .. When the server uses the standard GR2 maps there is no problem ...
  8. Nice one .. i thought i was playing OLD Ghost Recon again . Your time and effort is much appreciated in bringing us this map , what next ? Ghost Town and Train Depot and Red Square and and and lol . Keep up the good work if you have the time and thanks again for the time you put into the map ..
  9. BOLLOX .. GRAW 2 is alive and well .. Having some good matches over on TWL LADDER . Playing regulary .. for this week onlone we have 5 matches and we play matches every week and have been for some months now !!
  10. SUNDAY and I still cant log into to any servers thanks to UBI/Grin Giving gamespy the total ownership of all online gamers being FORCED TO PLAY via their crappy gamespy servers THIS GAME REALLY NEEDS A PATCH TO ALLOW US TO JOIN VIA AN IP
  11. The first thing i complained about in GRAW 2 WAS BEING FORCED TO GO THROUGH GAMESPY Why ?? when everyone playing GRAW 2 doesnt need nor want Gamespy . Looks like Grin or ubi were payed loads money by gamespy to have us forced to go through their servers as a means of advertising !!
  12. We are averaging at least 2 matches a week on TWL no problem !!
  13. I may have skipped a post or 2 .. and im sure its been asked .. Any idea when these maps will be ready ? Keep up the good work .. its really appreciated ..
  14. When playing TDM in a match situation ..no respawns ..the diamonds will show up if the enemy go into our spawn and vise versa, this shouldnt be the case in a match situation as it gives away their position.
  15. Ok so.... whens the next patch heheh Nice work Grin thx for the patch .. Now is there any unofficial way to bypass Gamespy and use direct ip to ip connection for multiplayer games
  16. One thing GRIN should consider in a future patch is the addition of being able to bypass Gamespy and have a join by ip option .. PLEASE PLEASE GRIN could you consider this for the next patch or is there a reason we are being forced to go through Gamespy ??
  17. Hello all .. well we are open to any challenges for a friendly match .. So visit us at http://www.kforf.co.uk/forum/ and challenge us to a friendly game of HH or TDM with no respawns
  18. If a 50 cal hit you in real life it would take you appart wherever it hit you .. its not to powerful .. The gun is as it is meant to be .... it shouldnt be tampered with to make it unrealistic or too slow its slow enough reloading as it is ! There is no point in making a game and then adjusting the weapons to suit poeple who cant adjust .. if you get shot by a sniper adjust to the game .. its simple enough to go a different way and avoid him .. If a sniper sees you in real life your dead .. same in game if he sees you and thats how it should be .... same goes for nades etc .. If there are no respawns then the game takes on a far better feel .. no more chickens running around like mad .. This game played in match conditions with no respawns is SWEET !! Like i mentioned in a previous post .. perhaps the next patch by GRIN could include the option for selecting what weapons are and are not included in the multiplayer games ....
  19. Nothing should be changed with the sniper ...IF ITS TRUE AS IN REAL LIFE THEN LEAVE IT ALONE !! there is always some noob or individual that whinges because he gets shot or naded .. A better thing GRIN could add to the game would be the option in dedicated mode to select what weapons are used in multiplayer !! Keep in mind Plz Grin then these noobs will have a choice to play in the noobs multiplayer where they can shoot bang bang at each other ...
  20. Nothing should be changed with the sniper ...IF ITS TRUE AS IN REAL LIFE THEN LEAVE IT ALONE !! there is always some noob or individual that whinges because he gets shot or naded .. A better thing GRIN could to add to the game would be the option in dedicated mode to select what weapons are used in multiplayer !!
  21. One reason Graw didnt take off was that no ladder/gamesites even bothered to ladder it in multiplayer ! HH TDM etc . My view is that if Grin could hassle a few sites www.Clanbase.com etc etc to host a ladder for it then multiplayer would really take of and help the game to grow . Clans are desperate now to find a site that is laddering Graw 2 The old Ghost Recon remained popular for at least 2 years on one ladder site that our clan KFORF used to ladder on !!
  22. Hey Grin why didnt you make all the single player maps available for the multiplayer games ?? Any chance of making a patch to include them ?
  23. I`m from UK as as well like the name says Blue UK
  24. I just received an email from GAMEPLAY informing that GRAW 2 has been put back to June 15 2007 .. Just received it this morning ...
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