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  1. Thats the point , to serve or not to serve Its for hosting not to play on . Ill just wait few months for updates , i hope this graw community is not dead then Greetz ps. For now i am hosting a 100 player gta san andreas multiplayer server untill tis is fixed
  2. Ok thx , but i if do this now : So if i buy a new dvd and installed it on our dedi server and make server then can we run a 32 player server ? correct me if i am wrong Greetz
  3. Yo Its my first post here Our clan host a few dedicated servers with gameservers on it. Now my question , will there be an StandAlone dedicated server released soon or never ? We wanna run some 32 player servers Like you see our servers are ranked high on serverspy , most of the time nr1 : [NL] .:MuppetsOnWeed:. [bE] 32 Players Getting High thx Any help is welcome , i am a newbie with this game
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