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  1. Ok we have just found a few nice new bugs with Domination mode in a match vs TuG. During the course of play on the following settings players were regulary having CTD's or having the game just freeze up on them. Settings were as follows: 3 lives all weapons on 10 minute map timer Anti cheat off 2 rounds per map using Shanty Town and Warehouses. Players were kicked for various reasons, i.e: dieing from launchers or normal grenades, pressing tabs key, typing in chat etc etc.
  2. Things that we at UKGF have spotted. 1. Players game crashing when players are\have used the server commands in game. 2. Players getting kicked when they join teams/squads. 3. Hit detection boxes are far bigger than the characters as you can be crouched/proned behind cover and think you are out of view yet can be seen clearly by enemies. 4. Laying prone is still not fixed and on certain items you appear to have the mobility of a of 6*2 plank and cannot look downwards in a fair few areas of the map. 5. Memory leak in standalone server software causing servers to crash on a regular basis. 6. Certain objects such as the low hedges on the stock maps cannot be shot through in one direction but can be from the other side and are used as exploits by certain players to gain an advantage. 7. Teamkill counter also counts splash damage to team mates as a TK and kicks players for it even if they create no TK's but just cause 3 wounds on players. 8. Console commands are clumsy and awkward to use due to the small area they have to be used in. 9. Do the network speed settings such as the 256K upload speed work as we cannot seem to see any advantage to having it set higher or lower. Hope these are a help. Regards Reaper
  3. UKGF have entered thereselves into the Team Warfare League Power Ladder and also the 5 vs 5 Last Man Standing League at www.teamwarfare.com. This is in the Euro based league not the North Ammerican league. Currently 4 other teams are in the league and i am hoping more Euro based squads will join the league so we can have some fun and great games together in the future. Regards UKGF Reaper
  4. I am now the Match arranger for UKGF and we are looking to try a few matches at the various game modes of GRAW. If you are interested we are thinking of doing a Tdm/Domination or Hamburger Hill matchs:- 3-5 rounds, 2 maps, 3 lives per player, 10-15 minutes per round. Best time for us to play is 8pm evenings UK time, i can be contacted either at www.ukgf.co.uk or you can msn me on lordreaper@btinternet.com or e-mail on the same addy. Regards UKGF:Reaper
  5. Problems i have with patch:- No gun at start and i seem to spend most rounds gunless or with some single shot pistol. Loosing gun when ya die still bugs me. Keep getting kicked saying i have an "Invalid cd-key" Also keep getting kicked saying "Modified user files" when i aint No grenades at start be it smoke or frag and can now only carry one type of grenade and 3 max. No dedicated server fixes such as punt, ban graphics card not needed etc. Anti-cheat software seems to drop players and causes server issues that keeps dropping our server and megas connection to both his pcs. Only things i like are:- The prone fix is nice. Quick key to weapons is nice. Getting your sights knocked off target when hit is nice. Blur in distance feature or AA as they claim it is thou its not is nice. Improved hit detection is nice thou not sure if its working better or worse. Improved weapons damage is nice as well. Just my thoughts on it When posting in future keep the insults to your self.
  6. Things i would like to see in next update/patch: 1. Server side mod settings to stop people coming into games with scope mods, skin mods, and such, if the mods aint set server side a player cant use them, this will stop those that create a cheat i.e: client side better scopes, pink camo suits on players, Scar-H using .50 rounds, No recoil Mods etc and call it a mod. 2. Ability to run a dedicated server witout the need to have a graphics card installed. 3. Ability to password one side/team for training or match play so that all of one squad can get on same team. 4. Removal of the "have to buy ya guns" rubbish, i mean what army would send its soldiers to battle and say, "Hey guys ya got to buy ya guns one there". 5. Ability to ban players who are abusive in servers, the ability to kick players to make room for squad mates. 6. More guns instead of the pathetic selection we have now. 7. Player classess as in the X-Box 360 version. 8. More maps with varing terrains and a map editor. 9. More game modes for multiplayer such as Ctf, Tdm, Hamburger Hill mode, Last ManStanding mode etc. I know some of these are due over the summer but they should have been in game when released. 10. Anticheat software such as Punkbuster added to the game.
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