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  1. Hi-res--I'll give it a try. Got to work on my aim a bit in the other:o= .
  2. Apex, went with the packaged deal--bringing back memories--thx.
  3. Picked up game for 49/00 plus tax at local store sale. Am most of the way through and I'm at 14hrs of play thus far. Like the game thus far, but wish they had set up tutorial part outside of the game and the hold r and look got old real quick. The shift and crawl bit--MW2--and the stand and cant shoot parts--MOH I could do without. I think replay will be good--while more funneled than original there are still different tactics that could be used on each level. Just a pistol Evilducky? Will uninstall when through and go back to v1.1 so I can mod weapons and get rid of that dumb sway--they must not have any strength in their forearms or know how to tuck weapon into shoulder. Also can add a weapon slot and use infiniteammo(only 5 mags with scar). Nephew said infinite ammo better done this time--still have reload feature-no unlimite clip(I detest running back to ammo boxes). Playing game on hard level. Already campaign is 3x the length of MOH. When sdk comes out in August or whenever mods will be fun to play. Actually worth the money in my mind.
  4. Apex, just watched the videos, that looks great. Thanks for the info. Know what I'll be doing next weekend.
  5. Long live the Duke. Duke Nukem was first pc game I played and I was no kid when I started. I've kept an old computer and monitor just to play original on from time to time. Love the one liners. What's 2 more months when we've been waiting 12 years, right Apex.
  6. Appreciate the feedback folks. 13hrs of sp play--now thats worth a look. Tinker, I still play Crysis as there are hundreds of mod levels that have been created. It's an open environment with a few tight routes sprinkled in. AI problem sounds the same as both previous titles--don't have smarts to walk around objects.
  7. Tinker, with my old fart reflexes, I need all the help I can get. Even tho the Crysis series doesn't have sp game modes like recon/firefight, I still enjoy playing both(crysis and warhead), trying new approaches, even now. Even Crysis fan sites are a little up and down on the new one, the overall feel is most still enjoy it. Z, I'm with you, money is very tight. Keep an eye on d2d download site-http://www.direct2drive.com/-they are having 30 days of sales. Yesterday I bought medal of honor for under $8-75% off(no way I was going to pay 59 or even 29 for 4-5 hrs of singleplay time). Today, battlefield 2 bad company is on sale at 50% off, worth keeping an eye on it. Also, Duke Nukem is out in June, I hope.
  8. Pave Low, would greatly appreciate hearing updates on sp campaign--12hrs?, thats more than twice the length of moh/cod/modern warfare sp play. Tinker--don't use cloak and see what happens .
  9. WK, very nice read, author did a good job of looking at issue from both angles. See he mirrors the sentiments of many here--don't buy and developers will have to change and online drm only hurts legitmate consumers.
  10. A fully gassed 747 would have the explosive force of approximately 1 mega ton --no building can absorb that much explosive effect as well as the incredible temps created. The fire softened the metal, the buildings weight brought them down. Bota is on the money--remember, it took time before the towers collapsed.
  11. Thales100, better put a disclaimer/warning up for Cpl Led, that game gave him nightmares--I loved it!
  12. Sounds interesting, keep us apprised of further development. If it impresses us you can be sure the membership here will get the word out to other forums. Ahhh, the thought of being able to pick one's own kit like R6 is delightful, as well as tactical ai. Any chance of the old style firefight/recon game modes for sp/coop types? Actually you could combine the 2 and just allow player(s) to kill all or sneak around to an extraction point.
  13. John, I'd say that warning would cover you from any civil liability. I enjoy good humor, and am always amazed with the "creative" talent that dreams up such spoofs. Will have to check youtube more often with this drm thing boiling over. Good find.
  14. John, John John, in future please put warning in post. I blew a mouthful of coffee threw my nose and onto my monitor. Thanks for the laughs tho .
  15. I could live with register online, as with MW2, but no offline mode for my sp play, and I'll pass, no matter how hot the game looks.
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