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  1. Thank yu for your help guys! I was trying to get the Brettzies M4 Mod v 3.2 GRAW and I figuered it out. I did try to do a search but nothing came up. I didn't think about FAQ should have look there first. Thanks Again! Chef
  2. How do you activate the mods? I put them in the local english folder, but I see no way to activate them. Can you use the mods in campaign mode, or only in multiplayer?
  3. Thanks Rabbi, I'll try that. My Spes: XP Pro, AMD 64 3800, ATI X800 Pro, 1 Gig Corsair Mem. Thanks again all for your help, Chef And Shalom to you Rabbi
  4. lol message! Anyway I dl every map on this site and I'm still getting that message, any ideas? Thanks, Chef
  5. I have no mods installed, and yes I have all patches up to 1.30 Thanks, Chef
  6. Can someone please tell me why everytime I try to join a game online, I get a massage say "Unable to join. Your game files do not match the servers". And I do have the maps that they are playing. Please help! Thanks, Chef
  7. Join Operatoin Sichelschnitt now! The invasion of France starts March 3rd. Defend France from the invasion or join the Axis in taking of total control of Europe. Join at the War of Infamy web site at www.warofinfamy.com
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