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  1. I've had this problem happen as well. Maybe the surface has no light that ever hits it in the radiosity process. Try adding more buildings around it or alot of land around it for the sub surface scattering to bounce light to the surface (or some poo )
  2. guess i'll have to write an app to do this i'll hook into the dinput library and capture an unused key on the keyboard to map to "move object" and pass it into the mouse input buffer In order to do this i'll have to pass a mouse click into the dinput mouse controller. Does anyone have any info on how i could acheive this? I'll try with passing the WM code to the window, but dunno how successful thats going to be (probably not very)
  3. Hi Guys, I dont have a thumb button on my mouse so I cannot move objects around in the editor after they are placed. Does anyone know a way around this? Maybe some way to simulate a mouse button click by pressing a keyboard button? << moving objects without a thumb button.. Thanks, Ziggy
  4. use the props->spawn_dummy object to place spawn points
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