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  1. Which is great until it decides to pop back into 4:3 in the middle of you playing.
  2. Yes, they made several flubs with this release. Yes, it's different for the genre. No, they didn't mess it up as bad as Lockdown was messed up.
  3. Additionally, this map pack will implement the kill cam, a feature showing you how you died and who shot you. Someone needs to go wake up the person who wrote that. And then kick them 5 times... times the number of people who want a kick, + the number of kiks they request... and hard kicks... ALSO: If those screens are supposed to represent the game modes, why does the guy have a ZEUS?!
  4. People still play Falcon 4.0!?!?! *looks under his desk at the falcon box*
  5. I agree that firing from the hip in this game is a way too accurate. There needs to be a little more bullet spread and some recoil effects. With that being said.. I want to make it clear that I think the accuracy/recoil while being "scoped" in as of now shouldn't be changed.. just outside of being scoped. On a side note: Grenade launchers need to die.
  6. Yeah, my 128MB 9800Pro can't handle anything higher =\
  7. What GFX card are you using (Geforce what?), and what version of DirectX do you have?
  8. You should go talk to MILAR. I believe he is in BDA right now. He is with RespectedAdmins and they did a wonderful job in Ravenshield.
  9. Best tip ever Headshots are the winning factor in this game. Spend a couple of maps using only a silenced pistol and work on headshots.
  10. When you use a non-widescreen reolution(800x600) and put it in 16:9 aspect ratio, the game increases your FOV and then stretches it across your screen. Examples: Here is scoped in at 640x480 with 4:3 Here is the same shot in 16:9
  11. Anyone figured out the cause of the widescreen bug? Playing at 16:9 and getting it thrown into 4:3 in the middle of gameplay is a little frustrating.
  12. I haven't tried it since the recent patches, but it used to just find the name of servers. That's all I could figure out it did anyway. Example: typing in ubisoft should bring up only the servers with ubisoft in their title.
  13. I can't help but wonder if this couldn't have been released as a small stand-alone patch. Then maybe have one patch for the July patch. Just seems like alot to re-download to fix 3 annoyances. Even so, it's good to see speedy fixes.
  14. AMD XP 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz (32-bit) 1GB Corsair Value ram @ 2.5-3-3-8 ATI 9800Pro 128MB AGP When I play on 800x600 (everything low/off in menu) I get 20 and below. In the 30's in some cases. You can force the res to whatever you want. I usually use 640x480 and get 30-60 fps. It get's pretty hard to see things at this res. I tried 320x240 once, out of curiosity. It looked like a Game Boy Advance version.
  15. At first I thought he was saying Grin killed his clan's founder.
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