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  1. Lemme see....rent or expansion pack? Honey..pack your bags we're moving !!!
  2. Trying to script bad guys to exit a vehicle after it comes to a halt, right now all that comes to a halt is me !!!! Any one offering advice ?
  3. Thanks Budgie, that worked perfectly .
  4. Can anyone help?? I'm lokking for a way to restrict the kits available to players to ONLY AN94, the AK47, AK74 and maybe 2 other weapons. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about it? Any help gratefully recieved...thanks in advace Alpha Squad NexuS
  5. Thanks dude Been and grabbed three more maps. Gone huntin' !!
  6. Have got and played the 10 MM Auto map pack#1, think it's fantastic! I heard on the scuttlebut last night there's a pack#2 around, if there is does anyone know where I can link to?? Also which star did these maps?? Need to buy 'em a beer
  7. Hey JEX, thank you, I'll go and try that now then, lots of fun stories though.lol
  8. Welcome to the world of GR( also known as "are you on that bloody game again?") Have fun, catch you online. Alphasquad NexuS
  9. Ok, i tried to set up an ambush using a claymore, when the tangos were in position I detonated the claymore. Got a satisfying BOOOM and puff of smoke and lots of very peeved tangos . Do they need to be deployed against walls/trees/rocks or on the floor like sensors? Does the main blast angle away from the deploy point or towards? I think claymores are vastly underused/estimated in GR but am having probs getting them to be effective. Kind souls reply here please..lol Alphasquad NexuS
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