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    Similar "tail" (ooohh, sorry couldn't resist that ) happened to me. The phone rang while I was in the shower, so I jumped out to answer it. My girlfriend was on the other end with a list of "don't forget to...". So I'm sat there with my towel wrapped around my waist watching the cat stalk something under the sofa that I'm sat on. It never crossed my mind that my family jewels were in mortal danger until the little s**t pounced. I think I deafened my g/f and the neighbour came round to see if I was OK...I am not ashamed to admit, I cried like a baby...it was absolutley excruciating.
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    Where can I get Titney????
  3. OK, I got sick and tired of going through the files to find the sounds I wanted. Tried to find a list but failed miserably So for the sake of ease,I wrote down every sound I listened to and here they are. I'll add to this list as and when I get some more. tm1_detect_objective1.wav= Target in sight tm1_path_end1.wav in position tm1_start_3-2.wav= this could get ugly tm1_start_10-1.wav= not getting damage deposit back.wav= tmp_underfire_heavy3.wav= enemy engaged in force tmp_truck_kill1.wav= scratch one truck tmp_path_end1.wav= in place and ready tmp_objective_location1.wav= found the objective tmp_objective_demo1.wav= first charge is set tmp_roe_hold2.wav= maintaining position tmp_truck_kill2.wav= truck destroyed tmp_jeep_kill2.wav= jeep destroyed tmp_insert_d6_03.wav= looks messy down there tmp_jeep_kill1.wav= that jeep’s history tmp_insert_d8_02.wav= let’s go kill some tanks tmp_expl_third.wav= all charges set tmp_detect_objective1.wav= target spotted tm2_enemy_killed_tank1.wav= tank destroyed tm2_detect_friend1.wav= friendlies in sight tm2_detected3.wav= we’ve been made tm2_enemy_killed3.wav= cease fire (shouted) tm2_ff_generic1.wav= hold your fire tm2_lock_and_load.wav= lock and load tm2_objective_all1.wav= Hua !! tm2_objective_generic1.wav= objective completed tm2_objective_hostage1.wav= got the cargo tm2_start8-1.wav= now I know how the nail feels tm2_start8-2.wav= waiting for the hammer tm1_objective_demo1.wav= demo charge set tm1_objective_prisoner1.wav= prisoner secured tcp_insert_c2_01.wav= weather will keep the sentries inside tcp_insert_c2_03.wav= the sooner we’re done, the sooner we’re out of the rain tcp_insert_c5_02.wav= careful, don’t hit the informant I_UI6.wav= beep noise SOUNDS BH_Heli_Up.wav= BlackHawk taking off v_f18_dc.wav= plane flyby + 1 explosion c_claymore.wav= click/whirr c_trigger.wav= click jw_scream.wav= scream ( go figure...lol) v_a10_cr.wav= A10 flyby napalm_explosions.wav= nice explosions napalm_run.wav= two plane flyby f18_bomb_run.wav= one plane flyby followed by explosion (14 seconds) napalm_planes.wav= two jet flyby a_smoldertank2.wav= burning tank e_bigfire.wav= a big fire e_medfire .wav= medium fire e_verybigfire.wav= any guesses?
  4. *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Trouble has flared in Eritrea once again, and the Ghosts are going back in. Rival tribal factions have been fighting for control of various key towns and several important installations. Currently the most powerful of these warlords is the self styled "General" Makebi, he has seized control of several small villages on th outskirts of the capital and is even now preparing an assault. Intel has evidence that Makebi has a fairly large number of T-72's, the exact number is unknown, but thought to be more than 5. He is currently marshalling his forces near a village South of the capital, at the moment it appears he has the armour nearby, but his militiamen are not. With this in mind, an operation has been authorised to take out the armour. If you run across Makebi, then he is also to be taken out. I say "if", because it is not known for sure if "General" Makebi will be in the area, if not then your orders will change slightly as briefed below. If the "General" is in the area then your orders are as follows... 1) Call in an airstrike and "spot" the target for the attack run. Target is a junkyard where several T-72's are holding for repair and refit.( A-10 will complete the attack run after approximatley 60 seconds, one player must keep eyes on the target until run is completed). 2) Ambush the convoy. Radio intercepts reveal a small convoy will be heading out to raid another village to the North. Having seen Makebi's men in action before we cannot allow this, ambush the convoy and destroy all vehicles. More information will be available on insertion. 3) Eliminate "General" Makebi. If he's in the area it will be a setback for this particular group, Makebi's death will create a power vaccuum, which we hope will weaken the other warlords as they fight each other for power. 4) Set demo charge at the radio shack. Communication and information are huge military assets, severing his radio links will make it much harder for Makebi to co-ordinate his forces. In this scenario stealth won't count for too much, airstrikes and AT-4's haven't been produced with sliencers yet. If Makebi has not entered the area, or he has already left, then your mission orders will be... 1) Set a demo charge on each T-72 in the junkyard. All tanks (4) need to be demo'd for the objective to register as complete. Be aware that repairs and refit are ongoing, so watch out for the mechanics. 2) Secure the map from the radio shack. We believe this shows his plans for upcoming operations. Do not remove the map, photograph it and hopefully he'll never know we've been in there. 3) Set a boobytrap in Makebi's bedroom. If the "General" is not home, then we can at least leave a calling card. Set a demo charge in the corner of his room ( far left as you enter the room). 4) This, we hope, can all be accomplished with stealth. So don't go leaving any of our boys in that hole!! Saddle up guys this is a hot one..it's a bit of a rush job we know...but if anyone can get this job done, it's you. Good luck and good hunting. Mission release, next Wednesday. Thanks to all who put up with my questions AGAIN!! Thank you for sorting the airstrike for me Jack
  5. Well Jack, you did it again mate It works exactly the way I wanted it too now. The idea is that a player must keep a "spot" on the target until the strike is done, so they may have to time any patrols in the area. I think I tend to confuse myself by over-engineering the blocks, but there ya go. I'm sure I'll progress with experience Anyway, thanks for the advice mate, much appreciated.
  6. OK, I've got a severe headache and a nasty bruise on my forehead I'm trying to script a trigger/response for a zone. When a player enters the zone, it triggers two timers relating to an airstrike. What I'm trying to do is make sure that at least one player remains in the zone until the strike is complete. Here's what I have so far, if anyone can point out any errors ( I'm sure there are a couple ) I'd be very grateful. Group: Call it in Comment: Call it in Trigger Event: A member of Ghosts is within 0 meter(s) of Call airstrike zone. Responses: Set On the way to expire in 60 second(s). Set Planes coming to expire in 56 second(s). Display "Airstrike is inbound your position now. Maintain your position and keep your heads down!" to all players for 7 second(s). Play "tmp_roe_hold2.wav" at volume 3. Enable the Airstrike complete 1 script blocks. Enable the Airstrike complete 2 script blocks. Increment Player enters airstrike zone. Group: <Default> Comment: Player in airstrike zone? Trigger Event: 1 second(s) elapsed. Responses: Continue executing responses if (((The number of members of Ghosts within 0 meter(s) of Call airstrike zone) is less than 1) and ((The value of Player enters airstrike zone) is equal to 1)). Cancel On the way. Cancel Planes coming. Set Player enters airstrike zone to 0. Display "At least one player MUST maintain position overlooking the target area until the attack run is completed." to all players for 7 second(s). or should I use this block? Group: Check airstrike Comment: Player in call in zone Trigger Event: A member of Ghosts is within 0 meter(s) of Call airstrike zone. Responses: Continue executing responses if ((The number of members of Ghosts within 0 meter(s) of Call airstrike zone) is less than 1). Cancel On the way. Cancel Planes coming. Display "At least one team member MUST keep eyes on the target. Light the target up to restart the attack run." to all players for 5 second(s). Disable the Check airstrike script blocks.
  7. I could do that, but then the vehicle would have to be destroyed before it would stop. As it's a convoy ambush, I don't think that would be the best option. Thanks for trying though matey.
  8. This is how it currently reads... Group: <Default> Comment: Trucks unload if attacked Trigger Event: A member of Vehicle drivers has been killed. Responses: Unload all actors from Truck 2. Unload all actors from Truck 3. Unload all actors from APC 3. Assign Scatter truck troops to APC 3 driver and execute. Assign Scatter truck troops to APC 3 team and execute. Assign Scatter truck troops to Team 336 and execute. Assign Scatter truck troops to Team 337 and execute. Prevent this block from being reactivated. As previously stated it only works if the driver is killed, if the truck is hit, the truck stops and the driver gets out but the team stays in the back. This is for an ambush convoy scenario, so having the bad guys stay in the truck is bad news !!
  9. I'm having some problems getting a truck to unload it's passengers when it's shot at. Currently it stops when shot and the driver bails out, but the team in the back sit there like they're going to a picnic !! I tried putting all drivers in the group into the same platoon (vehicle drivers)and using trigger <deathplatoonmember> drivers reponse vehicleunload "blah" and assign "blah" problem is, if the truck is hit and the driver survives, the team sit in the back until he's dead. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. @ Jack. The problem I can foresee with keeping the flag at your base and increasing the score, is that with no respawns, the flagholders will be swamped by up to three teams!! If spawns are available, then it may lead to a spawnkilling frenzy as team members are killed and try to come back into the game in or close to their base. Having a timer set to say 1 minute, whilst the score climbs faster and then returning the flag to initial start might be an idea. Still worth attacking the holders base, but shouldn't result in a free for all. ( Well not for long anyway ). Looking forwards to this one!
  11. When I need actors to follw another actor I set up a trigger plan, put the path in there, and use either time elapsed or proximityplatoon ( ghosts) to set the first one going. At the same time have a timer ( eg. follow) to expire in 2 seconds, when that expires assign the same plan to the second team. Hope it helps.
  12. Nice one Jack !! This mission is set up for mp, but I'll be sure to use that in some future missions
  13. Two questions, 1) Does anyone know of a good explosion? I want to replicate a large explosion and have flame and a plume of smoke after the explosion is finished.(Infinite duration) 2) Is it possible to hide waypoint labels? I have two lists of objectives, and if one list is selected then I'd like the non-relevant waypoints to be hidden, it makes the command map look a bit untidy Thanks in advance. OK, got the effects sorted, anyone know about the waypoint hide?
  14. Both sets of objectives are in separate groups, Objective list 1, and Objective list 2. Whenever I'm not sure, I remove any block that only needs to be read once.
  15. What I had done was, when putting in the text <tag> Objective 1 <text> Set demo at radio when I tried to refer to the objective, I told Igor to <objectiveadd> Set demo charge at radio when it should read <objectiveadd> Objective 1 That's what I meant when I was refering to telling it the wrong tag.
  16. Does that make me special then...lol
  17. Thank you all for your responses, Monkey pointed out that what I had done was to reference the text in the objective list NOT the tag. DOH!! So for all my fellow wannabe scripters, take note, check what you've written carefully, I've spent most of today beating the PC to death, and it was all my own fault. This is how it reads now Group: Objective list 1 Comment: Objectives list 1 Trigger Event: This block has been called directly from the script. Responses: Add Objective 1 to the objective list. Add Objective 2 to the objective list. Add Objective 3 to the objective list. Add Objective 4 to the objective list. Teleport Tank 1 to Tank 1 zone. Teleport Tank 2 to Tank 2 zone. Teleport APC 1 to APC 1 zone. Teleport APC 2 to APC 2 zone. Prevent this block from being reactivated. Group: Objective list 2 Comment: Objective list 2 Trigger Event: This block has been called directly from the script. Responses: Add Objective 5 to the objective list. Add Objective 6 to the objective list. Add Objective 7 to the objective list. Add Objective 8 to the objective list. Prevent this block from being reactivated.
  18. Currently there are no objectives active. Do I need to have four "blank" objectives, or none at all? By blank I mean uninitialised, also do I need to have the waypoint labels already active?
  19. Here is how I currently have it set up. Group: <Default> Comment: Objective assign Trigger Event: A member of Ghosts is within 0 meter(s) of Insertion. Responses: Set Objective counter to (A random integer between 1 and 2). If ((The value of Objective counter) is equal to 1), stop and queue a call to Objective list 1. If ((The value of Objective counter) is equal to 2), stop and queue a call to Objective list 2. Prevent this block from being reactivated. Group: Objective list 1 Comment: Objectives list 1 Trigger Event: This block has been called directly from the script. Responses: Add Retrieve documents from radio shack to the objective list. Add Demo tanks and APCs in junkyard to the objective list. Add Boobytrap warlords bedroom to the objective list. Add No team casualties to the objective list. Prevent this block from being reactivated. Group: Objective list 2 Comment: Objective list 2 Trigger Event: This block has been called directly from the script. Responses: Add Call airstrike on the junkyard to the objective list. Add Ambush the convoy to the objective list. Add Set demo charge at radio to the objective list. Add Kill the warlord to the objective list. Prevent this block from being reactivated. When I insert and hit esc to see what objectives are up, the game throws a hissy fit and kicks me back to desktop. Any one see why? Thanks in advance.
  20. Yep, proximity works in both multi and single player.
  21. Try a zone with trigger <proximityplatoon> response BOOOOM!! place some mines !!!! Of course a subtle warning that mines are present usually gives people the hint.
  22. 1) A means of connection; a link or tie 2) A connected series or group 3) The core or center Hence the chain link in the banner
  23. Now that is awesome !! Great work mate.
  24. I'm sorting it out now guys ( with alot of help from Zato this time), hopefully it willbe up for grabs tomorrow (20th as predicted ). Will send Rocky the lnk to it tonight ...right now in fact.
  25. Well after a couple of weeks of fighting with that well known and universally loved Igor chap, Hammer to Fall is on it's way. Before the briefing I'd like to thank the many people who have helped me get this mission ready. First and foremost, 10MM Auto, this guy took a very crude map outline from a total stranger ( me) and spent a lot of time and effort to produce, what I think you'll agree, is a stunning map. Many thanks mate, I'm still waiting for the address to send the booze to ...lol. Also to my teammate Alpha Monkey, this guy has more patience than Mother Theresa!! When I recieved the map from 10MM I had no idea how to use Igor, couldn't even assign the player controlled platoon !! Your help and encouragement( plus the occaisonal beating ) have been outstanding, especially with your scripting for SSL 4 at the same time. Thanks to all the guys who answered my questions here in this forum, I was pleasantly suprised at the number of people willing to help out. Thanks to 151 Lancer, if it wasn't for him you'd all be playing "firstmission.mis" Well that's the important stuff done...on to the fun bit *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Recent HUMINT and ELINT have discovered a terrorist training compound located on a small island South of Cuba. Our deep cover operative Cardinal was despatched to provide additional intel, and the news is not good. It appears that the Cuban govt has allowed the establishment of this base on their soil for kickbacks to boost thier economy, worse it has come to light that Russian "advisors" are present and are actively engaged in the training process !! Cardinal reports that the terrorists are recieving advanced weapons training, tactical co-ordination instruction and fast response training. Your team will be dropped in the SW, you will proceed to the radar installation and set a demo charge in the back room. This will help limit any call for help that might go out. Make your way to the North and take out the main compound, all hostiles must be eliminated, once achieved set a demo charge on the helipad. Cardinal will keep himself out of the way, he'll wait for you to escort him to the extraction zone West of the river. His exact location is not known, so check your fire carefully. While stealth will help in this op, it's not going to get you home. These guys have been training for weeks now and are probably going to put up a fight, so kit out accordingly. Don't worry about taking out the Russians, their govt can't complain, they're not even supposed to be there are they?? Go in, do the job and come home safe. Hope you all enjoy this first of many. Alpha Squad will be going in Monday night, to have fun and I'll also use it as the final beta test. Release date will be 20th August, Rocky will have the mission as soon as it's packaged, and it'll be available from here. Please give me your thoughts on the mission, good or bad, it can only help in the long run. As always good luck, good hunting, and HAVE FUN.
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