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  1. I've found the animation I want to use for the actors... 2219_eca_sur_a.bmf Makes the actor kneel with hands on head, but after about two or three seconds he gets back to his feet and goes into "point the invisible gun" mode. I tried doing a restart but that turns him into line dancers, as they keep getting up, then kneeling. Anyone know how to make 'em stay in the "I give up" stance? Thanks in advance.
  2. Doubt I'll get far, but anything for a laugh..
  3. In this instance, I assigned no priority or platoon station. Just laid the stations where I wanted them, then gave the squad AddZone DefendZone they did the rest for themselves like good little troopers Since then, I've played with priorities, and, if you have say 10 stations for 6 troops, assign two stations to highest proirity, two to second etc. They run around alot better between the various points.
  4. Grab Wolfsongs viewer mod. Works a treat
  5. Jack57 missed something? Yeah right, next you'll be telling us there's no such person as Santa.
  6. Here's an example of one I used recently. Group: Disable the charges Comment: Initial disable block Trigger Event: A member of Ghosts is within 0 meter(s) of Bridge demo zone 1. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Set Disable demo timer to expire in 15 second(s). Display "Hmmm, should I cut the red, or the green wire? Need about 20 seconds guys, cover me." to all players for 5 second(s). Enable the Check demo zone script blocks. Disable the Disable the charges script blocks. Group: Check demo zone Comment: Player present ? Trigger Event: 1 second(s) elapsed. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Continue executing responses if ((The number of members of Ghosts within 0 meter(s) of Bridge demo zone 1) is equal to 0). Cancel Disable demo timer. Display "One team member must stay near the supports to disable the charges." to all players for 5 second(s). Disable the Check demo zone script blocks. Enable the Disable the charges script blocks. Group: <Default> Comment: Show demos disabled Trigger Event: Disable demo timer has expired. Responses: Mark Objective 1 complete in the objective list. Set Total score counter to (The result of (The value of Total score counter) plus 10). Display "Done, let's move out." to all players for 3 second(s). Play "tm2_objective_generic1.wav" at volume 1. Disable the Check demo zone script blocks. Disable the Disable the charges script blocks.
  7. I'd like to try my hand at re-texturing a couple of maps. Does anyone know of a tutorial that may be available? Thanks in advance.
  8. Try a proximity, ie.. trigger a member of player platoon is within 5 meters of bomb effect response kill actor<query> get actor nearest bomb effect I've used one before for a similar job, but can't find the damn thing now...
  9. Did you give him the <abortteamplan> before you tried to assign the new plan? I had a similar problem recently, got round it by turning off AI and then immediatly turn it back on. The new plan worked fine after that.
  10. Yep, same here...lots of trial and error.
  11. Cool, thanks guys. Nope, I've very little knowledge of PC's...so any help is appreciated.
  12. I'm trying to find the string for several weapons, so far I've spent all morning and not found one!! Mostly due to the time consuming buisiness of launching and closing GR. So, does anyone know the .kit for the following setups please? 1) M4 / AT 2) OICW / GL 3) SA80 / Demo charge 4) SOCOM / frags 5) SOCOM / sensors 6) SR25SD / sd pistol Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.
  13. Try... Continueif the number of active players within 0 meters of chopper zone is equal to number of active players. Group enable chopper exfil. Then have the chopper exfil group have a trigger of 1 second elapsed Response...whatever you want it to do.
  14. There are some here.. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=ST&f=14&t=9616 Not by any means complete, but it's a start.
  15. Well there ya go. Monkey, do could you do some beta testing for my next mission bro? It's got some "special" features I'd like you to see....
  16. As far as I am aware, any step given after patrol, or defend zone will not be executed as these ar "never ending " steps. I use all CombatROE etc bfore addzone/patrol or defendzone.
  17. Like I don't get enough trouble from you on the server Monkey Just wait 'til I find out how to get Igor to recognise you in-game
  18. DOH !!!! OK, off to do something even dafter now.....
  19. Can some-one tell me the process for saving a mission without overwriting the origional map please? I currently use .mis , but this erases the origmiss file. I think it's supposed to be a .gtf? If so, is there a special routine to follow or just save as a .gtf? Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi Viper, asked a similar question myself a while back, here's the link to the page. http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...=ST&f=14&t=9407 Check out Jacks' reply.
  21. This is a genuine story. I used to play paintball on a regular basis, we would travel all over the UK to get to good sites. Having found a good site at an old abandoned hospital, I got up one Sunday morning at 3 am to meet up with one of the guys. We had arranged to meet by a 24 hour service station, and wait there for a taxi to pick us up and take us to the meet point. Now standing outside a gas station at 3am on a Sunday morning wearing combat fatigues and toting large heavy bags is almost garaunteed to attract the police. Sure enough, a patrol car went by, did a U-turn at the lights and came back.Out climbs the copper and strolls over to us.... "Morning lads, what have you got in the bags then?" says he. Before I could open my mouth, my mate piped up in an oh so innocent voice,"Guns, sir." The copper took a step back and said,"And what are you going to do with those then?", obviously he hadn't seen me frantically waving at my mate to shut the hell up!! "Oh, we're going down to London to shoot people.", says my "mate". We were nearly an hur late getting to the bus station by the time they'd finished with us, bloody good job he had a sense of humor....but the look on his face at "Guns, sir".....absolutley fantastic.
  22. You could try a proximity trigger. Hide the game world from the shooter until the friendly tank is in view ( in trigger zone ) then have the enemy tank "see" it.
  23. Last one for this mission ( I hope ! ) When the airstrike hits the tanks, I want the bad guys in the area to run away or go into a surrender mode. Currently this isn't doing it, any idea why? Group: Obj airstrike Comment: Airstrike junkyard Trigger Event: Tank 1 has been destroyed. Responses: Mark Objective 6 complete in the objective list. Cancel execution of any plan assigned to Yard East team. Cancel execution of any plan assigned to Yard North team. Cancel execution of any plan assigned to Yard South team. Force Yard platoon to flee.
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