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  1. You can have it set the same way as you would normally extract your player platoon. Simply exchange the platoon ref for the hostage platoon (make sure only the 8 hostages are in that platoon), and that should be fine. I've found it easier to have another zone surrounding the extract and tag it something like hostage extract, make it quite a bit bigger than the player extract so that they can all fit. Thought it may be easier to show you an example... Group: Extraction routine Comment: Extraction routine Trigger Event: A member of Ghosts is within 0 meter(s) of Extraction zone. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Continue executing responses if ((The number of members of Ghosts within 0 meter(s) of Extraction zone) is equal to (The number of active actors on Ghosts)). Mark Objective 4 complete in the objective list. Set End misson timer to expire in 6 second(s). Display "Great job. I think the intel weenies are going to have a field day with this stuff." to all players for 5 second(s).
  2. I've put several zones to delineate an area on the command map, when I use MapShowZone, they appear on the command map, but also have smoke...can I ditch the smoke? Also, does anyone know which explosion type the claymore is? It looks pretty cool with the debris and smoke, but I can't locate it. Is it set in Igor or via the engine? Thanks in advance.
  3. Imperial Guard? You don't want dem 'ummies in a fight...you wantz Orkz WAAAAAAGHHH !!
  4. Thanks for the file Eli, looks very nice, but 12,000+ polys is gonna push the envelope on most PC's. Thanks for the effort though mate.
  5. Don't have any...did you send it to alphanexus@msn.com
  6. I'm trying to find a Mil 24 Hind, has anyone done a model? Please don't direct me to AirFix or Tamiya Thanks in advance.
  7. The easiest way would be MapActorShow, change his tag to something like Target. To have a green square, he would have to be staionary, put a small zone at his location and use MapZoneShow<highlight><true>, followed by a ZoneColor<green>. Or put a command waypoint at his location, (again it will have to be stationary), hit label in properties, then hit the text box and label it how you want it to appear on the command map.
  8. Either hold shift down and left mouse click with the BMP selected, or you can include it in the plan. I usually use the former.
  9. One nifty trick I found is tents witn no "exit". That is tents that you, as the player, cannot enter. Place a team of tangos inside the tent, AI off, then when you want them to pour out, assign a trigger plan, ( don't forget to script in the AI on response ). Also don't forget if the player deploys a sensor nearby they will show on the command map, and a frag or GL will kill them if it lands nearby.
  10. Big improvement, new features added, along with some nice sounds. AI can be directed via command map ( which was the biggest prob for me ). All in all, a great set of maps.
  11. Got the emitters sorted, after a brief but violent temper tantrum I've placed a zone on the map and labeled it "Ambient sound zone 1_forest", then in the list, there are various types, but there appear to be no settings to adjust anything.
  12. I'm trying to create a forest sound zone, but I can't alter either the actual sound level or the duration/replay . Is there a way to do this that I've missed , or are the sounds preset at vloume/duration. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just had a quick run round this map.....breathtaking. The attention to detail is outstanding, everything you would expect to find in or near a cartel hacienda is there, from the opulent house of El Big Guy himself, to the scruffy little village nearby. Don't wait for screenshots...just do yourself a favour...download it now !! Superb work ToF
  14. 38,000....btw I'll be sending you the opticians bill
  15. Stargate Starship Troopers.....KILL 'EM ALL !!!!
  16. Hi matey, use a proximityplatoon (compared to the actor you're stepping up to ) as the trigger, then the response is DisplayMessageBoxAll.
  17. That won't change, all you will be doing is putting all those teams into one platoon ( I'll call it bait platoon for ease). Then you'll need one block.. Group: Default Comment: Dead tango triggers reinforcements. Trigger: A member of Bait platoon has been killed Response: Set All Reinforcements to expire in 45 second(s). Display "Intel reports, that three enemy choppers loaded with 2 50 caliber machine guns TOT: 45 Seconds, have just taken off from murmansk airbase. Be advised they might commence strafing runs once they locate your squad." to all players for 10 second(s). The way you have it set now, means when an actor in one of those blocks is killed it will trigger the box. Another way would be to put all those blocks into one group, and add a group disable to each block
  18. In your forces box ( where all the teams etc are ), just click , hold and drag the relevant teams into a new platoon called " bait platoon" for example, then make your references from that platoon.
  19. Erm, I don't want to sound daft...but the reason you keep getting the same message...is all the messages are the same. At least they look that way to me. If they are all the teams on the map, why not just use DeathCompanyMember? Or put all those teams into one platoon and use DeathPlatoon Member.
  20. Getting the red cross "user posted image" and nothing else...go into script summary and copy the blocks from there. Then paste 'em into your reply.
  21. Can you put up a copy of the blocks you're talking about? Might make it a little easier to see what you need.
  22. The teleport thing works nicely, thanks guys.
  23. I need 'em to stay on the deck until rescued, tried a panic team...but that didn't work either.
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