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  1. @Deadly_Sniper. Damn you found the loophole...I patented ice-water from the sky last week. To me it seems to be a straight money grab....anyone willing to bet there will be an out of court settlement?
  2. As of this Friday RSi are going to enter the Time Tunnel and bring back a Freaky Friday style session. Kicking off around 8pm Zulu time ( thats's 9pm in England/ 3pm EST ) and lasting as long as you can stand. Bring yourself, some ammo and a sense of fun. Hope to see you there.
  3. Hi gang, I've re-opened Igor after a looooong break, and I'm having probs already. I',m scripting an MP co-op mission and wanted to start with a boat insertion. Everything looks good until the boat gets to the point where an effect triggers a teleport platoon to zone. The screen flickers very briefly, but the player platoon is still loaded in the Zodiac, is it possible to use the vehicles for inserts in MP mode, or do I have to trick Igor somehow? Thanks in advance.
  4. I think the guy you're looking for is c03_g_3a.atr
  5. How can I move the crosshairs on the briefing map to show the location of the new objectives? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yep, I'd use the death of the vehicle as a trigger, and a continue if to check the vehicle is inside the zone. If it is enable a block containing the endgame scripts.
  7. I've managed to get the chopper to come in on the flight path I want it to, but it comes in with a slight tilt ( one "wing" is slightly lower than the other). Once it comes in for the pickup, it "flicks" back to level, anyone know why it's doing this? even better, anyone know how to make it come in straight and level? Thanks in advance.
  8. Got to say I haven't been overly impressed with the stuff I've seen so far. One question that I want answering, what mod tools are needed ( Igor 2 ?, 3D Max ? )? I'm trying real hard to hold on to the idea that GR2 will live up to my expectations, but it's getting harder. Like I said in my earlier post, if worst comes to worse, I'm sure some kind soul can port the maps over, (provided all legal issues are properly addressed) that would leave the real GR players to get on with churning out the real GR2.
  9. Damage (2)(40) That means you have a type 2 damage with a delay of 40 seconds, I think.
  10. Not really sure what to make of it, my initial reaction was tempered by the hope that the publishers have given E3 a demo for consoles. Some of the stuff in the demo was appealing, the wounded actor rolling around on the floor, IMHO, is a step up from the old "I've been hit" ....but I'll carry on anyway cause I'm hard !! I always thought the energy carried by even a small round would be enough to put someone down, if only for a few seconds. The medic ability, I've not made my mind up yet, could be good, could be a nightmare, but does offer some interesting thoughts for team vs team. One thing that jumped out from the demo straight away was the AI intelligence, or rather an apparent lack of it. Can you imagine going fully upright into that situation in GR and coming out without a scratch? Me neither, I saw one AI in the MG bunker, orientated towards the player avatar, whilst ignoring the friendly AI about 5 meters behind him, even though he was taking fire ! Later, there were AI behind the big crtae like objects that appeared to just stand there, waiting for a Ghost to pop round the corner and finish 'em off. The "ragdoll" effect for dead tangos wasn't too bad, maybe a little "loose" perhaps, but I guess that's just personal preference. The tracer effect did not impress me much, looked too much like laser beams, again, that's just MHO. On a more positive note, I thought some of the features that are hinted at, could be very nice. For me, a lot of stuff is dependant on modability, the lifeblood of GR, the mortar barrage for example. If that is something that can be scripted into a mission, and not just a preset effect for that particular map, would be great. Also, the large fuel tank that gets waxed at the end points to the ability to script certain weapons pointing/firing at certain dynamic objects provided, again, that it wasn't just prepared for that particular sequence. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what appears over the next few months, but hey, if it sucks, we can always port the maps over to GR and let the experts take over.
  11. Thanks for the input guys, finally got it to work. Movement ROE > AtAllCosts Alertness > Combat ( Locked ) Pace > Walk ( Locked ) Some have set paths, others have AddZone and Patrol, they both work fine.
  12. I have a fair number of civillians mixed in with the bad guys in the mission I'm doing. All civillians have the "NoWeapon.kit", and sure enough, in game they are unarmed. The problem is, they're all walking around as if they had weapons in their hands. How can I get them to look like the "harmless" civvies they really are? Thanks in advance.
  13. Personally, I would love to see a large number of vehicles in game, it would certainly give the scripters far more choice and if you don't want to use them in MP...simply use a server that doesn't use them. The downside of vehicles, is as we have seen already, high end systems can handle 3-4 tanks/trucks no sweat, but can mid/low end users have fun? I've seen a lot of comments about too many vehicles in a mission killing fps rate.
  14. Something I would like to see, is having the intensity of rain change. Rain can play a huge factor, limiting sight and sound not to mention the atmospheric aspect. But I guess that depends mainly on the ability to mod in GR2, something I haven't seen/heard a great deal about.
  15. Zeko pointed me to this site... http://www.planetrainbowsix.com/dtd/sound_tutorial1.htm The link to Goldwave doesn't work but it's easy enough to find via a search engine.
  16. I have two .wav files ( non-standard) that I want to play during a mission. They are in the sounds folder, but whenever I reference them, no sound plays....any ideas?
  17. What about the searchclight? Or is that something that needs to be put in at the map building stage? If not, have that switch between activated /de-activated very quickly. Just an idea.
  18. You could use the pace command, shuffle, it's about the same as recieving a leg wound.
  19. What we want to see in this thread is the ideas you have for tournaments. Not full on mission concepts, but the general ideas. Do you want to see a tournament that develops into a full campaign? Linked stories? Non linear missions? It can be anything...spaceships and hamsters ( as seen at GR.NET ), absolutley anything. There's no garuantee that you'll get what you want ( bit like Santa ), but if we don't know, then we can't do it. Let us know, maybe you'll see it soon
  20. WOW...that's all, just WOW
  21. Para, you forgot one of the all time cool quotes was in that film.... "At least I got to have you Johnny...*cough..cough* "...croak.
  22. There must be some way, as the red triangles on the command map display those tangos in sight. But I have no idea if that's set in the engine, maybe use a proximity to player?
  23. Thanks for the input. So they're probably only visible to me on my end, and if not, it's pretty much tough...'cause there's no way to avoid 'em?
  24. I have got some weird stuff going on, I have a truck with a dedi driver in his own team. There are also two teams of three in the back, when the truck enters the map, there are six black spots floating over the tangos heads. As soon as they get out, the spot goes, anyone know why they are there in the first place, and how to get rid of them? Thanks in advance.
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