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  1. Signed up ... The weather has gone bad so i m up for some GRAW
  2. I think this is greatly dependant on how many rejoin when dedi files and admincommands arrive ...
  3. Some maps are too small for HH except com station. But besides that alot of maps are too big for TDM, as it is now alot of rounds ll end in draws. (without respawns) Certainly since most of the maps are from DOM, how hard could it have been to size em down or take a portion of those maps.
  4. Thats a total BS, MP aspect was hiden till release. There were also false trailers saying that GRAW has outstanding MP mods ! They proly ment Domi and Coop The funniest thing is that error which you receive when quiting game. Seems like GRIN just cant release patch without major bug within showing from the first moment Looks like they dont test patches at all PS. Game is still crapy after 1.21 patch. /me uninstaling and waiting till next pach. So your saying that them announcing no dedicated files and only domination as a mode didnt arouse your suspicion ... and i wasnt talking about checking trailers and such but looking into the posts on the numerous boards ... I m having a blast atm. Clanwise the new gamemodes are awesome when played 4v4 with coms.
  5. Good job on the patch GRIN. Now all we still need for the adversial side, boils down to dedicated files, servercommands (switch map, ...) and a restriction kit. The global game and modes would have made sure that the MP part would have gotten a 9/10 if it were released today. Still cant comprehend why most wanne complain about this fact, cause due to the whining about release, they were given a finished SP and a chance to play the beta version of the MP (and they knew this if they had done their research) and who wouldnt have signed up for that anyway. Only difference is now we had to pay the price up front for the SP part. I can see this game really lifting off in a month or so when the last stuff on the promised list gets released. GG
  6. No respawns Timelimit of about 5 minutes Max 12-14 players Max 1 GL per team Max 1 sniper a team (this is basicly my own experience with some larger mod maps in which everybody went sniper and it ruins the map)
  7. What kinda genre is the comic gonna be ? Satire,thriller,action,...
  8. Don't think that's the problem... I think you would be better off posting this in the UBI forum as it concerns their servers... this is of no use to anyone (?) here as I quite sure no-one from UBI visits these forums. Guess your right my bad, funny to see how everybody has comments when demanding the obvious from GRIN, but when it comes to how they want the official server settings they are speechless, since they actually need to use their braincells a bit. And u aint gonna tell me that everybody thinks the server settings are fine or that they dont care, cause each time i play on one of the official servers, there are ppl whining about how the settings are bad. (Sometimes even more than how bad they think the game is ...) I posted it here so i could get some more feedback before posting it on the ubi forums since my experience with DOM is little it would be occky to present suggestions for it) and i also believe to get more response here than there. I had hoped a GRIN employee or member of GR.NET could convey the msg, since it isnt really clear where to suggest these things. Furthermore UBI isnt as responsive on forums as GRIN is
  9. /bump Guess positive suggestions arent as popular lately compared to the "I'v had it with this game" threads. Or was it just too much text to weed through
  10. but you see, the game itself is released. as well as 3 patches. is this next one really going to be revolutionary? sure hope so, but realistically 95% of the game will stay at where it is right now. there's always miracles though... lol. Then be realistic and dont say you are losing faith now, they announced way back what was comming. TDM and another [GR] mode, i agree with u on this ... It wont change much ... The game itself works and u can allrdy experience TDM on the custom maps made by modders. So why would official maps and an official mod change alot ...Dedi files and server control ll change things more drasticly imo and those probably wont be in the July patch. So to all of you saying this ll be the all or nothing patch ... i fear u ll all be disappointed. For those wanting clanmatches ... If the release of the TDM mode would spike that, it would have allrdy with the custom maps. It wont untill servercommands are available and even then there ll only be a few clans with their own server and a ladder would only really lift off, if the ladder itself had a server and offered it as rental for each war. What would actually make a difference on the short term is making the servers set up so it actually suits the mode and not launch a DM map with a playerlimit of 32 when it is made for max 12 and dont put the timelimit on 10 with no respawns or the wait ll be unbearable when it remains in the hands of campers.
  11. Can we leave the judging till after the patch is released ...
  12. I allrdy adressed this a while back as a reply to another post. Where can we make suggestions about how the official servers setup. (maps/playerlimit/amount of respawns/timelimit/...) Do we suggest changes to the ppl from GRIN or (more likely) to UBI. Rocky commented that he would look into it, but i havent yet received a pm or seen a topic regarding the matter so i decided to shed some light on it once more. Basicly the question is can the server be setup more logically for each mode. For instance my personal suggestions, which are more in line of DM since i play that more than DOM, but ppl who play alot of DOM could have suggestions as well which they could add here: For a DM server ------------------- -) With unlimited respawns to put the timelimit on about 15 mins, since the action is fast paced and constant. And also to limit the amount of players to about 10-12 players so 2-3 players dont spawn on top of eachother. (This way the comments of the DM mode feeling like Quake ll fade away as well, since it is obvious that the DM maps werent designed to hold 20-32 ppl ... so setting the server to max 32 players wasnt the best thing to do) -) With max 1 death servers to put the timelimit on about 4-5 minutes (of which u should be playing a few since u wouldnt get spawnraped with a lower playerlimit), so ppl dont have to wait forever when a 1v1 battle remains and the two players play it too carefull/campy. This way the abuse of certain ppl wanting to just linger in the server gets tuned down, bc we ll never have to wait longer than the said 4-5 mins. Also make the playerlimit of the server around 10-12 ppl to prevent the spawnraping. *Since there are 2 DM servers for the europe region (and probably the other regions as well) i suggest setting up a server for max 1 death and one with unlimited respawns instead of the current setup which is both servers the same way ... * For a DOM server --------------------- I would suggest a higher playerlimit than DM and on the issue of respawns/timelimit i m not gonna comment. I ll leave this to the ppl who regularly play DOM to make suggestions, since i mostly play DM (and the occasional TDM with the clan) *But for DOM also most servers are setup the same way, might be a nice touch to set em up so we have some differences in respawns* For a TDM server --------------------- The modding community is doing a fine job and me and the clan like to play 4v4 on our own little hosted server on the maps created by the community. I was wondering why not place some of these maps on a few of the servers instead of letting them all run the same maps/mode. Some of the modded maps are very good and alot of players could allrdy experience what TDM would be like. This would also allow ppl to have a place where they are sure they can use their TDM maps, since there arent alot of servers with these maps. Maps like Urban Resistance is just pure sweetness to play in 5v5 with no respawns and a timelimit of about 5 minutes. So just wondering what can be done ... Since there are no dedi files atm, these official servers serve as a large part of the service to the community and changing some of the stuff that is suggested could help the game prosper more. Cause letting the servers run DM with a 32 playerlimit aint a good thing to do, since when a server fills up with a few ppl, alot more ll come and u ll get 20/32 easily which is way too much on a DM server. Spreading this over two servers with each 10 ppl would be alot more entertaining.
  13. Your calling someone gay because they wear a pink shirt ... Beware of judging ppl without knowing all the facts ...
  14. Are you sure? I fear GRAW MP is dead ... R.I.P. I would actually phrase it as: "To be in Hibernation".
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