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  1. Does anyone know if the InitialVelocity element in a .prj file actually applies if it's a ThrownItem? Or does it need to be fired from a .gun file in order to use it? I'd like to have a .prj that flies faster and flatter than the default frag.prj but still maintain the throwing action you get with a ThrownItem. I've tried setting the InitialVelocity and AirResistance to very high and very low respectively but neither makes a difference. I'm sure I've seen ThrownItems with different trajectories though.
  2. Thanks Twiller. I've downloaded the mod and there's certainly an M10 in there. I'm away at the moment and haven't got GR installed here so can't see if it's got the stock extended though. I'll check when I'm back at home. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. So I'm looking for an Ingram MAC-10 without the suppressor but with the stock extended. I've gone through all the mods I can think of and whilst many have the unsuppressed MAC, they all have the stock collapsed. The only one I've found with the stock extended in in Sgt Crocodile's Brazilian Special Forces mod but that one has a suppressor on. I was going to contact Croc but he hasn't been around this year as far as I can tell so I thought I'd open it up to the wider group. Any pointers would be much appreciated - I'm sure one's out there somewhere.
  4. I was working on something like this a while back - I'll see if I can dig it up. My version was just really simple - a grenade launcher that fires 10 (I think) invisible, powerful grenades with a lengthy delay and using a modified helicopter chatter wav as a firing sound. It actually worked quite well - I was happy with it for offline play and so didn't bother polishing it up. I'm more than happy to tidy it up a bit and pass it over to someone else to include in a mod.
  5. Thanks guys. I've got the plug-ins off the IT disk so I think I'm all set for a foray into modelling.
  6. So I've decided to have another stab at weapons modelling for GR. I've brushed the dust off my old copy of 3ds and am nearly ready to start. But I know I need a bunch of plug-ins and helper tools before I can get going. I've looked through the Recon section and, as far as I can tell, all the links that refer to plugins or similar are now broken. There's a few files in the Downloads section that look useful (e.g. the various schell utilities) but which ones do I really need for modelling? Where can I get any that aren't in the Downloads section? Thanks. [Edit: Ok - I think I've got the plugins from the IT disk (Max3x_Levelexporter.zip I guess) but do I need anything else?]
  7. Cheers. I'll dust off my copy of 3DS and see how I get on. I'll drop you a note if (ahem, "when") I get stuck
  8. I don't suppose anyone knows of any mods that have men in kilts do they? A mate of mine wants me to create some sort of WW2 Scottish Highlanders mod. I'm more into modifying weapons (number crunching really), skinning and scripting but I thought I'd check here to see if anyone knew of a CHR I could reuse instead of modelling my own (well, trying to and then rapidly giving up). I originally hoped to just reskin the refugee woman from GR but alas she has the most astonishingly shaped head...
  9. Hi everyone, I've just found what I think is a great resource that details the basic ballistic information neeed when modding GR weapons. It's http://www.volny.cz/buchtik/Revo/Ballistic_Info_komplet.htm. It seems to have pretty much every cartridge you could possibly want I don't know how accurate everything is (it seems fine at a casual glance) but I doubt anyone would go to that much effort and not check the accuracy.
  10. I've just found it on Ghostaholic http://www.ghostaholic.com/page-id-537.html
  11. Does anyone have a working url or copy of Mamon's Civil War mod? I think it was only released as an Alpha or Beta but it was very different to the usual GR experience. It's quite old now so all the AtWar and FilePlanet links I can find are all dead. If it helps - the download file was CivilWar.rar. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Don Miguel - that worked perfectly. I got the Fileplanet versions by doing a google search for "Don Miguel's Ballistics Calculator" and then clicking on the AtWar result. It takes you to a listing page but the actual AtWar info page is http://www.atwar.net/download.php?view.3484 - this then takes you to http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetr...gr_gun_calc.rar where there are two mirrors - neither of which works for me. Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to get hold of Don Miguel's Ballistic Calculator but the version on AtWar / Fileplanet seems corrupted. I've tried both Fileplanet mirrors but I get an "unexpected end of archive" error when opening the file. Does anyone know of any alternative versions? Thanks
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