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  1. Think about it... every time there is a released mode there is a map editor and tuturorial. It may be 3 now... but i'm betting it will soon be way more! So you're saying Grin is leaving it to the mod community. Kind of inappropriate, 12-man coop should be available at least for the existing maps. Relying on the mod community is not entirely comforting to me since browsing these forums it seems like many mappers and modders are very cynical about continuing their work since many have given up on the game. Yes, the DS and [GR] coop was much needed. But it feels like a kick in the groin to hear that we are getting a measly 3 maps. I can assure you I will play those 3 maps a few times before getting bored with the redundancy... then I wait... What gives here?
  2. Wait a sec - only 3 maps for [GR] mode? My heart is breaking here, I waited all summer for 3 maps?? Two of which I've already played into the ground?? Is that it??
  3. I'm pretty sure all the "summer" content will already be released before AA is out (Q3 2006).
  4. You'll be disappointed, so why bother. That's why developers are reluctant to put release dates on patches and such. I imagine if they put forth a date and missed it, you'd be calling for someones resignation. The job of a game developer is truly thankless in the eyes of some...
  5. No one is forcing you do download their mods.
  6. Ohhh, so you're talking about enemy characters traveling via motorcycle? I get it. Not such a bad idea.
  7. If I can spot tangos on my tac map, I usually send my Ghosts in for the kill. It's all about setting up a good angle for them, so usually I'll have a couple waypoints so they approach a corner from a much more shallow angle. That keeps 'em from walking past the corner, oblivios to the threat. Other than that, I find its useful to send them out ahead of me. I place one on each side of a street and advance them simultaneously. My sniper and I will bring up the rear. I'll usually do the building-to-building sweeps myself. That's where the computer AI gets in trouble the most.
  8. Been using this for the past week in my SP campaign, and it's absolutely great. Much more immersive than the default. Thanks for this mod.
  9. Just create a new email account with hotmail or yahoo and register with that. Next time, back up your profiles folder.
  10. No need to e-thug. It's just a game. Plus, all this speculation about when the patch will come and what it will contain is only setting yourselves up for disappointment. I'm happy the issues are on the table for GRIN. I'll be happier if they materialize in patches. If not, I still have plenty of other games to play. *shrug*
  11. I can't imagine a map or scenario in GRAW that would necessitate using a motorcycle to get from point A to point B. Sort of eliminates the essence of the game, doesn't it?
  12. Yep, yellow and amber especially are known to improve contrast, which is why marksmen often wear amber lenses. Although the yellow hue in this game seems to make everything blend together. But I do happen to like the post effects, it makes the game seem more cinematic to me.
  13. I like the MR-C, although I don't use it that often. I think the magazine size and it's very accurate 3-round burst make it a formidable weapon.
  14. He might have been able to target the barrel of the artillery cannon, which sticks up over the center part of the supply truck. The only other thing I can think of is he was able to get an angle on it underneath the truck. I didn't have a hard time with the guys inside though. Simply peeked them from the right side of the gate and took them down one at a time. The emplacment got a couple of shots off before I killed him, but I don't think I was hit. You have to be very quick. I didn't even know he was there til I inched out in front of him, but was able to get a burst off before retreating to cover.
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