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  1. these skins are sweet, can't wait to see them on all my ghosts...great job scubaman.
  2. there is also alot right with the pc version, but yes I play both and both are awsesome games in their own ways. I wish you could combine them...that would be the s*&$. both game have a very familiar style. 360 version just seems more polished though.
  3. and to those people that are looking down at the 360 graw...I own both, if you have not played the 360 version, try it. there are most definately things that are good about both versions. the only thing that I don't like about the 360 graw is having to use a gamepad, other than that it is a great game in it's own right. just wished we had the choice of weapons that you get in the 360 versions multi-player. sorry, back on topic...this mod{3rd person} is awesome. I do agree though that it shoud not be able to be used in multi. I'd love to try the finished version on sp though.
  4. yeah, the only complaint is the brightness. the distance the ghosts keep now is good. I love the texture on the uniforms. I like the zero sephia, more like rl to me. I can't wait to see your new hud in working order though. but so far, this mod is great.
  5. sniper scope is fine with me, I just have the problem with the Eotech...
  6. the reason for the shoulder pad being on only one side is that when shooting, the left shoulder{for a right handed person}is facing the enemy and the shoulder pad protects that part of the torso and adds protection that normally with regular body armor, is not there.
  7. I like the texture you are using on the uniforms. I'd need to see a front pic of the goggles. if they are like some others that I've seen{they look backlit} they are pretty cool but they need to have the lighting{the lighting inside the goggles} turned down until it can be barely seen. on another note, has anyone figured out how to get rid of that ugly texture{stretching} on the backside of the characters arm where the arm joins the torso?
  8. thanks mig1, been waiting for this one.
  9. this is probably a dumb question, but why can't you, after changing a skin in a mod, just put it back in the mod it came from? I tried replacing the shoulder patch on the spqr skin but in game it just showed a splotch of color? any help for a newb skinner would be much appreciated. and after actually checking...I can't even open the atlas dds from mods?
  10. hey caprera, check the pinned graw texture tutorial...it has directions on how to run mods. Degamer, this is my favorite mod so far{skin and lack of sepia}...keep up the good work.
  11. lol...that sounded pretty easy...lol. I'm using psp 9 and I cannot for the life of me find a way to single out the alpha channel!? I'm a skinning noob here...lol. it just seems to me that we can find a less drawn out way to go about this. what I was trying to say originally, is can someone talented with psd's make a template that has the camo layer seperate from the wrinkle layer...from the face layers...etc... I don't know about anyone else but that would allow people to make new uniform skins in minutes compared to the hours that it takes me anyway...lol
  12. has anyone here thought of making pre-made templates for skinning the uniforms as of yet? I also sim race and this is one of the best painting tools that we have in that community. I would do it myself but I lack the knowledge....
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