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  1. As for another game... i think not. It's on the Ghost Recon site.... Why would they advertise a new game there when GRAW 2 is not released.

    I'm thinking GRAW may be fought in VERY many places in the US and possibly abroad.

    Actually, the text news stories are on all 3 "Tom Clancy" news sites. SC, GRAW and R6.

    The AUDIO messages can be heard on all 3 sites, as well, but the news audio files are part of the banner on the right side of the page, and it is on all 3 "Tom Clancy" game sites. Basically, what I am pointing out, is that this is not JUST a GRAW centric campaign.

  2. Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and Ghost Recon all had new news posts, that are "made up" news. None of it real. Same goes for the audio "news cast" in the background.

    I have found the .mp3s for the news coverage, and posted them in a forum post, on planetrainbowsix. There are 10, and I don't want to re-type it all out.

  3. So, I was looking for something to post on planetrainbowsix yesterday, and noticed that all 3 of the Tom Clancy game websites, had something odd posted, in news. JUST on the US site, though. I did not see the posts on the UK sites. That may add more to the ARG.... or it may just be a little PR thing kicking off a new franchise, or even a cross-game theme. I have no clue, really. :-) But, I DID find it odd that Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon AND Splinter Cell all had the odd news posts.

  4. Some1 knows when the next patch is planned?

    I hope they just come up with good MP ideas that will increase the community.!

    Three things that would have an immediate impact on increasing the number of multi players.

    Anti cheat

    Team Death Match

    Dedi Server Pack

    All which are coming out sometime this Summer from what I understand.

    With the 116 patch, they mentioned the next release would be some time in July. I know I would like to see Team Death Match.

    What I would like to see, for Co-Op, is some sort of Spawn on Leader system. So, it is not quite as boring, when you die. One lucky shot from a bad guy, and you are out of action for the round, and because the levels are so large, that can be a very long time. I would even be happy to see "check points" and when the leader is near those, then others can have a "dynamic insertition". Co-Op is fun, but it does get a little boring, to just wait. :-(

  5. This comes directly from the press release on the ghostrecon.com website:

    Hang on! The second MP Pack, currently slated to release in July for free, will introduce the Team Deathmatch mode as well as one of the most popular [Ghost Recon] MP modes! Expect also plenty other adding and improvements. More info to come soon.

  6. A couple of things have bothered me.

    #1) it seems like the red dot is a little large... The ones I have used, were a little smaller on targets at 100+ yards. (8moa vs 4moa dots?)

    #2) You always see 1 scope, but I know that jpoints are going over to Iraq, and some get mounted at a canted angle off the side, or can be mounted on top of the "scope". So, your M16 all the sudden becomes very effective at 200 meters, as well as CQB capable.

    I am surprised that they have not modeled at least one of these methods of being able to have long range and short range on the same gun. In GR, you have the sniper rifle for long range, and that is it, while I know an M16 is deadly at 200 meters... and set up right, it can reach 600 meters (though, I doubt standard issue military ammo is truely lethal, or precise at that range).

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