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  1. Thanks for the advice. And no I wont be releasing this.
  2. I really like the FRII mod's skins, but I don't really want any of the weapons or anything. Just the player models. Anyone know how to strip the weapons from it? I keep ######ing it up.
  3. I like what im seeing. This is sweet. I like the plain tan jumpsuit a few screens up
  4. I swore you did that task force wraith thing, but i just realized it was scubaman. Sorry for the mixup. Bad memory.
  5. No. I just make the Ghosts look like Marines or the Private contractors in the game. Either would be cool. Enemies stay the same
  6. Yeah, i tweaked Snowfella's Marine skin from one of his older releases to make it a little more realistic, but now I cant really enjoy it in GRAW2 which is a far superior game to GRAW1. Also, while on the topic of changing player models, does anyone know how to switch the enemy PMC models with your team models? That seems like itd be pretty cool too.
  7. I always liked switching out the GRAW team models with the Marine models and using Brettzie's pack. Made it a little less scifi. Unfortunately I dont know how to do it in GRAW2 because the team setup has changed a lot. Anyone know what to do?
  8. Can someone take the retractable stock from the MP5SD and apply it to the regular MP5? Everything else the same, but just with a retractable buttstock. I dont think it would be too difficult a thing to do would it?
  9. Will it ever be possible in the near future to hack off that dumbass shoulderpad thing? It really irritates the hell out of me.
  10. quick additional question, how do you choose the thingies that go on the rifle for them?
  11. TY a lot. Actually for ######s and giggles I might give him a glock /e im retarded and i just now noticed the little xml folder in there /e/e ty noquarter
  12. How do you decide what weapons the NPCs, specifically the Marines, carry? I love that new M4 mod that has come out and I wanna arm them with M4s instead of M8s.
  13. Is it possible to change the player and teammate models to the NPC Marine models?
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