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  1. Just out of interest, how long before games are sent to the bargain bin ? 1 month 2 maybe ? Not too interested in picking this up 'hot off the press' and like a lot of others would like to play the 4 hours SP campaign but not pay a premium price for it, MP for GRAW2 doesn't really appeal. Anyone works for retailers that can answer so I know which month to get this in, the SP looks fun and as per many thread here I know the plot / each level / ending but would like to nip through it.
  2. Not sure I understand, if you could go into the technicallities between VOIP and Teamspeak and your teamspeak-thingy and how they differ that would help. Unless you are talking about back-end QoS from your ISP ? Voice over IP, be it teamspeak, ingame, or another 3rd party is still voice over ip unless they have changed it to text-to-speech which would be interesting.
  3. Should have just release a patch for GRAW 1 to this 1.5b, still, that doesn't make the money does it.
  4. Genius. Imagine that, a MP game that makes you restart a game to use the content you just downloaded to join the server you just 'clicked'. I would like to shake the hand of the genius who decided that was a good idea in GRIN. Why not call it a 'feature', it may make it look better, similar to the 'edge smoothing' thing ?
  5. Summary: Ubisoft plans to release an Xbox Live demo for GRAW 2 on Monday that will finally feature multi-player support. Full Text: To supplement the single-player demo that hit Xbox Live just a few weeks ago, Ubisoft is planning on showcasing the multi-player aspect of its upcoming tactical shooter Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. The demo will be available on Xbox Live starting next Monday, February 26th. The demo will contain one multi-player map known as "Outpost", and will allow for experimentation with both cooperative and versus play. Red Storm Entertainment has also issued an open challenge to gamers wanting to have it out with the development team: "Gamers who download the demo on February 26th will also have the incredible opportunity to be among a select group to challenge the developers to some multiplayer action. All one needs is to submit their Microsoft gamertag, have a ubi.com account and some luck. Sweepstakes will determine the winners who will be invited to play with Red Storm on the Multiplayer Xbox 360 demo on February 28th, 8-10pm EST." Shame, PC version stil has no demo to speak of, pld UBI.
  6. UK, February 14, 2007 - In almost every way, Tom Clancy's GRAW was a ground-breaking success. As a universally acclaimed, BAFTA award-winning game, Ubisoft could easily have gotten away with shipping out the same game again, I stopped reading then. Thanks then.
  7. On topic - Xbox demo I hear is not that good so probably best we won't be getting a PC demo. Still, we have all bought GRAW so can wait for this expansion to hit bargain, I mean GRAW2.
  8. /yawn - we all know that PC demos limit sales as its performance will suck thus lose custom.
  9. Simple question, I find it really hard to get into any online game that does not have built in VoIP as entering a game, finding out what everyone (if any) is using then quiting loading and going back in is a right royal pain. So... Is GRAW2 going to include a built in VoIP client / Server ?
  10. I thought this was going to be an expansion pack or addon, why call it GRAW2 ?
  11. Its time to abandon the PC and get a console like the rest of the kiddies as the shelf life of a PC is far less than say an XBox360. I was going to do an major upgrade but thought about it and have decided that software makers are not writting games for current specs but for unreleased / to be released hardware and I am not willing to keep chasing them. Consoles on the other hand have games made for them, simple.
  12. Great tutorial there ! Even I could use it
  13. Only way to make big PC sales is not to appeal to a niche market. Kids don't want tactical they want run 'n gun which this franchaise isn't about. I would be suprised if we see a PC version anytime soon. Maybe 1 or 2 expansions as they are cheaper to make. Saying that maybe they can make an expansion like BF2 and called it GR:AW2142 selling it as a completely new product.
  14. Have you tried setting the game up as you like then finding the config files and setting them to read only by alt-tabing out and changing ?
  15. I had this only with the demo and never in the full game. Try reducing your sound acceleration down a notch or 2 in dxdiag.
  16. Hahahahah Nice, thats not the reward, that is just making u a walking billboard for free. Gotta love the UBI marketing machine, maybe if u get promoted u get the actual sandwich boards to wear ?
  17. Will this be shown as a cheat in MP so servers not running this mod will kick you for cheating ?
  18. If it is to fix bugs then maybe. But don't expect it some time soon.
  19. 1.30 Run from your machine as there are only 4 of you and its coop (not sure anyone figured out dedi coop server yet). Make sure you have beer and snacks and backup pr0n in case. On the mod front, if you add any mods then make sure you turn anti cheat off or make sure everyone has exactly the same mods. I would recomend blood mod and minimal hud mod to make it more fun.
  20. I would pay for more content especially if there were more varied environments with more green and less yellow. SP game was great and now the [GR] mode is what I was after so happy now.
  21. I believe the folder you need to keep is under settings\profiles which has you savegames in it. Make sure your firewall is not blocking stuff if the .exe has changed.
  22. Sinces removing the beta patch and removing the whole game I no longer have any sound, the settings say NIL and I cannot change it. Can someone post their settings file please for default generic so I can create it again. Thanks. <sound_settings> <settings autodetect="true" /> </sound_settings> Thats all mine says! I have uninstalled, removed all registry entires and reinstalled twice now. Don't worry, fixed it. Looks like RDP session had held up audio driver thus machine thought it didn;t have audio.
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