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  1. Yeah im an engine bender... horses wud be tough.... but ive done stuff no one thought possible wit the engine.... theres many ways to bend it
  2. Quit stealin all my ideas! thought about a Rev war mod myself... what would i like? the horse........
  3. Well i did say if u can read rite that id feel bad if he did rip anything off and that id have a hard time cuttin him down cause of the respect in him... But i did get proof for my point as you asked so y dont u shut it... i specificly told u i ment no offence ... ya thats wut i wuz sayin my apologizes baja monolith....cool it... he made some points
  4. if ur still suspicious... just ask para... i dont even now if it was baja.... hope not.... i always new him to be original
  5. Yeah well i hope so, cause baja dont deserve that... but the proof is there... and if you dont belive me... para can post that picture but narc kow and baja are far from the same situation....... all i was sayin is that baja may not be one to talk about originality
  6. I swear too you u will agree once you see this. this skin is in WOI 2.2
  7. I would not lie about somthing a serious as this
  8. Look im not even 100% sure baja made the skin im lookin at but who ever did stole from MOHAA... no question about it WOI: C:\Program Files\Red Storm Entertainment\Ghost Recon\Mods\War of Infamy\Character\Axis\Germany\GER_Waffen-SS_infantry2_01 MOHAA: Main\pak2\textures\models\human\germanmaps\wehrmact\Wehrmact_tunic
  9. it is sent para.... h8 to burn baja like this......
  10. I Have the pk3 texture next to WOIs in my documents as we speak.... if i can get someone to host them??? otherwise i have no web space
  11. no dont get me wrong bud...... im neutral on the BHD thing.... but im talkin about BJB... and he should be one to talk IF he made WOI skins I Have the pk3 texture next to WOIs in my documents as we speak.... if i can get someone to host them??? otherwise i have no web space
  12. Dont get me wrong that Kow wuz messed up.... but the fact remains... if Baja made WOI's skins... he aint 2 innocent his self........ i never thought id be arguing againt baja... but .... ill get u all a picture of the identical MOHAA skins
  13. dont make me grab sum graphics to prove myself.... I WILL APOLIGIZE if he shows me permission
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