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  1. was wondering why there still isnt a auto download for the servers ,,there are some really nice maps being made and when there in rotation the server emties because no one has the map ,,auto download feature would help the cause greatly ,, THANKS INTIMADATOR_EBDA
  2. Beating a dead horse here but why dont you all just code it like graw let the servers choose by clicking on a box ,what they want to restrict or not ,,open up all wepons ,do away with these kits except RvA , Let the player choose ,,much simpler for all (well maby except you all ) might fix alot .I WOULD LIKE TIO BE ABLE TO CARY A MP5SD AND A NADE WITH MY M99
  3. Descriptions: Suggestions for alternative versions or other game modes are welcome. WOW you have ben busy., I cant think of anything right off the top of my head but this should keep the masses quiet for a few minites ,,OH wait forgot where i was for a moment lol cant wait to give them a try ,,,and take a break from the coading every now and then and hp in the BDA server and give us a shout and i cant wait to get started trying to make some mods on my own see ya ,, *BDA*INTIMADATOR
  4. 10 min. is what i have ben seeing for rounds but that seams a little short for rounds ,by the time you get in to a good position and start to play the round is over ,,match times are set to usualy like 30 to 40 min playing each map 3 to 4 times hope this helps sir *BDA*INTIMADATOR
  5. THERE IS ONE THING THAT THEY ARE FORGETTING they have to please us or we wont buy it ,they need our input ,to better it and fix what bugs are there ,if not a couple of bad reports and no one would buy the game ,,so GRIN should tell UBI to take a hike
  6. ok well i have tried to get a log but all it gives is a ok' button and can't find a way to coppy it but here it is ... MICROSOFT VISUAL C++ RUN TIME ERROR! C:program files\ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\GRAW.exe This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. please contact applications support team for more information . this happens when i play on warehouse in domination mode online ,,havn't noticed a thing happening with any other maps . hope this may help
  7. Playing multiplayer after about one hour or so i get a runtime error with the GHOST RECON .EXE any ideals ,or what more info do you need if any system , pent 3.4 extreme dual core dual 7900gtx nvidia cards in sli.,running 91.28 drivers 2 gig of ram windows xp home ageia phys x card with latest updated software sound blaster x-fi sound card with updated software
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