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  1. Ah right... It was something about that. I can't quite remember. I believe one of the programmers added a warning when using map channels higher than 4 and billboards for some reason using a higher one (I don't know why tho) kind of slipped through. So you can ignore that warning.
  2. In max to set up billboard groups if I remember right is you basically, first need a bunch of one sided planes and then select all these and goto group > group and name it: billboard_group:NAME In the xml you specify it as usual and you want to use leaves as instance_struct. Here's an example: <object name="billboard_group:leafy" shadow_caster="true" hidden="false" instance_struct="leaves"/> And here's an example from the materials file: <material name="shanty_tree_billboard" src="leaves_translucency"> <diffuse_texture file="shanty_leaves_df"/> <bump_normal_texture file="shanty_leaves_bm"/> <opacity_texture file="shanty_leaves_df"/> <clip_plane value="0 0 -1 25000"/> <filter_color_texture file="vgt_translucency_mask"/> <variable name="translucency_fresnel_power" type="scalar" value="10"/> <variable name="translucency_multiplier" type="scalar" value="1"/> </material> Now this one uses translucency as well which will help give them a more "leaflike" feel. For this you need a separate texture mask or you can use the texture called: vgt_translucency_mask like in this example which is just a plain gray that we thought worked best with billboards when we tested. Hope this helped you.
  3. Here's a little tutorial I found explaining some how the UVW unwrap modifier works: http://www.waylon-art.com/uvw_tutorial/uvwtut_01.html When working with landscapes a little tip when it comes to mapping it is that you mostly can start with a simple top down planar mapping of the whole thing and use as a base. Of course you will get a lot of texture stretching on hard angles and stuff like caves etc would have to be mapped separately. However 3dsmax has some nice tools to make it a bit quicker to get a bit better UV and it works pretty well especially on landscapes. Here's a couple of screens I took just showing mapping process on a bit deformed plane. As you can see when I first planar map it I get some ugly stretching that I marked in uv1.jpg. This is where the relax tool is useful if you look at uv2.jpg I have opened the uvw unwrap editor and relaxed it twice with the settings shown there. Relax you can find in Tools>Relax Dialog (or ctrl+r). And as you can see in uv3.jpg the stretching is gone. Of course on a big landscape it's a bit more complex than that, especially if you have some kind of cannyons or cliffs you want to align in certain angles it takes some more work and more material ids. But the principles stay the same. I don't know if this helped anything. But hopefully it made some sense
  4. Woh! That's some sweet work there! Very nice to see.
  5. As Wolfsong kind of said the grass has been made with this in mind pretty much. It's a bit of a compromise really: too short to hide in completely but high enough to make some difference. It's hard to get this perfect as you have to think about the advantage it would give people with faster computers. Or actually in this case perhaps with lower specs. It's either that or remove stuff completely for everyone which isn't a very nice option either. But yeah I think the grass height works well enough to make some difference graphically now without giving you disadvantage.
  6. The one in the puke green hooded sweatshirt or the black hooded sweatshirt? That'd be me One of em anyhow
  7. You can see a few new shots at IGN btw I think they haven't been posted here earlier at least, my bad if they have. http://media.pc.ign.com/media/862/862426/imgs_1.html
  8. Very nice to see some landscape maps comming up modwise
  9. The loading images are set to the actual game mode only as far as I know. You can find a dds exporter/importer plugin to photoshop at nVidia's site: http://www.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html
  10. Nice to see some sewers. Perhaps you should add a few pipes along the walls tho to make it a bit more interesting.
  11. Nice to hear Can't wait to see what you guys can come up with later on.
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