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  1. Rock this is in discussion at the moment wether to ban for it or local ban. We can catch it through checks. Its a exec script. Its already being exploited. Fair warning for using it.
  2. I have been following this thread pretty closely. While some on here dislike PB what most don't understand is that PB is as only as good as the server admins make it. PSB is the same way. All the cvar and md5 checks were not made from PB, but from server admins from psb, RA etc.. Sometimes there are false positives there is no denying that. But the false positive are greatly out weighed by the amount of cheaters it does bust. There is no comparison. You will always have cheaters in MP games. Its how it is handled is what makes the difference. If you cant stop the basic hacks, then there is no hope for the more advanced ones. People whine about cheaters then they whine about the Anti-cheat measures. I dont get it.
  3. One thing to think about is that if a community works together they can rid alot of these POS from playing on servers. It just takes some work and unity.
  4. I have spoke with tow-angle a few times about RA helping with this. We are having a meeting on the 28th to discuss how to set up our side of things in order to start with this. We have opened a forums for GRAW. Thats all I have done at RA to this point.
  5. Nothing can be enforced unless thier is a way to track players other than with IP address. Only way is is a GUID or somesort can be assigned and linked to CD-keys. Second if a person is kicked from a server with altered game files, we dont get any info as to what the files are so that would leave any evidence inconclusive. The people who decide what is a cheat and what isnt and add players to a banlist, have to be un-biased, and have look at all angles, for banning innocent people is what they have to be clear as not to do. Thier are so many intagables that may look like a cheat but isnt. One's opinion may contridict anothers. When we added people to our banlist it was 100% a cheat, Not one was added if it couldnt be proved without a doubt. If they guy does produce a SS application that will help alot, but you have to aware that if its not encrypted so that the Photoshop kiddies cant frame people.
  6. Considering I have barely played in the last 2 months due to work. I would have been over 500 by now.
  7. When the md5 checks were introduced into RVS thier was long learning curve in the begining. I think I remember what happend with you ruggbutt. But in time we got really good in creating md5's and cvar checks. Our config got so big we had to learn how to break them down. Every new cheat that came out we wrote 15 checks to look for it. Then we figured out that their was a flaw in PB that allowed us to change the heiarchy on how and where we could look on a person computer. RVS is the only one of all the PB games that did this. PB only scans the game directory. We expounded on that and started runing md5 comparisons and thier entire computer's harddrives, jumpdrives, partitions. (doesnt scan your drive like most think it only compared what files we tell it look for.) And we busted hundreds of people. So many in tthe beging that we didnt know how to handle it, PSB didnt ban for the md5 checks, So we did. Thats when the SBL was made. But all bust we added went through PB and PSB first. After about a year PSB started banning for Md5 checks. Not to long after that Thats about the time naitive cheats came into play. Thier are some private cheats out their but nothing for public that I have found. If pb was introduced into GRAW it would bring more hackers into the game just as a challenge. GRIN didnt give us anything to work with.
  8. I never got any disconnects on the brief time I played the beta-patch. It would seem this is a gamespy problem. we can only hope that SADS will eliminate gamespy(ware).
  9. Im guessing this is the same Ammo from RVS. If so you can ask your brother he would be able to tell you what hacks are available for GRAW. Thier isnt many at all. I had 2 sent to me at RA and neither one worked after 1.20. Injectors are not abundant for GRAW and if so they are private. None of the major cheat sites even talk about graw. Much less released anything public for it. I infiltrated the major private cheat sites a long time ago. That was how we got alot of information on how to stop them in RVS. And in all the time that I have played GRAW not once have I seen anything that was outright blatent hack other than a xml exploit. That was taken care of. I have heard of a few things but never seen it in this game. Im for PB more than anyone here, but I will say that adding PB also fuels the fire with the people that do create the hacks, just to see if they work. Cheating is not a real issue with this game as of yet. Its more of SADS and fixes to make the game playable and to allow the ladders to get off the ground.
  10. Ip bans are only a solution when the IP is static, when its dynamic everytime they reboot they get a new IP therefore the ban is useless. Cd-key banning is or banning by GUID is alot more of a long term solution. m9whore is too stupid to realize we banned him by ip since it is static. But here is some info on him as well for other games. 1 BattleField 2 d382b0c3 Medic678 United States 2006/02/26 19:14:59 to 2006/02/26 19:51:12 Clean 2 Battlefield 1942 cd1fc673 TsohG United States 2006/01/07 21:20:28 to 2006/01/07 21:32:51 Clean 3 BattleField 2 d382b0c3 TsohG United States 2005/11/25 23:40:53 to 2005/11/28 17:19:01 Clean 4 Battlefield 1942 cd1fc673 {Jax}Medic United States 2005/08/29 18:28:10 to 2005/08/29 22:13:38 Clean And from what im hearing we will be getting some nice server commands from GRIN, also thier is a rumor floating now about GRIN approacing PB about generating GUID for players, This would be a major help. But thats only rumor. Also Bota:X the one you have banned on your image with the ip looks like he has been a very bad boy, here is some info on him . Battlefield 1942 d5166fa4 [ESO] Tam United Kingdom 2005/03/10 17:58:57 to 2005/03/20 13:34:17 Clean 2 Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising 477ba8e30fe299ed24f60e5bb08638cf Anti-Sniper United Kingdom 2005/03/06 11:29:38 to 2005/03/07 11:10:44 V001D1399 3 Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising 477ba8e30fe299ed24f60e5bb08638cf UKA.Elt.Tam United Kingdom 2005/01/23 21:17:44 to 2005/01/23 22:04:11 V001D1399 4 Call Of Duty: United Offensive debc7cc0 UKA.Elt.Tam United Kingdom 2004/12/30 21:13:10 to 2005/01/01 21:20:10 Clean 5 Call Of Duty: United Offensive debc7cc0 Chommy United Kingdom 2004/12/16 19:36:07 to 2004/12/16 19:36:07 Clean 6 Joint Operation: Typhoon Rising 477ba8e30fe299ed24f60e5bb08638cf TBW-Sedna United Kingdom 2004/12/16 11:01:14 to 2004/12/16 11:01:14 V001D1399 7 Return To Castle Wolfenstein 6068d9f9a4e1adfe304e45b8783be7d5 WolfPlayer United Kingdom 2004/10/18 07:09:46 to 2004/10/18 07:29:34 V00532352 While we are on the subject we had a guy trying to join BDA and I ran his IP against the PSB RPI and found out he was on the MBL well we banned him from the server and TS about 10 minutes later he tried to hack the website and sentinal caught it. so I will give his info as well. for what he tried to do. Goes by the name skywolf and his Ip is static. 1 BattleField 2 8762fc71c14243874bd9caa573015db2 [KaoS]SkyWolf United States 2006/06/24 14:16:58 to 2006/07/06 21:08:29 V008AF220
  11. RVS has the autodownload feature. You can also see what is being downloaded at that time. BDA runs alot of custom maps and they are pumping out more each week. I'm constantly updating the website so it will show what we have in rotation. Alot of the maps the guys have done are far better than the originals. we have alot of new TDM and DOM maps out. At the moment it is a pain in the ass to to have ot manually dl all the maps. But if you want to play them then you have to go get them.
  12. We are setting the BDa servers to 1 respawn 10 minute rounds in TDM, 7 min 1 round HH. apparently since the patch GRIN removed some things from the editor it pierced alot of objects and all the maps the guys did will have to be redone, this sucks.
  13. Well after playing the patch and playing game from demo, all I got to say good job, my crossfire kicked in I jumped 25fps in game from 65 to constant 85fps on max settings, Deathcam makes a difference in waiting. woot. damn widescreen bug is about the only thing I can ###### about. all in all we are happy so far and the guys are setting up the BDA server to accomidate multiple settings and game modes. But what im hearing from the mapping guys thier are some problems now since the update. But all in all from the amout of time I played. The patch is a good one so far.
  14. I havent played it yet, but as far as maps go I dotn think thier will be a prob lem with that, especially after all the maps that just came out from the community, some are better than the originals. Now they will have somemore options to play with. As far as teamwork, its there just have to play with a team/clan instead of pubbing.
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