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  1. I've made a mod for GRAW2 similar to the one I made for GRAW1. Basicly its less clutter onscreen and some minor and not so minor tweaks. I recommend turning off target markers in the options screen. That deactivates the enemy markers (red diamonds), this mod takes care of the friendly markers. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome * Adds G36K as a primary weapon in the selection menu. * Adds G36C as a secondary weapon in the selection menu. * Adds RPG-7 as a backpack weapon in the selection menu. * Adds an additional 9 more 40mm grenades to the M32. * Increases Beretta RX4 kill-power (same amount as SCAR L). * Increases HK Mark23 kill-power by roughly 25%. * Increases Beretta M9 kill-power by roughly 25%. * Increases FN M249 ammo-belt from 180 to 200. * Reduces M32 weight by 1 slot. * Removes all weapon crosshairs. * Removes all friendly crosscom markers. * Removes marker for objective-position (all map-markers remains unaffected). * Replaces some weapon names with the correct names (MK45 is HK45 etc). Update 1.1b : - Added "RX4 sight" to M416, SCAR L, SCAR H, G36K and G36C. - Decreased recoil slightly for M249 when in ironsights. - Removed Mule and Drone markers. Known issues in 1.1b: When selecting one type of sights after another, the first one isnt removed from the weapon. RPG-7 weight is always zero. G36C is missing the avatar in the selection screen. http://www.aspsquad.us/iB_html/uploads/graw2_hud01.jpg http://www.aspsquad.us/iB_html/uploads/graw2_hud02.jpg Download [Oversize images changed to URL's - Please see Forum Rule 3.14 Large Images]
  2. Thanks for hosting this mini-mod, Rocky I'm still trying to remove the blue border around the mini-map seen in [GR]-coop. No luck so far, but still working on it.
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