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  1. Hey I haven't given my word on anything! Look back over the thread, all I have been doing is guessing like everybody else! well it's tomorrow... where's my patch ... Blah blah blah (you know Rocky that your going to be hearing this all day from everyone if it doesn't come out lol!) Patch me Patch me as fast as you can.
  2. Just update with 1.30 and start killing m8
  3. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\managers\menunetworkmanager.dsf(-1): cant find member: set_text in type <Button> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\managers\menunetworkmanager.dsf(0) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is really starting to **ss me off now cant get a good run at this game because of crashes,ctd,disconnections and altered game files . Dont know how long i can keep playing this game.
  4. Well we did finally go for the smoke, became nade spammed in the process, but won! I would say that it is never to late to improve the SADS's stability. I am here to stay. ECF server has temporary turned anti cheat off so there`s no ........ blabla has been disconnected for altered game files which you do see alot with servers with anti cheat on. Do you turn it on sometimes during a night? I mean just to scan the populace of the server. Yes have done it now and again and never caught anybody cheating i think
  5. ECF server has temporary turned anti cheat off so there`s no ........ blabla has been disconnected for altered game files which you do see alot with servers with anti cheat on.
  6. Crash in application version: grpcrc1.30 data\lib\units\extensions\inventory.dsf(-1): cant find member: slot_name in type <destroyed c++class> SCRIPT STACK data\lib\units\types\weapons\eglm.dsf(0)
  7. Yeah seen that aswell lol. Top marksman ********* 100% Kills Deaths ********** 0 3 WIERD.
  8. Ok changed the anti-virus to false and changed network speed to 1496 and......................... 3 map changes later i`m still connected. Thank you FI_FlimFam only thing i never done was reboot the box because iv got a bhd server running on it aswell and there were people on it thank god for 100mbit open pipe. I will put anti-virus back on and see if that`s ok.
  9. Cheers FI_FlimFlam will give it a go and post back
  10. ok ticked load next map BUT still kicking everybody out with dissconected unknown error dont think iv done anything wrong Graw_server FILE <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_server name="***"> <allow_sidechange_under_match value="true"/> <auto_balance value="true"/> <auto_balance_limit value="2"/> <auto_kick value="false"/> <auto_kick_time value="240"/> <both_side_ready_required value="true"/> <coop_difficulty value="normal"/> <death_cam value="1"/> <dedicated_server value="true"/> <disable_frag_grenade value="false"/> <disable_grenade_launcher value="true"/> <disable_heavy_rifle value="false"/> <disable_light_rifle value="false"/> <disable_smoke_grenade value="false"/> <disable_sniper value="false"/> <fail_on_leader_death value="false"/> <forced_spawn_time value="60"/> <friendly_fire value="true"/> <game_mode value="TeamDeathmatch"/> <immortality_duration value="10"/> <level value="tdm04"/> <load_next_maps value="true"/> <map_cycle value=""/> <match_length value="15"/> <match_points value="200"/> <max_ai_ghosts value="3"/> <max_deaths value="0"/> <max_move_without_ack_time value="2"/> <max_players value="32"/> <member_info_broadcast_interval value="5"/> <message_of_the_day value="Welcome to the =ECF=RECRUITING server Teamspeak....... welcome to join Mod maps coming soon join us @ www.ecf-hq.com Any problems e-mail...histy@ecf-hq.com or tayzurri@ecf-hq.com This server is run by q4x servers"/> <mpcoop_timer value="5"/> <name value="=ECF=RECRUITING"/> <next_map value=""/> <next_round_time value="15"/> <no_cost_weapons value="true"/> <password value=""/> <password_locked value="false"/> <players_ready_required value="2"/> <port value="15250"/> <punish_tk value="false"/> <resupply_ammo_time value="20"/> <rounds value="1"/> <scan_for_cheats value="true"/> <siege_time value="5"/> <skip_insertion value="false"/> <spawn_time value="10"/> <start_condition value="4"/> <start_points value="50"/> <switch_sides value="false"/> <teamkill_kick_limit value="3"/> <vote_enabled value="true"/> <vote_kick_starters value="1"/> <vote_map_starters value="1"/> <vote_ratio value="70"/> <vote_time value="10"/> <win_condition value="1"/> Servers_shared FILE <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <ghost_recon_3_servers_shared> <admin_password value="*****************" /> <!-- The path to your wanted server settings xml. for example: <standalone_path value="/settings/servers/graw_server_********.xml" /> --> <standalone_path value="/settings/servers/graw_server_********" /> <!-- Your network speed, in kbps. Lowest recomended is 256, highest for internet play is 3048. Setting this value to 0 means LAN play. --> <standalone_network_speed value="1500" /> <standalone_post_on_gamespy value="true" /> </ghost_recon_3_servers_shared>
  11. Thanks for the fast reply viiiper but they were all stock maps. At the moment i havn`t put any other maps on untill i get this fixed.
  12. Map name spelled incorrectly in the cycle line will kick player from server !!! It has to be spelt absolute !!!
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