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  1. It's too late in the game for PB and ain't gonna happen. Client Side Demo's is a possibility... Not sure what the next patch holds for the Anti-Cheat.
  2. Absolutely and an excellent point, Ammo... Definitely need to see all of the proof. We also need to figure out who is going to be hosting this as it needs to be in 1 location so that the community ban list is properly maintained and updated as necessary. Having it on too many different sites could lead to other issues. I have contacted Milar from RA (Respected Admins), but no response yet. It is time for one of the anti-cheat communities to step as this is happening now and something will happen in the next couple of days, this is a guarantee.
  3. What am I needing help with? 2 things... 1) I'm hoping that we can get one of the anti-cheat communities to host a community ban list. 2) This is an important one... I need to compile everyones ban list of who was or is actually cheating so I can compile the list once there is a place to host a community ban list. Please, this only needs to be CONFIRMED cheaters, not people you only suspect as cheating. Your diligence and participation is greatly appreciated. If you wish to send me your ban list so I may compile them, please PM me, as this will also be a record of who is contributing. I'm hoping in the next few days to have something for the community. Also, and addition to, I need you to annotate in the PM who the cheaters are so that once I start looking at the ban list, I know which ones to get.
  4. I was talking about going through a Copyright office and actually filling out the necessary forms to say that it is in fact copyrighted material. The copyright you are referring to is considered intellectual property rights, which does give you some legality, but not much.
  5. Almost looks like a remake of Mech Warrior.
  6. All of the above if there is not expressed written permission to use anything from GR:AW. I should addon... All of us have permission to mod GR:AW and insert our personal content into GR:AW. Since this content are your creations and your content that you add to the game, you are the intellectual property owner, but the game still belongs to the manufacturer. In essence of the EULA and License Agreement, you are giving GRiN/UBI permission to use your personal content of the game in the creation of maps, mods, objects and other content and vice versa, they are giving you permission to add it to the game. **EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION ON THE LAST POINT**
  7. Being a 3d modeller from another game, I can tell you that there is a lot of pride in the work you do, especially if it turns out nice. Creating objects for a specific game there is intellectual property rights involved, including any patent pending laws and trademark laws that are involved in the production of any game. Are my objects copyrighted? No. Are they patent pending? No. Are they trademarked? No. Is there intellectual property rights? YES. When I made the objects for the game, there were intellectual property rights involved. Would I be ###### off if someone stole my work for another game that I had not intended? HELL YES. GRiN/UBI owns the patents, copyrights, trademarks and intellectually property rights to the game. There is and will be legal ramifications if GRiN/UBI so desire to chase after this individual. Whether or not he gives GRiN/UBI credit isn't even the point. He's taking from one game from one manufacturer and putting them into a game from another manufacturer. Which does infringe upon all of the above and aforementioned information I have provided. He is in breach of EULA of the game, the manufacturer and publisher of GR:AW on top of what I've already mentioned. Even if he has used the demo version of the game or the retail version, it doesn't matter. However, this individual has put himself in the line of fire. It would be one thing if he had gotten express written permission to use the models from GR:AW, but I've read all the way through and it seems he is aslo breaking the law of plaegerism. So far, I have counted at least 5 laws that this individual has broken. And I'm sure that he could be found liable for all of them if GRiN/UBI so choose to persue this in court. This would mean that other manufacturers of games he's stolen content from could also follow suit of GRiN/UBI in this matter and could end up paying quite a sum of money, fines, court fees and even possible jail time. Just like the US Army is now attempting to prosecute cheaters in open courts of law for patent infringing of a government piece of software.
  8. While I agree with you on what this person is doing... However, you can rest assured that they are very aware of this and handling it. There is no need to bash the site admins, staff and moderators.
  9. and on a This thread is about what people would like in an expansion, not what you personally dislike about the game.
  10. Gang, this is about what we would like to see in an expansion, not if GRiN is going to do an expansion and have it out by Christmas or New Years. Let's keep focused in on what we would like to see in the game. Thanks!
  11. So, do the SADS need a complete restart in order for it to read an updated ban list? I'm a bit confused as this is what I thought the restart_server command was for?
  12. SWEET! This is very very good news! Although, I do have a naming convention question... Is there a specfic format of the names that can be used? Or can they be any name and they only have to be in the ban folder?
  13. I'm already steps ahead for something for the community. While I may not be able to program, there are ideas and possible plans in the works to create something. But, the more ideas that we have, the more we can look at incorporating something similar to what PunksBusted.com has done and is currently doing. The steps are in place, the foundation is being laid for auxillary admin tools.
  14. I personally, in my opinion, do not see why this is not an obtainable goal? This thread I started is about ideas as to what we can do as a community in the addition to what GRiN gives us and possibly what GRiN could incorporate into the current anti-cheat. While I do understand your view, I am however going to agree to disagree with you on your stance. I am personally 'willing' to do what I can in the assistance in the production of a program that can and will automatically or manually update a ban lists. We also know that it is a good idea to reboot the SADS at least once a day. You do have some valid points that you are making, but again I started this thread to get ideas flowing towards what we would like to see incorporated into the current anti-cheat and/or an auxillary program that can at least update ban lists.
  15. Whether I agree or disagree with you is not even the point at the moment... What we need to do is start coming up with ideas and hope that GRiN listens and that we are able to come up with something that honestly at leasts updates ban lists from a repository. Whether it's this site, RA or any other anti-cheat site doesn't matter... As long as someone is willing to do it. RA has offered, but the fact remains that there are absolutely no tools at the moment for server admins other than just banning someone and sharing it with others.
  16. I understand your view. However, if we set ourselves a goal and work towards it, it will be achieved only if people take the initiative to get involved. Otherwise, it will never be an obtainable goal at all. While I do know that PB is an excellent choice, if not the only choice, but we aren't going to get it. So, we can only help and assist GRiN in knowing what we are needing in an anti-cheat system. However, what I am talking about is a community initiative to take off from where GRiN cannot go. If Punks Busted can do it, we can too. It's all about the can-do attitude.
  17. I'm personally not opposed to such an idea, but with the way my idea works is very similar as you have one place that you are sync'ing your ban list from, which is a 3rd party server located on the internet and not exactly between 'friendly' squads as that could lead to partiality instead of impartiality and not all squads are friendly with each other as there is some rivalry between some. The only way I personally feel if someone has been banned for cheating and was honestly caught, let them plead their case. If they are not cheating, and were put on the list as a cheater, then it should be quickly and easily remedied as soon as possible. However, I also feel that if someone is caught cheating, that they should be banned from any and all servers with an enabled anti-cheat system. However, this is starting to get out of the scope of what we would like to see included in the anti-cheat system itself.
  18. I've thought about this for some time now... Some things I'd like to see: Jungle type of objects Different types of vehicles More buildings of all kinds, and also enterable More open space and larger types of maps Different character skins, customizable and permanent kit selection Jungle sounds Ocean/Beach terrain with moving water/sounds, to also include rivers/stream/lakes More terrain features, such as, but not limited to; grass, brushes, trees and other types of objects Please feel free to add onto this list... It is a wish list, btw.
  19. I definitely agree, and one way to do this is to have two separate ban lists... CBL (Community Ban List) and a LBL (Local Ban List). However, if this is not possible, then there definitely needs to be a way to differentiate between a person who gets banned for TK'ing and someone who is cheating. One thing that would work for this is to have the server admin put in a comment after the kick/ban as to why they were kicked/banned from the server via the console commands /kick #1 player tk'ing /ban #1 player caught with a speed hack That type of thing should be easy enough to add so that when you look at the ban list, you can see why the person was banned/kicked from the server. If it is a ban, then the reason gets put into the XML, while a kick is only displaying in the in-game chat why the person was kicked from the server and annotated in a log. Both a kick and ban should be logged into a standard text type document that any word editor can read. I am truly in agreement with all that is being said here, and we as a community can come together and create auxillary programs similar to what PunksBusted do, but with a bit more functionality. And, if GRiN is able to incorporate some of these ideas into the current A/C, the better it will be for all of us. I personally would like to see a separation of a community ban list and a local server only ban list. This would help differentiate between what is a community ban and what is a local ban. While sharing of ban lists is as good as it gets now, having an auxillary program that can either be used to automatically update a CBL or manually update the CBL would also be a better benefit as long as the CBL is maintained by a 3rd party server that none of us have access to and is tamper proof.
  20. Here's what I feel it should include, but not limited to the following: 1) Storing of SS's on the game server itself (which is accessible to server admins) 2) A place to submit SS's for voting on if a player is cheating or not 3) A community ban list that the game server can understand from a local ban list 4) Additional settings/game variable checks to ensure that more things can be properly checked to ensure someone is not cheating. Just checking game files is by no means a complete way to ensure someone is not cheating. 5) Player information: PID (Player ID), UID (User ID), PCID (Personal Computer ID) or CD-Key, IP Address, MD5 hash of the afforementioned information as to ensure that people cannot change the information as a by-pass of the anti-cheat system and connections logs Please, just add on to this list and keep comments about the current anti-cheat to a minimum. This is to let GRiN know what we are truly wanting in a viable anti-cheat system. There are plenty of other threads to discuss the current anti-cheat that we currently have.
  21. Not to be a pain at all... But, it is still a promotional thread even moreso by the title now, but it is better than it was before, and there is nothing really to discuss except for matching, laddering and tournaments based on the title IMHO. Now it sounds like it should belong in the GR Series Clans and Ladders even more.
  22. Really? Can you point out to me where it says that by one of the staff? I can't seem to find it in the pinned topic, nor the forum description. I'll gladly move this thread, if I am missing where this was stated. Point is being missed... To recap my point:
  23. Isn't there a forum for the promotion of League/Tournament play? That's where it should've been then, as this thread is nothing more than a promotion of PGL, which both FlimFlam and myself have noted a few times.
  24. I have read, but you have not... There is no point in discussing something that is not meant for the entire public. Why bring something up if it will only be for the elite few who wish to be competitive while others just enjoy playing and needing a cheat free atmosphere? Until this is little statement is totally understood, there is no need for further discussion about the PGL Anti-Cheat. AND, just some FYI, ShadowXavier, you will see where I did mention that I understood about the system requirements to run something like this, afterall... I am a computer technician... I think I have a clue. This section of the forums is meant for a community anti-cheat, not a laddering/tournament anti-cheat. That's the idea behind this section of the forums.
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