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  1. Hi..in your screen shot i can see the lightmap but with map on server it is not visible and are very lightning. (I have downloaded the v2). But finally u do a good work!
  2. I think u loose any file named Art_HI or it does not possible to find this file in the bundle!
  3. It is possible to create one or more plans of water on the same map to different heights. Naturally you should do it in 3dsmax and then to monitor the levels or to fix them if I is not ok.
  4. <decal_surfaces> <ds_mesh object="gt_busch01" material="stone" hidden="false"/> </decal_surfaces> "Stone" are for examples!
  5. <soundbank name="ambience_city_day_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_city_night_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_explosion_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_historical_day_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_industrial_day_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_industrial_war_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_military_war_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_park_night_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_mountains_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_shanty_morning_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_shanty_war_sound" type="ambient"/> <soundbank name="ambience_shore_day_sound" type="ambient"/>
  6. Thanks for this Mod but is possible to use the custom map or the game crash?
  7. Hi sorry for my bad english ... U must edit the the file on server "dedicated_game_info" and add or modify the line <match_info level="hh_islands_of_fire" order="3"> </match_info> the original name of this map is Islands_of_fire. you excuse me for the drawback!
  8. Hi all ...sorry for my bad english.. I ended from a couple of next day of the test the mine first map custom with landscape custom built with 3ds max.. I would like to thank ALL of THE modder of the discussions on the use of the tutorial and particularly Wolfsong to have given of the precious suggestions. I repeat not and' the utmost like the maps of the Grin but who experienced it in game itself and' amused a lot. Mod HH and TDM. Here the screen and the link for the download. Happy New Year to all. DOWNLOAD ENTRY
  9. Merry Xmas and happy New Year to you all boys and girls!
  10. Thanks Biro! Thanks for the yours excellent work the patience and them hours that you dedicate to this mod, me and my friends we are really grateful to you that carry the possibility of to return back in the time. Thanks a lot. .
  11. Congrats GRIN for the release and thanks for your great work!
  12. Hello to all. Please excuse my bad English. I would like to promote an idea in order to check GRAW2 custom maps before they are put online. My thought would be to create a group of Modders that can evaluate and test the custom maps and in some way certify them before they are distributed. In this way we could avoid to have a lot of useless maps (Of course the best would be distributed in map packs. ) Some suggestions? B52
  13. Unfortunately it looks so. We'll have the answer July 13 I guess... Still, if there is the slightest chance that GRIN have the possibility to make it into an official patch, i.e., 4 insertion zones with a random insertion option for T vs T a´la GR, I'd strongly recommend GRIN to do so. It would likely boost the official matching and ladders. The reason why? These are some actual comparisons between GR and GRAW to put perspective on things when it comes to gameplay variability and flexibility: GR 10 months after release: 48 official maps available for T vs T LMS or HH (LMS = TDM) in varied environment (urban, rural, djungle, desert, forrest, mountain, swamp, wilderness etc), each map with 4 spawn zones and a random insertion option (for 1st spawn) =12 scenarios each map. = 576 different scenarios for T vs T matches GRAW 14 months after release: 7 official maps available for T vs T TDM, each with only 2 insertion zones and no random insertion option = only 14 scenarios for T vs T TDM matches. Please GRIN and UBI, don't repeat the same mistake in GRAW 2 as in GRAW! Please consider: 4 insertion zones per map so the foundation for gameplay variability in matches and good laddering will significatly improve! Why cripple a succesful concept for insertion zones in MP T vs T? And remember, modded maps or other mods in is usually not supported by ladders. It has to be official. Ladder admins don't have time and patience to go through all the variety of maps and mods that appear for various games. The game has to be ready from box (or with official patches). See also Judge_Recluse's post earlier. Wouldn't it be nice to see a strong laddering GRAW 2 community? Peace...You are my idol, I confirm everything that said also by name of my clan.
  14. http://img53.imageshack.us/my.php?image=grnetve6.jpg
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