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  1. Rest assured GRIN will be around for much longer... if you were in on GRAW1 you know this already. Good to hear. Keep up the great work
  2. DAMN! Was that Play.com? Close, but no cigar... It was Gameplay
  3. UK copies also coming through - You've just got to love a certain online UK retailer.... game shipped yesterday, received today...
  4. Mine are here... replace the *'s with your Vista username C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\GRAW2Demo\
  5. Perhaps try here... GhostRecon.net [GR] Maps Download Page! or here... Ghostaholic.com [GR] Maps Download Page.
  6. Since the latest patch, I have re done a couple of my maps so you can use them for TDM and HH games... enjoy. Deja Vu (TDM & HH) Construction (TDM & HH) Screenshots: Deja Vu 1 2 3 Construction 4 5 6 Recommended number of players 12-24 Badger's Den will be hosting them this afternoon/evening along with the stock maps if you'd care to join me
  7. Vote_Enabled Value="True" ... was that there before the patch in the server options xml, do we now have voting in game? Or am I having one of 'those' moments
  8. Has anyone managed to figure this out yet?
  9. Since the 1.20 patch, all my maps are now unfortunately showing the name I used when I first started creating the map and not the one I used whilst exporting. I don't know about anybody else, but my problem is that when I first start a map I rarely know how it's going to turn out let alone the name of it! I already spotted that it didn't show in the mulitplayer 'tab' menu, but I could live with this as it showed correctly in the map list and multiplayer lobbies. Unfortunately though, the 3 maps I have thus far created look like they will now appear as the following: Badger's Den = Sneaky Badger Badger's Den 3 = Construction TDM = Deja Vu (TDM) Hope this may help people when seeing these random names in the multiplayer lobbies, and also any other mappers when coming to choose their name. Edit: Hmmmm, even more strange, they're now showing correctly on my computer but incorrectly on a friends
  10. As promised, I have completed my Deja Vu (TDM) map. It's basically as symmetrical as I could make it, which hopefully will give people the feeling of 'hmmm, haven't I just come down here'! Sorry for the slight delay, it was actually ready last Thursday but I've been struggling to render it due to the map editor crashing and saying that it couldn't allocate enough memory. Although, I eventually managed to get round that by booting my computer up, loading the map editor and then the map, and clicking on the export button as soon as humanly possible; it appeared to allocate enough memory just in the nick of time Also, I tried to make the mini map as best I could, but even after trying on a high quality render, with 8 passes it still slightly 'cocked' up a couple of the statics. It's not too bad though. Hope you like it... Deja Vu (TDM) Map Download Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 PS. I'll try and throw a server up later on with this and a few other of the community TDM maps
  11. Just by using the pre-made statics... ghe_construction_site, and gi_grass_01 are the main ones I used if I recall, taken from the Ghetto Set.
  12. Ok, will do... although the Mini Maps do not show quite right, so as long as you can put up with that?! I'm also working on a map created specifically for TDM (with a working Mini Map!), it will be called 'Deja Vu' due to the map being perfectly symmetrical, which I'm hoping will give people the feeling of 'haven't I just been down here'! Should be finished in the next day or so...
  13. 'Construction' Download Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 I've also touched up and re-uploaded the first map I'd done: 'Sneaky Badger' Downloadv2 Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Enjoy!
  14. Ok, thanks Wrath... I'll have another crack at a TDM map this evening!!
  15. Hack, the elevations that you see are straight from the Ghetto Set.... if I recall correctly, the name of the static was grass_01 Hope that helps! I've also completed another map over the weekend, called Construction. I'll upload tonight. The mini map still doesn't show correctly, but I think I've cracked that problem, so hopefully with the next map I create, it'll be 3rd time lucky
  16. Hi Wrath... Map's looking good, haven't had chance to download and try it yet. One question though... Does the round end once max deaths are reached. I tried to set up my map Sneaky Badger as TDM but it would only end the round once the timer had counted down. i.e. I tried setting Max Deaths to 1, but everyone seemed to be on infinite respawns and could keep on spawning once killed?! (Does that make sense?)
  17. I was bored last night so fired up the editor and had a play...It's a fairly open map and it's not exactly great, but this is the first ever time I've tried to make a map.... so bear with me I originally tried to make it Domination with only 2 Zones, and was hoping it would therefore play as TDM - unfortuantely, spawns seemed to be infinite and the game only finished once the timer had counted down. Oh well, re-rendered as Deathmatch and this is the outcome. The map overhead doesn't quite show correctly when you enter a game/press tab... but I can't quite figure out why?! It will be running on 'Badger's Den UK Dedi. 1.16' whenever the server is up, feel free to come and play Sneaky Badger Map Download PS. Thought some screenshots may be appropriate... Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4
  18. Long time lurker, first time poster!! First off thanks for all the great tips that I have gotten off this site in the past Secondly, not sure whether this will help you cpthk, but to join by specific ip (I have to when I host a server via Gamespy but also want to connect to said server over my LAN)... I add a server to my favourites and then come out of the game and edit the following file C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\GhostReconAdvancedWarfighter\Settings\profiles\graw_profile_dids (replace 'dids' with your profile name) The server you added as a favourite will be in the graw_profile_dids file near the bottom with it's Name and IP address. I then edit and change that IP address to whatever the IP is I need to connect to; save, boot up the game, then click favourites and join. This works great for my purposes of hosting a dedicated server over Gamespy and being able to join over the LAN (I'm not great when it comes to networking though, so there may be an easier way for me to do this.. possibly has something to do with my NAT setup - but that's for another topic I guess!!) Hope this helps cpthk!!
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