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  1. amix, i have released a repacked version of the 1.3 and 1.4 patches, due to the exact reason you have stated. I too had an original copy of GR and it just would not update, for absolutley no reason at all. These new repacked patches will install no question on your machine. As people here have stated, you can still play on AND 1.3 version servers, but im sure we have all noticed that there are distinctly more 1.4 servers out there. Anyway, hopefully, ghostrecon.net and modheads.net will be hosting these 2 repacked patches within the next few days, so keep your eyes open for them, I gua
  2. @ Rocky: Well, I had this problem (thats why i made this re-packed patch) and I have the standard original vanilla box version (no ds no it) which I bought off the shelf (ie. not bundled) so, im not sure, but it effected me, so I guess those people were have the same version.
  3. Hi there, After spending a considerable amount of time trying to update my version of Ghost Recon up to 1.3/1.4 and not getting anywhere (no help from ubi soft tech support either!). I finally had to provide my own solution. Now this problem is not isolated to just me, I have read numerous post's in the ubi support forums and elswhere and although it is not widespread, it IS out there. The problem in question is that of the 1.3 and 1.4 update patches. Alot of people including myself encountered error's when trying to update. Error messages include... "You Allready Have A Newer V
  4. Ok thanks guys, appreciate the sympathy Well, here is what we have, after searching through my backup of the project, im sad to say there is alot of stuff missing. Half of this was lost in the big ftp hosting calamity and some (like the nice photorealistic digital face textures) was taken by my team mate when he left. We were only a short way into the development by the time all this rubbish happened, so the little work there was has been cut down even further. So this is what is actually left....(be warned, its not alot!) Models: M16 SigSauer P266 Skud
  5. Hi guys, Ok, well I guess I owe everybody an explaination of what happened to our mod "SAS Evolution". Shortly after the final update, as was stated on the website, I went away on Holiday for 3 weeks. Upon returning from holiday I found the guy I was hosting the website with had sold his hosting affiliate package onto his friend, who im afraid to say was not exactly helpfull about letting me continue hosting with him....so, after a few days of frenzied emailing and a big argument he terminated my hosting...this is when the website went down...complete with all my files/forums/mailinglist/ne
  6. nahh, ain't fighting....we are both supplying completley different S.A.S experiences anyway ...i personally loved v1 of the skins/equipment mod....really looking forward to playing v2, because believe, it will be out a LONG time before I ever get finished lol, especially based on the fact that it's only little old me and a texture artist at present ...Keep up the top work boys !
  7. shakes his fist feebly in the air....how are we supposed to make the ultimate S.A.S modificiation with you guys out there...we would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!!! No seriously....damm nice work guys...those be some very sweet looking models!...can't wait to play v2
  8. Hey there, If your stuck try out my tutorial Beginners Lighting Tool Tutorial Thats should get you started, there is a more advanced tutorial in the works at the moment, and should be ready by about monday...so look out for that as well. Hope this helps All the best Fortran
  9. @ Viper Regarding missions, there will be a few additions to the usual GR 2008 weapons, but not many. This is actually an area we have not researched yet. We have been so caught up with the real-life missions and getting them accurate. @Agent Ok, well as you may or not know, the Ghost Recon engine only supports 2 shermanlevels in a map..ie you can have only 2 floors. This is because of the command map problem. So..we are going to start the embassy mission with a cut scene, showing the initial abseiling onto the balcony of the 1st floor. The player will then start the mission from th
  10. In the middle of B20 at the moment, but I don't have a copy of Immediate Action...The other books Im researching from are "The complete Enycolpedia of the S.A.S" by Barry Davies, and im waiting on a copy of the "Complete Illustrated history" of the S.A.S by the same author. Will try and grab a copy of Immediate Action as well though
  11. No, Im afraid not . To keep with historical realism, you will have to tag the scud with a laser, which will then complete that objective, this will then trigger an FMV/cutscene of an airstrike where the scud will be destroyed. Although this is no way concrete yet (is more fun than sticking a demo pack on the thing ). I am still awaiting another 2 books on the S.A.S to make sure we do this properly.....have allready done a whole load of research. As for telling you guys so soon...well...we want to try an build a community behind the project, so when It does finally hit, there will be a LOT
  12. Thanks for the kind words....Ive had this concept in my head for a while now...but never had the resource of a good enough engine to pull it off properly. Weapons are still in research at the moment, to make sure we get everything historically accurate...but you can be rest assured...if the S.A.S HAD or IS using it...it will be there . As for needing IT or DS....no to both. We are working extra hard to design everything from scratch so there will be no need for anything but the basic Ghost Recon (patched to 1.4). This of course will result in a slightly bigger download for you all, but we wil
  13. That is truly uncanny you mentioned that . Infact that IS exactly what the Gulf War mission is...The basic mission plan (at present until further factual analysis) is.... OBJECTIVE 1: Secure the border control post OBJECTIVE 2: Find and destroy fibre optic coms cable running under the sand OBJECTIVE 3: Tag Scud launcher site with laser guidance device for air strike OBJECTIVE 4: Get to Evac zone Sound like the kind of thing you where after ? Also in response @ XG5KD0 We are currently breaking this mission apart trying to figure out how we will do this best. One suggesti
  14. Thanks for the exposure Rocky...much appreciated, we will keep you informed of any major updates in the development
  15. I would pack him off with a parachute and drop him into the middle of texas...Gather the people.....lay on baseball bats, hammers, screwdrivers and a bag of wood nails....then sit back and watch the locals get busy
  16. Thanx Crimson Its comming along slolwy...Its a whole lot of modding to get through, but we will make it
  17. Soup, As you know (if you read the "about" page on the site) we need alot of weapons, a whole lot of stuff from 1952 up to 2008! I wouldn't want to just use your weapons and credit you as our mod is only going to feature unique weapons/models/maps/textures (ie. you will only see them in S.A.S Evolution). However I would be honoured if you would join the team ! I need somebody with some talent like you on hand to help model the large arsenal of weaponary. If your interested in joining the team then send me an email asap.(dont bother filling out a form on the website...Ive allready seen what
  18. Hi guys, Just wanted to get some feedback on the topic of polycounts for different sized weapons as I am not yet %100 familiar with the GR engine. What is a good polycount for the following (if anybody can shed some light) Rifles (AK47/M16 etc.) Sniper Rifles Hand Guns Objects (ie grens/binoculars/waterbottles) So far we have been getting between 380 - 450 for the rifles etc. and about 330-390 for handguns. I know the old addage is "As few as possible" but is there any sort of range that the GR engine handles comfortably ? What sort of polycounts are the rest of you guys g
  19. Ok, love the concept, but..... opened it up and it said So I clicked View to presumably view the reply to the topic I started, but there isn't a reply to that topic ? Am I being a bit thick ? Or is that an error ?
  20. Is there something happening with the forums ? I started this thread, but it now says somebody else did ? And my posting was pushed down to near the bottom of the thread ? Im not complaining I just wondered if it was an error or something, or if the admins are pushing some threads around ?
  21. woha....whats happening ? postings jumping around like a pot of beans at a mexican jumping festival !! whats happening ?
  22. Hi, Just wanted to introduce the development of a new GhostRecon mod. S.A.S Evolution A complete conversion of GR including 10 new singleplayer maps and missions. We are moving into development now...so any support from the community would be fantastic. Come and check us out.....S.A.S Evolution
  23. Just wanted to say excellent job getting GR.net up and running again. There seems to have been a spate of these pesky hacking attacks on various GhostRecon sites....most likley some little 11 year old scipt kiddies!! Anyway, damm good job getting it back up for us...and I know I speak for us all when I say a very big THANK YOU!!! for all your hard work
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