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  1. jungle jungle jungle , ooga-chucka ooga-chucka ...
  2. you should exit the editor after saving changes to any map . it doesnt want to load the next map if you dont reboot the app .
  3. i think its meters ... so goto cutsomize > units setup , and choose international and then meters , click ook and youre ready to make a ground plane in the proper scale .
  4. the crosshair design is defined in a texture , with simple alpha information . however it also appears that in the data\objects\weapons folder in the scar and cmr folders there are other references to the reticle as well ... im lookin now where i found it before , but there is a mod in these forums that removes the crosshair , so that would be one of the files involved in the reticle display .
  5. you could always make the weapon texture trnaparent , but then other players will see you shooting a non-existent weapon . but if youre up for solo campaign with no weapon in view then thats a solution .
  6. Speaking of user directory tree structure , it isnt even difficult to learn , why have a computer and use mods in the first place if you are oblivious as to how to install them .
  7. yes , material id's are still the way to go , however under the tools menu ( top of screen ) there is a vertex colors tool , you then go into sub object mode with vertices and select the bordering vertices and apply a midtone greyscale color . your differing materia;s will then become white or black , so the transition you painted ( selected by the vertices ) will have white for one texture , grey for the blend , and black for the other texture . i dont know how many textures you can vertex paint at once , you may have to collapse the stack or convert it to an editable mesh for thee next etxture blending process .
  8. i was wondering if you could help out a bit with the incoming tutorials , since i want to test max poly useage in view , i know its very different , but the shanty buildings and construction sites are ok , but a denser , more complex building would be a good thing for some cqc/midrange/sniper mixups . i went fricken nuts with this hotel , and i know that its too high , but if i can manage solid occlusion , then it will have been worth it . plus i can always ditch the tv dishes and save ~12,000 polys lol . [EDIT] without the tv dishes its only 9,500 tris !! LOL textures are 1024 x 1024 for the facade , 512 H x 1024 for the interior rooms , and 512 x 512 or less for the detail meshes . wireframes :
  9. names on the HUD minimap i beleive are just the .dds textures opened in photoshop and names in text places over them .
  10. got a render of the building i need help with ( note the lack of trees ) :
  11. hey all , i got a massive building i need import to test functionality and scale . was wondering if someone could take some time out to help me import it via im , because the tutorials help as far as exporting , but the materials sections is very uncler to me . the building is ~10,000 polygons , completely carved out on 4 or 6 floors ( cant remember which ) , so this will be the most difficult import i have tried yet . thanks to anyone who can help out , im sure youll be satisfied with the work im doing for the community .
  12. ok , sorry if someones asked thig before , but do modified scripts effect the game with anti-cheat enabled , or could a simple script be places into the map bundle file ? also , i was wondeing if user-created terrain could be painted on with props like grass and brush like the stock terain and tiles can ? also , destructable objects , would you know of a guide on how to do that ? sorry for all the questions but i have made fairly noteable progress with my map , and want to start thinkin of these things .
  13. ditialy , is it fairly easy to make doors ? and can you bind them the " use key " , i have a building with alot of doors and it would be great to have to open/shut them using input and it would be tactically interesting to have to shut doors that make sound to keep from being noticed .
  14. i just came across an old plugin i had forgotten about ... power booleans is just the thing for building carved out structures , since max booleans tend to stop operating like they should after a few operations . im currently building a map and the best part of building it has been this tool . so go check it out !! http://www.npowersoftware.com/booleans/pboverview.htm
  15. if i remember correctly , you can bake a 'complete map' in max , and it will store anything you assign to it . i tried it with chaos thoery and it had semi-normal mapped properties , though the engine doesnt support normal maps . worth a try if you got a min free , but i could be wrong .
  16. Map textures : http://berneyboy.planetquake.gamespy.com/textures.htm http://www.mayang.com Camo palletes : http://images.google.be/imgres?imgurl=http...6lr%3D%26sa%3DN ill look around more , that shoudl get mapper stared though .
  17. well you can theoretically replace the material with a baked texture form 3ds max, if you wish to test this is will be more than happy to hhelp out with that . from what i've managed to understand , in max i can render a single texture containign diffuse , bump , normal , specularity , self-illumination , and maybe something else into ao single texture , with additional channel information stored in the file . with cube maps i'm a bit fuzzy ,doesnt apear as though i can bake a cube map into a channel . but ati has a cube map imprt generator , can try http://www.ati.com/developer/cubemapgen/index.html so you could try just redirecting or replacing the texture in the xml to the new cube map . on the other hand , im wondering if i can use a generated cube map to bake into specularity , will it still be real-time ? ill have a look and let you know .
  18. as always with first person , you should use as few as neccessary , and with normal mapping in the mix , its also very easy to keep the count low while allowing complex details to be handled by the skin . my opinion of a first preson wepaon , with deleted unseen faces would be around 2500- 3200 , thats a fair number i thnk , but testing could help narrow that down . also remember that some people dont have the highest-end pc's , and are already making sacrifices to graphics for extra FPS , so it's always a good thing to keep the count lower .
  19. if youre looking for new models, either ask here or at a site dealing with digital art, and general computer graphics , theres tond of modelers out there , just need to find one not busy atm . also the skins for the current weapons are top notch , so texturing wont be a problem . i will try to get a chance ot model some weapons , but i would need someone to do the back end implementation , including bone structure for animations , if applicable .
  20. try http://www.sounddogs.com they have free recordings available there ... also check out a version of sony soundforge 8 , free trial available from the sont.com website .... so you will need Nemon's sound bank tool to place your sounds in a .bank file , hopefully someone can help you with the scripting part of importing . if you need help just ask , i will be more than happy to help you with sound editing , i have alot of experience with audio application .
  21. some of them might be internal releases or beta versions .
  22. " im not a smart man ... but i know what texturing is " i've read the tutorials , and nowhere does it explicitly state where the texture applied to the model is references in any way . it is a good document , however i think more specification in the materials area would help alot of mappers .
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