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  1. um, wasnt this playable already? seems like there were beta copies sent to people to test and then, poof. no more. look, i know you have a life and so do all the other great modders, but there are people in here that would continue the work. if the map itself is done then you could always just release the map without all the mission and equipment stuff and let those that remain finish it or just use it as a great map. think trainride with firefight 3 or mission hx! anyways, just my two cents.
  2. ok, i know i have posted about this before...i also see somebody else has posted about this, too. still, i haven't been able to find this mod. i have emailed and pmed san and got nothing. i found a website and contacted admin and still nothing. please, i know many of you have dvd's of mods. do one of you have this one?
  3. i know it has already been mentioned but trainride has to be the biggest of the bunch. how many videos did we see of that mod being played in beta and yet it was never released? :'(
  4. thanks. i never thought to try it in single player mode. works great there. cool mod. it still locks up my gr though when i try it multiplayer. hmm. fun blasting things apart, tho!
  5. i see all these in game photos but it is not working for me i downloaded the zip file and extracted to my mods folder and ive checked and it is in there and the modscont is there too. i activate it in gr at top priority with just ds and it and every time i go to select the kit my game crashes.
  6. this was one of my favorite gametypes. anybody have a working link?
  7. i have two partitions on my hard drive. one mepis linux and the other is windows. i have had linux on my computer as the main os for a couple years now (started with suse 9 and knoppix switched to ds linux, ubuntu, then mepis.) the only reason i have a windows partition at all is so i can keep up to date on files that family members or friends might use so i can help them when they have a problem. (that and gr is the only game i cant seem to get to work in mepis so far - loads to menu screen but i cant select anything) i use opera for my browsing and my email and i installed wine with the windows firefox and flash player 9 for any sites that give me trouble. glad to hear you like it! here are some ubuntu help links though in case you dont know about these: http://www.ubuntulinux.nl/source-o-matic - will help you pick your sources to download the latest wine and that http://www.beginningubuntu.com/software_1.html - beginners guide to using apt and synaptic in ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/Xgl - if you ever want to install xgl, very cool http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/linux/cmd/#a - list of linux commands when in a terminal http://frankscorner.org/ - franks corner is a good starting point and has good links to other things that may help you install games and other windows programs. like i said. the only thing i cant seem to get to work that i used was gr, that and the windows yahoo messenger. http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177646 - if you need help installing windows codecs and the like, this will just do it for you. never kept ubuntu on long enough to try this one out. sorry. (not big on gnome - i prefer xfce but most apps i use like kde so i use it) http://happypenguin.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1243 - last link here. this gives reviews on games most of which you can download through synaptic.
  8. hi. i have a linux partition and was trying to get the original gr to work. i installed the latest wine and installed gr and edited the options file so no intro movies would be played. now i can get to the main screen but my cursor is stuck in upper left hand corner of menu. anybody ever have better luck? btw - for all you just run it on windows ppl , i already have [GR] installed on a windows partition that works just fine.
  9. i use opera for everything. the few sites that still give me trouble i just open up firefox for (yahoo avatars for example). my favorite thing in opera is the speed in both my windows and linux partitions.
  10. ok, the container yard i got was corrupt. i just read the replies to my last post here today so sorry, StereoG for sending you that pm. i found container yard in the fcmappack2 and the suleova mappack. i know i am picky but i like having the original before others might have tampered with it. in need of: container yard (i guess i can wait for a new release of it. that would be cool!) sans regroup thank you
  11. with cuchillo's and others help i have got hold of container yard and a zip of utah beach. question. anybody have sans regroup game type? thanks for all the help everybody!
  12. hey, i found my old copy of gr at the bottom of a closet while moving last month. now i am trying to re-download all the old mods i used to have. i am still looking for: utah beach sans regroup container yard i found a couple of those over at woody2000 but the gr downloads over there are not working. anybody have these or know where i can get them?
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