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  1. Is anything known why the PC version doesnt look as good as the xbox 360 version when you have better video card power than the 360 and plus it doesnt have as many features as xbox 360 so why is it like this?
  2. well i got it from some render site....and the changes to the render and background is as follows: Depth of Field Blurring & Sharpening Edge Blurring Visor Adjustments And last, Custom Mourge Logo
  3. Im new here but i do graphic design and texturing(skinning) and im in a band called Escape The Fate, well hi. I worked on this for about 10 mins and it came out pretty good...tell me what you think http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c264/Mou...dWarfighter.jpg
  4. Well hi im new here at the forums but im very experienced with game production and graphic design. I just wanted to let ya guys know that im gunna be skinning GRAW soon once i finally get another copy (it broke). But anyway im happy to be here at the forums and looking forward to meeting you guys. By the way my names Ronnie and you might know me from halomods.com or from the band, Escape The Fate.
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